Match Content is a free recommendation tool launched by the Google, which will let the bloggers quickly add the related post from their domain. However, the matched content ads service is not available for all the websites as only selected Adsense publishers can get access to it. In order to be eligible, the users should have a website that makes the minimum needs for the traffic volume and number of unique pages. The users will have access to the matched content feature in their Adsense account after their website gets approved.

Important things to know regarding the Adsense recommendation tool:

  • The user’s website required being eligible to place the different types of matched content ad.
  • This type of ad doesn’t need to count related to the existing and limit.
  • All the matched content supports the web, mobile, and tablet.

Complete Guide to setup Matched Content Ads unit

In this tutorial, we will tell you about the complete guide to setup matched content for the website. You have to follow the following steps to complete this process:

Step 1

First of all, the user needs to verify whether their website is approved for the matched content or not? The approved website will have a notification in the Adsense panel.

Step 2

The users have to login into their Adsense account. After that, the users have to click on the gear icon (Settings) Tab on the left menu of the screen. Now, select the My Sites from the drop-down list under the settings option.


 Step 3

In My Sites option, Select Matched Content Option and in the sites section, you will see the list of websites which are eligible for the matched content units. If your website is not listed then the website is not currently eligible for this Ad Units.

Step 4

The users have to make an ad unit in the best way, which make sure that they choose an ad size fitting their layout and for selecting the Matched Content from the Ad type which will drop down in the entire process. It is strongly suggested to select an ad size having a width: height ratio of around 1:2 for a vertical layout or 2:1 for a horizontal layout.

That’s it, you will get the asynchronous ad code, which you have to put for approval of the website of your theme. The users need to make sure that they have an image for each of the blog post. Additionally, they should ensure that they are omitting the open graph tag on their blog posts/ pages.

Final Words

It may take many months prior to this matched content ad type will be available for everyone. It is the first time that the Adsense has experimented with a new type of ad and it will generate a new revenue stream for the content producer and bloggers without any doubt.

The viral sites have made a great amount of money by using this type of ads. The best thing about the Adsense is the quality measures. Once you get approved for the Adsense, you will start to get lots of money.

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