GoDaddy is one of the world’s largest and also the best company for web hosting and merchandised Internet domain registrar. In 1997 the company started as the Jomax Technologies by the founder of the company, Bob Parsons. At present, the company has headquarters in Arizona, Iowa, Colorado, Washington D.C., and in many other countries as well which include Singapore and Netherlands. According to the company, they had 13 million users in December 2014 and they employed 4,908 employees in all their branches all over the world. GoDaddy is well-known for their advertisement. And there were many controversies of the company about the censorship issues.

Godaddy Hosting Review

The company is also famous as the biggest ICANN-accredited registrar for the domain name. The GoDaddy group owns the three of the registrar. And due to the large scale influence of the company, it offers various products to the customers and also provides the support for all day in a week. Whether it be website hosting at a cheap price, site building including the email accounts and free hosting, registration for the domain name, or serious solutions for the e-commerce websites and the business websites, GoDaddy offers all kind of services.

The company claims that GoDaddy does not make deals with the outsourcers. GoDaddy has their data centers which they run as well as support allowing them to provide protection at a high level. The facilities offered by the company include the secure hardware, network redundancy, advanced technologies and systems, and the on-site staff for support as well. GoDaddy has the affordable plans for web hosting for the small business and the personal sites. To provide solutions for the complicated issues GoDaddy offers the dedicated and virtual server hosting. The virtual and dedicated hosting comes in handy when the website has intensive traffic such as for the huge enterprise or in a case much consistent VPS hosting is necessary. GoDaddy has plans for any users. Web presence is an important aspect of any business whether small or big. And GoDaddy helps you with the foundation to form your website. The Window and Linux based servers of GoDaddy are dependable which helps in commercial as well as personal web hosting purposes.

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Features of Godaddy Hosting

Here are features of the hosting plans offered by GoDaddy.

Packages for shared web hosting

If the users commit to annual or multi-month packages the charges for the Windows and the Linux-based reduces for the shared servers. This feature requires the users to sign-up for the Ultimate or the Deluxe packages which start from $14.99 or $8.99. And the basic plan- Economy requires the users to sign up for at least a period of three months to pay on the basis of month-to-month payment. The package for Economy shared hosting package includes the storage of 100GB, domain name for free, hosting of one website, 100 of email addresses, and unlimited data transfers for a month. For the Deluxe plan, the package includes the same features as the economy and extra unlimited storage, 500 of email addresses, and limitless web hosting. As for the Ultimate package, there are more premium tool for DNS management, SSL certificate for one year, and 1,000 email addresses.

GoDaddy’s plans for dedicated servers

Godaddy Hosting Plans

The plans for a dedicated server are available for both the Windows and the Linux configurations. The users can outfit the dedicated servers with storage of 1.5TB, data transfer of 20TB in each month, and RAM of 32GB. GoDaddy offers 16GB more than the HostGator.

Virtual Private Server Plans

The plan starts at the price of $19.99 each month and provides the Windows and the Linux servers, and also the unlimited emails and domains. GoDaddy’s data transfer is up to 8GB while the Hostwinds offer unlimited data transfers, a simple setup for WordPress, and amazing tools for building websites. Yet, the VPS of GoDaddy is more capable of a powerful solution for web hosting and also is also not expensive.

The WordPress Hosting

In the GoDaddy’s version of WordPress hosting, it has the WordPress hosting of four tiers which is Linux-based. There are several plug-ins, themes, and automatic software updates and also nightly backups. There is no need to install the CMS as it comes preinstalled like the other WordPress hosts. After you log in to the WordPress, you will be able to create pages, galleries, and posts.

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Website Builder Tool

The Website Builder offered by GoDaddy is a free, flexible, and excellent tool. With the tool, the user can add the slideshows, links to social media, forms, Google maps, and other items as well by dragging the items around your template. With the tool, the users were able to produce more attractive sites than with the other tools. There are apps in dozens of the number in GoDaddy’s installation library which will improve the user’s website.

Godaddy Hosting Review

Features of Security

The SiteLock of GoDaddy is a service which starts at $17.88 for a year and it provides many services dedicated to the security of the user’s site. It provides monitoring of malware and spam, app scanning, and the certificate for site verification. One can use the SiteLock to scan 500 of the subpages of a website so that they can look up for any vulnerability in the network and also remove the malware. And the performance of SiteLock depends on the type of package one chooses.

Reliable Uptime

The uptime of the website is prominent for any business or anyone. The visitors of your site will not be able to access the services or the products of your site if your site goes down. And it is not good for any business. But GoDaddy is reliable in such cases. The tool of GoDaddy pings the website and emails the user if it is unable to find the user’s site for more than one minute.

Godaddy Review

Pros of Godaddy Hosting

There are various web hosting companies but one can rely on GoDaddy as it has various advantages that will make you choose GoDaddy to be your web hosting company. Some of the pros are mentioned below.

  • At the affordable price- With several web hosting companies available GoDaddy is one of the most affordable with plan priced lessened if you stick with them for a longer time and they also have offered to reduce the prices. If you choose GoDaddy one doesn’t have to worry about the price range and can easily use this hosting company.
  • Fast loading time- GoDaddy web hosting allows your website to load fast and users will enjoy this feature as they can load the sites fast and will not have to wait around for the site to load. This saves the customer’s time as well and this feature of GoDaddy makes it the web hosting company you want to choose.
  • WordPress Auto Installation- With the help of GoDaddy web hosting you can install WordPress automatically. One will take so much time to download WordPress manually but GoDaddy can save you the time and energy as it installs WordPress automatically. This feature of GoDaddy can help you save a lot of time and trouble of installing WordPress.
  • Has well Integrated Products- There are various things you need in order to have your own website, you need a domain name and an email for your website for all this you can do it with one web hosting company which is GoDaddy. GoDaddy has the integration of various things you need to do in order to make a website. It is a one stop shop for all your website needs.
  • Unlimited visitors- As you know that if a site has too many visitors the website will crash and sets back in the functioning of your website. GoDaddy saves you from all this as it gives you unlimited visitors. Their hosting plans have many benefits and one of it is having unlimited website visitors and not having to pay for it.
  • Use cPanel- In GoDaddy, one will easily be able to use the control panel without having to go through the trouble. You can change settings easily and be able to access cPanel in quick time. This feature of GoDaddy makes you use your website and manage it easily and is its best quality.
  • Customer support- GoDaddy has improved its customer support and gives 24/7 to anyone who has queries.
  • Security- GoDaddy has an impressive security system in place and prevents spammers and hackers. With cybercrime increasing nowadays your website will be secure with GoDaddy as your host.

With such impressive advantages choosing GoDaddy is the best option if you are looking to create a website and looking for a host make GoDaddy the one.

Godaddy Review

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Cons of Godaddy Hosting

There are two sides to every coin and so does GoDaddy, with its impressive advantages there are also some disadvantages. Some of the cons are mentioned below.

  • No live chat support- With its upgraded customer service it only drawback it has is that there is no live chat support. If the call lines are busy there is no option to have a live chat with the support team to clear our doubts immediately.
  • A supporter of Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) – GoDaddy was a supporter of SOPA which made its customers very unhappy. It soon realized that customers are shifting their host to its competitions and later became against SOPA due to loss of customers.
  • Limitations on storage- GoDaddy has a very restrictive rule on data and disk space. Only one plan offers you unlimited data which is a huge drawback and limits disk space.
  • Restricts data- When you create content through GoDaddy on your web page it makes it count as spam for the content. To clear all this you have to go through a lot of trouble and the data you put in is very limited.
  • Exit trouble- GoDaddy makes it troublesome when you want to leave the host, they do not help you out in the right way and there is a lot of processes to go through like exiting your plan.

These cons have a severe effect on its customers and one might even want to leave the host but we cannot overlook that it has its advantages as well.

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All in all, GoDaddy is a well-rounded hosting company it is best if you want a cheap web hosting company with integrated products. This web hosting company provides everything you need to set up a website or blog. If you are looking for a web hosting look no further start with GoDaddy. Still in doubt? Then make sure to read what real customers say about GoDaddy.



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