Install WordPress on SiteGround

Many hesitate to open a blog simply because the whole process may seem complicated and costly from outside. It is actually not. Following simple steps and shelling some required money would see you commanding your own ship ie your website. In this guide I will teach you how to Install WordPress on SiteGround, the popular webhosting company. Why WordPress? Because is one of the best blogging sites out there and has a dedicated blogging community. You need to host this website on the server of a hosting company so that anyone who plans to view your site can use the server and connect to you.

Step One – Choose a Hosting plan
Web hosting is nothing but uploading your website on a third party server that is accessible to all. So the server must be reliable and also must cover all your website’s requirements. Siteground is one of the popular and highly recommended hosting companies for bloggers. Siteground offers flexible plan

Siteground hosting packages

s for its customers. If you think you are just starting, you can sign up for one of their low-budget shared hosting plans. But if you are going to run multiple sites from one account and plan to expand you can opt for one of their advanced plans. You need to select one of these plans that suit your need and get started.

Step Two – Choose a domain name
The domain name is nothing but the name by which you are going to call your website. It is the address that people search to access your blog (www. yourdomainname.c om). Choose a domain name that is catchy and straightforward and can stick with the masses. You can register a domain name along with your hosting plan in Siteground. If you want to use a domain that you already possess, that option too is available. Upon registration, the company would ask you for basic information. ‘Submit order’ when you are done with it.

choose domain on siteground

Step Three- Install WordPress
Now that you have purchased a Hosting space, it is now time to set up a wordpress blog for you. Login to your Siteground account and access its cPanel through My accounts page. In the cPanel you would find Auto installers tab which will have a WordPress logo button.


Site ground uses Softaculous, auto installation software, to install WordPress for you. Click the Install button and in the following page.

Install WordPress on SiteGround

Type the domain name of your desired WordPress account where you want to install the wordpress. Use non www to install wordpress this will keep you domain short and will not affect your website rankings. If you want to install wordpress in a particular directory then enter the ditecroty name otherwise leave it blank. I recommend to enter a unique database name and table prefix to keep your website more secure. Click ‘Proceed’ once you are done with it.

Install WordPress on SiteGround

The softaculous will install WordPress within few minutes. A confirmation message will pop up and then you can login to your newly installed WordPress blog admin dashboard.

Step Four- ?
There is no step four. Yes, you have successfully installed WordPress from your siteground account. Start blogging right away!

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