Identity Theft

Identity Theft

When someone gains unauthorized access to your personal information, there is a greater chance of the identity theft. The personal information can be in the form of bank information, credit card details, name or any other thing which can be used to commit frauds and other similar crimes.

An identity thief can be able to commit a number of crimes with your personal information ranging from poaching your tax refund to applying for a credit card under your name and racking up prodigious charges. Moreover, there are even cases where the identity thieves get able to assume an unsuspecting identity of a person entirely and getting identification bearing their name and committing crimes in their names.

Identity Theft

How the criminals get access to identity theft?

You may have heard about lots of cases on the TV or the internet where criminals use the identity of the other to commit the crimes. The human creativity and imagination are endless for stealing things, but still we have tried to represent the most common means of identity theft crimes in this list.

  • Mails

Criminals may be able to get the advantages of a pre-approved credit card offer by stealing your mail. They can even open an account in your name and enjoy the benefits of your name.

  • Waste

It is possible that the dumpsters may be able to get lots of information from the old financial statements, bills, etc. to get your name, account number, address and bank name. This information may be used to open new accounts in your name.

  • Skimming

Nowadays, the thieves are able to manipulate the ATMs and credit card processing machines by inserting a device to capture the account information of the people who uses it.

  • Addresses manipulation

You have to verify your identity if you change your address by offering the required documents. However, it is not an insurmountable task for criminals who already have access to any of your debit or credit cards. Through this access, they will be able to divert your mail for gaining access to the other aspects of your life.


Tips for protecting your identity

There are some tips you need to look for through which you can protect your identity. This information will offer great protection to your identity if you follow them seriously:

  • Unexpected bank accounts withdrawal

You will be able to notice the things before it goes out of order by checking your bank account and checking your receipts and payments regularly. You should keep an eye on the activities of your account, no matter it is a small or big transaction. This way you will be able to track any unexpected withdrawal in a much better way.

  • Secure your email

Nowadays, we get the majority of our financial letters by email instead of the traditional methods. It makes it easy to receive letters, but it is also the main cause for the rise in the identity thefts. In order to prevent this, you should empty your mailbox quickly and lock it so that the criminals don’t have a single chance to get your credit card details. Don’t mail the outgoing checks and bill payments from home as it can be stolen from your mailbox and the name of the payee can be erased with solvents. Always opt to mail them from a secure location, such as a post office. If you find that

  • Don’t leave your receipt anywhere

You should never leave your debit or credit card receipts behind. Tear them up and prefer to shred them if you don’t them in the future.

  • Online passwords changed without your authorization

There is a chance that you have been compromised if you try to log on to your regular website or email account you used frequently and it doesn’t allow you to recover it. In that case, you should contact your website service provider immediately without wasting more time. 

  • Never use the same password

There is a need to create strong passwords for each of your accounts. It will be easier for the identity thieves gain access to all of your accounts if you use the same password.

  • Be defensive about your personal information

You should read the privacy policy of the organization to whom you are giving your personal details such as driving license number, Pan card, etc.

  • Check the financial and personal information of your dependents regularly

According to the recent reports, the thieves prefer to target the youngsters as they pay less attention to their personal information until they get older.That’s why you should follow the same prevention tips for protecting the young children in your family as you would yours.


How to report about the identity thefts

You can report to a government agency if you know falls victim to identity theft. However, the agency might be depending on the type of the cybercrime and it varies from country to country. Moreover, You can follow the steps mentioned on the website of Federal Trade Commission to recover your stolen identity. You have to contact the right agency and enhance your possibilities of receiving assistance and alerting the authorities to any criminal activity.

In conclusion, we want to say that the identity theft is a serious matter and you should protect yourself by taking care of your online and offline habits. Use a strong password and be selective about the people you share information. Always take care of your online identity by being serious about your personal data from today.


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