Guest Blogging Made Easy

For a business to stay afloat, it doesn’t only have to satisfy the demands of its customers and stand out from the competition; today, businesses should also have an online marketing plan. Businesses can take advantage of the Internet to reach out and engage with different online users and eventually turn them into paying customers. There are many ways on how businesses can achieve this goal, but guest blogging is one of the easiest.

Guest blogging works when you tap an influencer and have them publish your content on their website or blog in exchange for a fee or product. Working with an influencer with a strong following online can provide a long list of benefits to your business, namely, improving your brand visibility, expanding your audience reach, and even exposing your business to a new market.

Guest blogging might work wonders for your business, but because you’ll be utilizing another person’s blog or website, expect that there will be competition. Several writers or businesses will also send their content to an online platform with the hopes of having it published. Some have been doing this for years but to no avail.

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How do you achieve effective guest blogging? There are many tricks of the trade. One is working with professionals in the guest blogging industry, such as No BS Agency. You can also get your content published by following the steps below:

  1. Analyze your business’s niche: Being the jack of all trades might seem appealing when you’re in the business (after all, more customers means more profit, right?), but playing this role doesn’t guarantee any positive results. This is especially true when dealing with guest blogging. If you want your content to be published, opt to analyze your business niche and write topics appropriate for it. If your business is involved in selling fashionable apparels for students without breaking their dress code policies, your content can have topics about “How to Dress Nicely While Spending Less” or “How To Stand Out in Your School Uniform.” Choosing topics for a particular niche makes it easy for you to streamline what to write and who your target audience is.
  2. Share useful information: Once you’ve determined who you’re writing for, it’ll be easier to know what information will be useful to them. Understand what your audience is expecting from you and try your best to satisfy their expectations through your content. You can also look into different blogs of similar niche and audience so you’ll have an idea about what kind of blog posts people love. You should take advantage of your content to provide valuable information to your audience, not just promoting your products and services.
  3. Keep it clean: The content you submit to a blog or website shouldn’t be used as a platform to show off your vocabulary. Instead of impressing them and your target audience of how adept you are in using highfalutin words, keep your content clean. It should only contain the simplest words, and your ideas should be presented in the simplest way, too. Most importantly, it should be free from any grammatical and typographical errors. Doing all of these will enable you to deliver the right message across.
  4. Be creative and new: As mentioned, you’re not the only business that is using guest blogging. Many businesses are already using this strategy nowadays. If you don’t want to end up being a “me too” business, strive to produce unique and fresh content. Since you already know your business’ niche and the audience you’re writing for, look for topics that are new for them. If you can’t find any, inject creativity in a common topic to create an original piece. You can do this by including your experience in the content or by looking at the topic in another angle.

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Although it can be tempting to just copy another website’s content, use a plagiarism checker to rewrite the words, and submit this content to be published, don’t do it. This will adversely affect your reputation not only in the eyes of your customers but in the eyes of the online influencers you work with as well. Over time, this can become the reason why you’ll lose customers or you’ll have a hard time looking for influencers who will publish your content.

  1. Try the right sites: It’s typical for businesses to tap major blog sites such as Mashable and Engadget when doing guests blogging. These blogs already have a strong and established name in the World Wide Web with thousands of followers, so working with them can do wonders for any business. There’s nothing really wrong in having this kind of mindset, but if you’re guest blogging for the first time, this option isn’t the best way to go – yet. Instead, you should start reaching out to smaller websites and write for them. In time, you’ll have sufficient knowledge on how guest blogging works and write content which has the right consistency and flow. You can think of this as a training ground to hone your skills on guest blogging so it’ll be easy for you to work with bigger blogs and websites in the future.

Never Stop Learning

The business arena has consistently changed throughout the years. Businesses aren’t just interested in customers making a one-time purchase from them. Businesses are now more focused on building long-term relationships with their customers as this can foster brand loyalty and positive brand image. So, if you want your business to achieve all of these things and succeed in the long run, take time to learn the ropes on guest blogging. Look into other businesses that are also using the same strategy, determine which works and doesn’t work for them, and benchmark for your own business. Most importantly, be patient and have the open-mindedness to learn.


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