How to Talkatone?

Anything which saves money will grab your attention and not only that Talkatone also helps to connect with your loved ones for free as well. With this article, I will show you how you can avail of these benefits and also start enjoying it. Irrespective of who you are calling and where you are calling, Talkatone is here to get you connected and that too at low cost.

Talkatone is part of Ooma, Inc. and operates from Palo Alto, California. Before stepping into the how-to part, here are a few features that Talkatone offers:

Talkatone Burner

Lending a personal phone number is always risky when it comes to joining a dating site, buy or selling items online and also the consistently annoying fraud and spam calls.

But with Talkatone you get a new number, and along with it, you have an option for burning an existing one. The procedure is quite simple whenever you are done with the previous number you can burn it and then choose a name you like with the area code.

You do not have to panic as the information stays with the account and the job from your side is just to update your friends about the new number.

Talkatone  Talkatone app

How to Burn?

  1. Go to the Settings screen
  2. Click on the flame icon next to your phone number
  3. If you see ‘1’ next to the flame, then the first burn is on Talkatone for free
  4. Then you will be to the screen where you can burn the number and tap the burn now button to use the free burn.

In case you require more numbers to be burnt then you will be charged $0.99 a number.

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Talkatone Plus

Talkatone Plus is the latest entrant in the feature column of Talkatone and making it easy for users who ask for more. Talkatone Plus is available for $3.99 a month, and all it does is it keeps your unused number active for 30 days even if not in use.

And with no interruptions, you have the benefits of forwarding calls to U.S. or Canadian number. Hate hearing voicemails of lowest quality? Talkatone Plus helps you listen to voicemails with the highest quality audio it has to offer that ignores the uninterrupted noise in the background.

  • Talkatone on Multiple devices

I do not need to go to the depth of this feature as I guess this one is self-explanatory. You can use Talkatone on multiple devices with the same phone number. And all you need is the app to be installed on the devices and the sign in with the existing Talkatone account.

Now you are all set and able to receive to receive both text messages and phone calls on all devices connected to your Talkatone account.

  • Enjoy Talkatone ad-free

Interruption of ads is on everyone’s hate list, and with Talkatone you can enjoy calls with no involvement of ads. If ads are troubling you then you can upgrade your account to Premium service.

A small amount of $1.99 is quite affordable to have a seamless connection between the calling parties.

How to upgrade?

  1. Tap on the Menu button
  2. Next Tap on Talkatone Premium
  3. Add payment method and then complete your purchase.

Voila! Now enjoy Talkatone services ad-free.

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Group Chat option

Why groups are limited to chat apps as Talkatone gives you the same feature along with the best calling quality. There are various option to have control of the group, check it out below:

Talkatone groupchat

  1. Creating a Group

Enter the name or number of the person you wish to add to your group. You can add more people by pressing the ‘+’ button on the right.

Do remember that people who use Talkatone are marked in Blue and the people who do not have it installed, cannot avail of this feature.

  1. Messaging a Group

Once you have created a group, you can now send text, images and videos. You can read the messages only when you enter the group. And once you leave the group you cannot read or send any message.

  1. Managing a Group

Managing a group is easy as you have ‘i’ option for iOS users and ‘Group details’ for Android users.

  1. Leaving a group

If you are done with the group, you can leave a group anytime at your convenience. Tap on the Group information screen and scroll down to the “Leave group chat” option.

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Picture Texting

With Talkatone you can share photos of your life with your friends and family. If you are taking a photo for the first time you have to grant access to your Gallery or camera.

At present Talkatone offers to share pictures for free in U.S. and Canada also allowing to share pictures in the group.

Talkatone Picture Texting

Talkatone for International Callers

You no longer have to pay extra charges for calling your friend or relative who is staying abroad as international calls and text from the U.S. via Wi-Fi free. To make international calls outside the U.S., you can subscribe for a month at $12.99 which comes with a limit of 1000 minutes for outgoing calls to different countries.

Here is a list of countries where you can make free calls:

  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic
  • Honduras
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala

If you are satisfied with the features now let me get you through the setup guide of Talkatone. First up is how to start a Talkatone account


  • Talkatone is available on both Android and iOS devices with their respective platforms Google Play Store and App Store
  • Next up after the installation is Open the app and tap on the Sign-Up option
  • Enter the mobile number where you want to receive the text messages
  • In case you do not have a number then you can enter an email address. All you gotta do is select the “Don’t have a mobile number?” option
  • A verification code will be sent to your mobile number via SMS or the email address
  • Enter the code to activate the account in your app
  • Choose a number you like and at present Talkatone offers only U.S. numbers

Now enjoy calling with Talkatone.

Talkatone UI Talkatone

How to buy credits?

Well, to enjoy instant connections you need to have some money, but with Talkatone you can avail some out of the box features just by using some credits and how to get these credits, just follow the instructions below.


  • Enter the app and then Tap on the Settings menu
  • Tap on the credits option and then tap on Buy now link
  • Head over to the additional payment method and complete your purchase

And one thing to be taken into consideration is that Talkatone does not have access to your cards and any other payment method. All the payment options are with the means of iTunes or Google Play store directly. You can also earn credits by installing, and running applications from the “Earn Credit” list.

Note that most apps available to download are free but to gain extra credits you can also download applications that are paid.

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  • What are the platforms that Talkatone supports?

Platforms that Talkatone supports

  • Talkatone supports iOS versions 9.0 and above and for Android users 4.2 and above.
  • Supports all iPhone devices starting from 4S to the latest iPhone X
  • Supports iPad and iPod devices that are running iOS 9.0 and above
  • Does Talkatone support Bluetooth on iOS devices?

You need to consider the following to use Bluetooth on Apple devices.

  1. Make sure the headset you want to pair with the phone has a microphone.
  2. Due to security reasons, iOS does not allow third-party apps to have access to their driver level code.
  • How long can one keep the number?

If you haven’t used Talkatone to either call or text for 30 days, then your account will be debited with 20 paid credits to keep your number active. And if not been active for 30 days and do not have 20 credits in your account then the number will be deactivated and returned.

A notification will be sent before the deactivation of your number. So I suggest you stay active and make sure you have credits in the account.

  • How to log out from Talkatone?

As of now, Talkatone does not have a logout feature. You can switch between accounts by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

  • Does Talkatone enable to change account details?

Currently, Talkatone does not allow a change in the account details like name, email, caller ID, etc. But still, if you want to change the details, you can always delete the current account and create a new one.

However, if you are planning to delete the account then these points will help you with it:

  • You will not be able to transfer credits, your existing number, subscriptions or no ad-services.
  • Now that you want to delete the account, you will not be able to retrieve a message or the call records from the previous account. 
  • Does Talkatone support emergency calls?

At present Talkatone does not allow one to call 911, for more information visit the 911 guidelines.



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