Grammarly Review : An Excellent Tool For Writers

Grammarly is an instant grammar checker, which can make your proofreading easy and notifies about all the grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors and improper sentence structure. The software is developed by the Grammarly company having their headquarters in San Francisco.

The company has advertises Grammarly as the most accurate grammar checker in the world. There are more than 250 types of errors, which can be fixed by this grammar checker. It comes with many features which will assist you to improve their vocabulary and grammar. The majority of features of the Grammarly checker are free and available as a Microsoft Office added-in, a browser extension, and a desktop app. You can analyze your text easily with just a single click. The reports generated by the Grammarly are very easy to understand.

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The Grammarly offers free as well as premium plans to its users. Let’s start with the features of free plan to its users.

  • Spell Checker

While writing the most common mistake arise is spelling mistakes which often annoys the readers. The algorithm of the Grammarly detects a spelling mistake and judges the content of the word. After that, it will suggest the possible words.

  • Grammar Checker

An intelligent algorithm is used by the Grammarly to find the grammatical mistakes in your writing. When we compare it to other grammar checking tools, we say that it performs a much better job. Still, there are some negatives in this feature. Sometimes it’s wrong recommendations and pops up same suggestion even if you select to ignore the option. 

Grammarly Review

  • Punctuation Checker

If you often miss commas in the important places and forget to add some important commas, then Grammarly is the best checker for you.  This problem will be improved a lot by using this grammar checker. 

  • Sentence Structure

While the majority of mistakes can be solved by the spell checker and grammar checker for most of the users, but still the non-native English speakers always face trouble for framing a sentence in a correct way. For that problem, the Grammarly has sentence structure feature. It checks the written words in question for missing words and incorrect framed sentences. This ensures that the people who recently started to learn the English language be able to write like a master.

  • Writing Style

This feature checks the written post for all the errors in the written style, which include passive voices uses and assists to avoid any wordiness and redundancy.

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Premium plans features

In addition to the features coming with the Free Grammarly account, the Premium version further checks for more than 100 advanced grammatical errors. Along with that, this feature not only limits to the Grammar checker as it offers many other features mentioned below:

  • Plagiarism Checker

It is necessary to make sure that the article is not copied from anywhere, especially if you are a blogger accepting guest posts or hire a writer to write your articles. In that case, this feature of the Grammarly premium account will be handy for you. In addition to checking grammatical errors, it also checks more than 8 million web pages to detect that the article is partly or entirely copied from anywhere. It will offer you a link to the original website in case your article is copied from somewhere.

  • Genre-specific writing style checks

It is completely different to write an official email than writing a personal email. This fact is known by the Grammarly developers and that’s why it allows its premium users to select a document type from more than 30 different categories.

  • Vocabulary Enhancement

If your vocabulary is not so strong, then this feature can turn out to be a blessing for you. You just need to double tap on a word on any website to use this feature, which will pop up the exact meaning of the word in question.

grammarly review

Free vs. Premium Version

We have already mentioned about the features of the two different packages of the Grammarly, one is the free version and another one is a premium version. A common question arises among the people is which one to select free or premium?

The free version is perfect for an article writer whose work only involves writing articles. However, if you should buy for the premium account if you receive articles from different writers because it comes with the additional features such as plagiarism checker and vocabulary enhancement.

Grammarly premium

Premium Account Subscription Options

There are three types of subscription options by the Grammarly:

  • Monthly subscription: This subscription will cost $29.95 monthly without any commitment and you can cancel it anytime.
  • Quarterly subscription: A quarterly subscription will cost you less at $19.98 for a month and you need to pay $59.95 for four months.
  • Annual subscription: The best plan to choose is an annual plan, which will cost you just $11.66/ month, but you have to make $ 139.95 in total for one year of subscription.



  • Easy to use: There is no need to learn anything as it is very easy to use Grammarly due to its easy interface. It opens a preview window where you can paste the text you have and after that press a button to start the review process of Grammarly.
  • Free to use: You can enjoy Google add-on services free with the Grammarly. You need to click the link on their website and creates a free account. There are more than 100 points of grammar checks, punctuation checks and many more offered in the free account.
  • Much better than Microsoft word: I can say that it’s much better than the Microsoft Word when it compares to the Grammatical and Spelling error check.
  • Availability: It is available as desktop software, a Microsoft Office Add-in, and a web app.


  • Accessibility: There is a need of internet connection to use this software as it is inaccessible offline.
  • Customer support: There is no option for live chat or telephone chat as Grammarly only offers email support to its users.

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Final Comment

As you can see, there are more positives than the negatives with the Grammarly software. As per my opinion, it is an excellent tool for the writers as it has great analytical features. In short, I say that it is a complete blend of the best aspects of proofreading, spelling checks, plagiarism checker and grammar checker. It is not just a basic grammar checker as it will offer you a chance to learn new words. So, don’t wait and go ahead to use Grammarly.You can sign up for premium or free account.

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