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Happy Wheels is one of the most obsessive web games that took the world by its charm. This game surrounds itself in gore and eccentric ways of dying. It was first released in June 2010 and has become one of the most popular games on the Web. Happy Wheels developer Jim Bonacci said he created the game in unique style and graphics because he was not happy with existing games. Apart from Jim Bonacci, Fancy Force and Jack Zankowski were also the part of development.

The game is fairly simple in that you just have to either reach the finish line or trigger some events that will allow you to complete the level. What makes Happy Wheels unique is the very dark humour, featuring some very goryrag doll physics and about a million ways to die!

The game developed a cult following with millions of players who contribute hugely to the community. These followers do this by designing literally millions of levels for the game. You can play a number of characters including the like of Wheelchair Guy and Irresponsible Dad. If you’ve got a dark sense of humour and don’t mind some spectacular gore then Happy Wheels is just the ride for you!-

The Obsession around this game-

One can’t leave this game after starting because of its fascinating modes & levels. The game is extremely easy to play & enjoy. The player can control his/her level in the game by using the arrow keys. While reaching the destination, the player may have some injuries.

Happy Wheels as an action game allows you to try a range of unique characters. It is replete with fun and craze. This game will allow you play as a father-son bike rider duo, a wheelchair person, and a pogo stick hopper that will allow you to go through a range of different levels. It is truly challenging to pass the tough obstacles while playing this game.

Let’s discuss more Happy Wheel games:

How to Download Happy Wheels Full Version Unblocked

The programmer for the game made the full version of Happy Wheels available on his official site, www.totaljerkface.com. The demo versions of the game are licensed to other websites also. These demo versions only include featured maps and select characters.  Here is the Good news for iOS Mobile users, Happy Wheels is now available on iOS AppStore

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To play this game it must be installed on your PC. Firstly download the android emulator software and which is free of cost. Click on the correct link and follow these steps.

  • Start the installation process. The software will download and install.
  • If the software is ready to use, then start it and complete the sign-up procedure and log in with Google play account.
  • Start the Google Play app store and then go for a search of happy wheels.
  • Then download the App ‘Happy wheels.
  • Install it on your system.
  • Launch the game.
  • The game is ready; you can play on your computer by using mouse, keyboard or even touch screen of your desktop. You can use the control buttons to vary the pitch function and maximize and minimize the view.
  • Remote control application can also be installed with this you can remotely access the game.

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The Unique Features Happy Wheels are:

This game, developed by the American studio fancy force features several player characters who use different vehicles to travel through games levels. Its USP is graphic violence, with the tagline “Choose your inadequately prepared racer and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory.

The goal of the game also differs depending on the level. In most levels, the goal is to reach a finish line or to collect tokens. Many levels feature alternate or non-existent goals for the player. It is to be noted that characters can be decapitated, shot or crushed by different obstacles. Loss of limbs and animated blood loss are also graphic elements.

This game is free for all platforms.

Let’s take you through the basic things that you need to know-

  • The game contains around fifteen levels.
  • You also create your own level with the editor.
  • The main obstacles in this are spikes, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons and many more.
  • Leader board game centre supports it.
  • Smooth and realistic physics apply in this game.
  • By clicking on the moon, you may have another chance of racing in different parts it may include moon, roads, sea and many more adventures.

Winning the game depends on the strategy you follow with this. It is completely dependent on the way you make your moves around the given situation. One has to know what tricks to adhere to outsmart the enemies.

Happy Wheels Full Version Unblocked Game

Hacked Unblocked Happy Wheels Game

Unblocked and Hacked Happy Wheels is a great solution for everyone who loves Happy wheels games but finds it too difficult because of the obstacles. The Happy wheels unblocked game gives you an opportunity of being immortal.

Happy Wheels free online PC version gives you unlimited health benefits. No matter how many times you will be attacked with spikes, blades falls and any other obstacle, it wouldn’t let you have a single scratch. All you need to do is to back on your vehicle and play on. It allows you to commit mistakes as much as you want and still you can process in the game and reach the finishing line.

The Happy wheels game, however, comes with definite of negative results. For example, if you face obstacles, the escape wouldn’t be possible because you are immortal. The only solution is to restart. Also, you can finish any level no matter how hard it is. Just be aware of the traps and obstacles because it can get you stuck in places.

happy wheels full version

Reason for creating this version

As the game allows the players to gather tokens and then use them tokens to unlock several characters, people mostly hackers felt the need to develop an unblocked version of the game i.e. in the hacked game, all the characters are unlocked from the starting and the players can use characters and levels as they seem fit. Also in some hacked version, they provide with invincibility that is the player cannot die, making the game easy.

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The controls

The game is primarily played by using the four arrow keys. The Up key accelerates and down key decelerates, it is used fairly straightforward.

The right key will make you lean forwards and left key will allows you to lean in backward. These actions will allow you to control an angle of your character to balance it on the obstacles.

If you want to get indulged in the course of obstacles, then you can use the key ‘Z’.

For primary action, you can use Spacebar. A secondary action depends on the variation in the characters.


The game gives a wide range of interesting and innovative obstacle courses. It includes zombies infested town, BMX parks, mountain cable cars, even the digestive system of a monster that can eat you. The Happy Wheels features a level editor too, that allows you to design an obstacle course according to your wish.

Happy Wheels Versions

In 2015 Happy Wheels was released for IOS as a free download through the App store. It is a heavily used software in countries like United States, China, and Germany.

An IOS version of happy wheels supports iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini 1, the no of levels has been increased up to 35. Deadly obstacles like spikes, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons, and much more. Smooth, realistic physics are added to make the game more interesting. 

The iOS version of Happy Wheels was first showcased during the PAX East 2013 event held in Boston, New York. It was also reported that an Android app version of Happy Wheels would be developed after the release of the iOS app. The playable demo of happy version contains only a few levels.  

Since IOS devices do not have keyboards, Happy Wheels IOS version will be similar to the original game. Happy Wheels full version comes free for download. Those who are interested might try out the game on the full version of Happy Wheels 1 and Happy Wheels 2 at TotalJerkface.com

Happy wheels 1

In 2010 the first version of Happy Wheels was released. Earlier it was available only in the browser. To play the full version of the game, fans need to check their original Official website TotalJerkFace.com

Violent graphics actually worked for gamers. It completely psyched their way of thinking and behaviour. Many psychological researches that were carried revealed a lot of human tendencies, watching this kind of liking to aggression. This was starking and called for humongous success for the game developers until the extent of raising lots of questions about banning this game.

happy wheels full version unblocked

Happy Wheels 2

After the immense popularity of Happy Wheels-1, the game got updated to the 2nd level. New characters were introduced. Players can now control these various characters. A gamer has to reach the finish line by activating the trigger. The player has to collect tokens to avoid being splattered. Many hazards and obstacles work together to increase the curiosity of the Player. Happy Wheels 2’s full version is only available at its official site Total Jerk Face.

Happy Wheels 3

Many are confused about the latest version of Happy Wheels but let us make it clear that there is no such version. Happy Wheels has only two versions. There is no Happy wheels 3.

Happy Wheels 4

The case is not different with Happy Wheels4. We have already cleared that there are only two versions of this game. Many fake websites will try to befool fans. So we suggest you not to waste time in searching other versions. For any query, you can check latest updates on TotalJerkFace.com

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Happy Wheels Demo Vs Happy Wheels Full Version

A demo version of happy wheels exists on many websites. The main purpose is to allow users to learn the basics of the game through a more limited version. The demo version appears as 1.10 or 1.52. The main game is kept up to date, releasing updates which include new levels, themes and characters.

The most Interesting game in which you have to reach your destination by crossing all the obstacles. Before starting your journey you have to choose one character. There are 3 characters in this game.

1st having Wheelchair

2nd with Segway

3rd having By-cycle with a kid behind the trolley.

Happy Wheels Full Version

Different levels of the games make you feel the difference with different characters. Different Characters make this game quite interesting. Descriptions of levels are as:

Obstacle Level: It’s very easy level. You can easily reach your destination by crossing minor hurdles.

Gut Bus Extreme: its 2nd little bit harder level. According to this level, you have to move in the vehicle to reach your destination so only segway character is allowed in it. You may choose another character but chances to complete this level with another character are very less.

BMX Park II: In this level, there is no option to choose a character because the only person with a bicycle is allowed in it. Speed matters a lot for this level. You have to complete this level with great speed because too much up downs are there.

Snowy Mountain: The only Character with Segway is allowed in it. By entering in this level your Character will automatically change into a person with Segway. This level picks up one’s interest very deeply.

Dawn Of The Dead: In this level, you save a town from a mad scientist who keeps raging it. In this level, only one wheeler man is allowed.

A large Satan Eats: A very dangerous as well as a difficult level. In this, all three Characters are allowed.

Trap Trak: Speed as well as mind is needed for this level because in this level you have to make the path to reach the destination.

It Keeps Happening: Very difficult as well as interesting level. Any play way character is allowed in this level.

Rope Swings: Most difficult as well as hardest level. To cross this level you have to change your path and also you have to cross obstacles carefully. In this level, the only person with segway is allowed.

The Level creator menu is the most important part of this game. You can create your own level hurdles. Many more options are available for example- Accident cases where people are crying and it is up to you how you can make more interesting your level. It brings a whole new level of gaming interest.

Other Features:

Happy wheel full version includes many more new features which will insist you to play this game again and again. Here’s New features are added:

  • Huge Variety of different levels: In Happy wheel full version Huge Variety of different levels are added. Levels are more interesting and difficult. You have to manage your speed.
  • Keyboard Control: Now in updated version you have ability to change your control. By using this you can easily reach at your destination.
  • More Options for editing: More Options included editing your own level. More Characters are accident cases are included in this.

Go and Reach your destination.

Tips & Tricks about happy wheels

happy wheels tips & tricks

Always take the game slow during your first round or two in a new level. If you come up on an obstacle too fast, you will surely die in some blood-soaked manner before you even see it coming. So come up to it slowly so that at least when you die for the first time, you will know what to do next time. Go in order and the harder levels will seem easier as you come up to them.

Being well versed with the game is important. How do you do that?

Be attentive for the first update:

There is good scope in playing as someone else than the one who develops the business. But the initial updates need attention too.  There is a bit difference between the iOS version and browser version.

In the browser version, every character can be explored because of their availability to use rather you have to be patient to see the whole strategy.

According to Jim Bonacci’s plan for new happy wheels, wheelchair guy and irresponsible dad are going to be next characters and coming next are a moped couple, effective shopper and pogo sticky guy.

Play with friends and let them send you a custom level: It is beneficial to play this game with your friends as you can exchange your own created levels with each other. Also, you can post your levels publically till the new update. You can even select a character according to your choice.

Replay game levels: Be familiar with the entire layout of the game. So playing it repeatedly will make you well versed with it and it’s the entire path.

Explore the level editor option: It is a little interesting trick, with which you can play as various available characters. The editor gives you the flexibility of creating your own levels.

Follow directions: Undoubtedly, there are some clues in each level, so you need to pay attention to tackle coming obstacles.

Play entire levels with the business guy: You can utilize all available characters at the moment in only one level. But this can only be explored after predetermined 15 stock levels with a business guy. Firstly beating every level with a business guy as default character, thereafter you can go to the extreme right head and opt your character area. Now, you can play as a character of your interest by selecting it.

Steady state motion: Firstly, take sufficient time to analyze coming challenge and mentally prepare yourself to beat all obstacles to reach your target.

Play according to your choice: Yes, It’s true. All levels are open from starting itself. So you can choose the last level to start and vice versa according to your convenience.

Never give up: Always remember that nothing is impossible. Utilizing alternative pathways, you can beat impossible sounding problems too. So, look for hidden switches and other possibilities.

It’s quite sure that Happy Wheel free online PC version or Happy Wheels iOS version will definitely amaze you with its astounding features & extreme quality.  

FAQs about Happy Wheels

Q.1 What is Happy Wheels?

Answer: Happy Wheels is a flash game designed by James Anthony Bonacci (Jim Bonacci). It is an Online bloody-physic racing game.

Q.2 What is the difficulty level of this game?

Answer: The game is easy. But obstacles are really hard to pass at certain levels. It’s a life-taking game after all; not just a vehicle driving game.

Q.3 How many levels does this game have?

Answer: Happy Wheels has different levels. However, the DEMO version of the game has a limited number of levels (currently on this site). 

Q.4 What do I need to do in this game?

Answer: You have to lead your chosen character to the finish line of each level. You will have to pass through obstacles, explosives, traps and dead-ends to successfully complete a level.




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