How to access Webmail in cPanel

In this tutorial, we’ll understand how to access webmail in cPanel. However before diving into the step by step process, let’s first understand what exactly cPanel is and what is its function.

cPanel is a Linux based web hosting control panel which helps to manage your web hosting account by providing a graphical interface and various automation tools. With the help of cPanel, even non-technical people can easily manage their web hosting accounts to control various aspects of website and server administration using just the browser.

The process to access WebMail in cPanel is quite simple.

Step 1: Open cPanel for your website.

Login to your hosting space provider and click on Manage Web Hosting.

How to access Webmail in cPanel

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You will be navigated directly to cPanel screen which would look something like this.

How to access Webmail in cPanel

Step 2: Open Email Accounts

Now scroll down to see the Email header. You’ll see a link “Email Accounts” there. Click on it.

How to access Webmail in cPanel
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Step 3: Access webmail

Now in this screen you will have 2 options. 1st option is to create new email account. 2nd option will be to open an existing email account. We assume you already have an email account in this tutorial. So you’ll see that email account when you scroll down. In that row, you’ll see a “More” button. Click on that button and select “Access Webmail” from the dropdown.

How to access Webmail in cPanel

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Step 4: Choose default webmail application

On this screen you’ll see option to select default webmail client that you want to use to access your webmail. My personal favorite is “Squirrel Mail”, but you can choose any. So just click on the webmail client you want to choose and you’ll be directed to your webmail’s inbox.

How to access Webmail in cPanel

How to access Webmail in cPanel

And voila, you are all set to use your webmail using cPanel.

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