The transformation in the social media is undeniable. Instagram has captured the imagination and the needs of social media users to the top of the list as the king of social media. Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has been on steady growth and boasts of more than 1 billion active Instagram users. The Instagram wave has seen Facebook take a back seat from the top position.

Instagram’s Reach

Instagram’s demographics cut across all age groups. However, the broader population is the younger generation between the ages of 18 and 35 years. The concept of using imagery to share your stories among friends is a trend this age group understands best, and thus the reason why they form the bulk of the Instagram’s population.

The more than 1 billion Instagram users present huge a marketing potential. Artists, product brands, and services providers can attest to Instagram’s contribution to their growing success. However, it is getting harder and harder for new brands and artists to distinguish themselves from 1 billion other pages in 2018. More and more advanced users are starting to use third-party marketing services, such as Instagram views from BuySocialMediaMarketing to get ahead of the competition on this highly competitive and overcrowded social network.

Generate enough Instagram views, and the interest for your brand turns to instant brand recognition.

Instagram’s Selling Features

The following reasons provide an understanding as to why Instagram outperforms other social channels.

Visual Functionality

Visual concepts are fast picking pace as the new marketing tools. Most successful brands and individuals generate interest through enticing photos or videos, two of the top visual concepts. For many, Instagram is easy to use and more interactive than YouTube. Individuals and brands who are seeking growth within the social media space must post quality content that is both captivating and relatable to the audience.

Connectivity to Other Social Media Channels

Instagram boasts of connectivity to other social media platforms. Users can share the same story on their Instagram accounts to their friends on other social media channels. Brands also find this feature a selling point and a cost-cutting measure. One video, photo or ad is used for all these channels. This means that the brand has access to more users at no extra cost.

Instagram’s Extensive Reach

Social media is all about influence. Among friends, there is an inherent competition to tell a better story. Artists and brands alike seek to outdo each other in the social media. The one with more followers and engagement on any posting is considered an influencer and their word hold true to their audience. This has generated a trend of using the influencers’ reach to drive interest in a product, brand or service. The results attest to the reliability of this approach.

Caters to Wide Range of Audience

Social life is not only limited to the fun aspects. Instagram acknowledges this by providing a space for all audience and players other than the fun variety. Motivational speakers, professionals, and trainers among others can provide content and interact with their audiences in a targeted fashion. Networking has become easier thanks to Instagram.

Instagram’s potential is excellent and one that can be tapped into with ease. However, there are specific prerequisites to be achieved to have an Instagram success story. Let the imagery tell the story, keep it light, have a call to action and most importantly, reward your followers. All these play a significant role in delivering the results you seek.


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