It is the dream of every YouTuber to be on the list of top YouTubers. That is why most YouTubers buy YouTube views. The sad part is they do not know the right methodology to buy YouTube views. Are you a YouTuber? Probably, yes, if you are reading this article. So, the million dollar question for you is how to buy YouTube views effectively? The answer to this question is to choose appropriate companies for purchasing YouTube views. Also, it is important to research before you buy YouTube views as you can save much money.

To make your job easy, here I am introducing you to the art of generating more YouTube views. I believe a little information about how YouTube works and a little effort can do wonders. It can save your money and time. However, before I start with the strategy to buy YouTube views, below is some information about the power of YouTube that you must know for sure:

• You should realise the importance of forty-eight hours window in which you get the maximum exposure for your videos. You should utilise this window to the maximum to get the best results.

• If you have a little knowledge of the working formula of YouTube, then you can easily break into the YouTube most viewed page. The real challenge is even if your video gets to the front page, it does not guarantee the audience will watch your video unless the YouTube users click it. That is why target to make people view the video on this page.

Since you have acquired sufficient information about how to compete with millions of videos onto the front page, now your job is to get views to compete with 20 other videos on the front page. You can also outshine your video among other racing videos by buying YouTube views. So, let us start with the procedure to follow to obtain YouTube views:

1. Firstly, create a “Channel Trailer” video to give your viewers an idea about your channel. Make sure the video is impressive enough to attract viewers to a bigger level. If you do not have any idea about how to create a trailer, then you can either introduce yourself or can briefly explain your channel and ask the viewers to follow your channel by subscribing to it. You can also use Video Ad Formula to make an engaging video that would prompt viewers to take action. Make sure you buy RAM of enough size to upgrade your computer for better speed and performance.

2. Secondly, research the top 50 Channels that your target audience would be watching already. Make sure you research the channels that belong to the niche of your channel. These are the channels on which you will specifically put your video ad.

3. Thirdly, create a YouTube Ad campaign in Google AdWords and place your video on the Channels that you had researched using “Placements” targeting. Once the ads start running, you will be able to track your costs, views, clicks and subscribers all within AdWords. You can also pause some of the Channels that do not get good results.

4. Lastly, start seeing immediate results and comments. Even, when you turn on the campaigns, you immediately start getting more views and subscribers. In this manner, the audience will look at your video ad, subscribe to your channel, and watch more of your other videos.

The above are the steps to follow to gain YouTube views in the best possible manner.

Author Bio: Peter Lewis is the content creator of buysellRAM which is the official website for selling servers, computers, memory, CPUs, hard drives, and laptops on better deals.