50+ Amazing & Free Tumblr Themes

Being a microblogging website, Tumblr has given enormous scope to the bloggers by offering Free Tumblr Themes. As a blogger, you will get here all that you desire to make your blog prevalent. In its dashboard, it’s effortless to find, what other bloggers are focussing on and can find the audience too for your blog. Tumblr has provided a new and unique direction to polish your impeccable talent of writing in every niche.

But all these things, largely depend on the theme you have chosen for your blogs. This layout puts a great impression on the audience as your layout decides your writing strategy and sometimes your agenda too. So, it becomes imperative to have the best layout for your blogging website on Tumblr.

For your ease, here is the list of 50+ cool and free Tumblr themes to match your passion for blogging:

Marble Free Tumblr Theme

This theme can be super customizable. It is flat and responsive that means it can be visualized at any screen size and blog will look same at every screen. It has six different homepage layouts. It contains open page unique portfolio and drag and drop page builder. Because of its four different header styles, it can be used as a multiple page theme as well as single page theme.

marble tumblr theme



Here, you will have an option to give a new form to your blog by using Avatars in square or round or if you don’t want to provide any Avtar then don’t turn on this option. You can set Title as per your wish. 

spin tumblr theme


A responsive theme that can be used at any screen size and your blog will look same on every screen. Just install this and turn off the “Use default mobile theme” option. A carousel slider can also be added to the header of your blog. You can choose a grid option for the layout with single or two columns.

elise tumblr theme


It is simple photography and clean theme. The latest version of the Wicked Tumbler theme is ten times faster than the previous version. You can share pictures directly from it. The layout of the theme is designed like that the memory consumption should be less.

wicked tumblr theme

Wall sticker

This Tumblr theme is renowned for its clean and simple portfolio. In this theme at the bottom of the post, the social bookmarks, thumbnails are placed, and with this the sharing of the blog becomes handy. Other than the page navigation, this theme has a loading procedure.


The main feature of the effector theme is to upgrade the customization. This theme provides three layout sizes, and these are 500, 600 and 700. When you enter a permalink page, then use the collapse notes it will keep the notes tucked away. Turning on the infinite scrolling will be beneficial here.


Single-A was the first theme which was used to represent the sticky and featured posts. This theme is easier to customize. The astonishing feature of theme Single-A is you can pin your posts on the top of the blog with this the reader can have an idea regarding your blog, which you want to highlight on the blog. Its latest version includes many upgraded features like you can change your background color, and blog title can also show in the Title bar.


This three column theme is being used by bloggers who want to promote stuff on their page. Because of the availability of three columns in the theme with this the bill of the blogger can be adjusted easily. The theme is available in two colors one is black, and another one is white.

licorice free tumblr theme


This theme provides the navigation bar just below the header, and there is the only downward arrow on a header. You can customize background, fonts and image color. With this, you can have various options to set the header image also.


To make your blogging smoother use the infinite scrolling, you can customize your blog like color, spacing, font, image placement, etc. The theme is perfectly optimized for various gadgets like tablets and mobiles. For artists, photographers it could be the first choice.


With user stats, you can track your support analytics. By using the comments section, you can improve your content quality by availing the comments from users. Here, a relevant image to the blog can be set as header background and you can write blog title on it.


This theme can take all types of posts like text post, picture, quote a post, link post, chat post, video post, and audio post. This theme provides simple and straight up a layout.


Pixelate tumblr theme

This is one of the clean and functional grid themes. You can change the theme color, and a banner can be added. For the dark color schemes, invert can be used. With the fixed background option, you can fix your background image.

Two Premium

Video, audio, text, image, and link can be set as per interest, on the theme. It provides you the best host options and all features. You can use this theme on your mobile device.


This theme has a unique portfolio. You have to choose pixels properly here if you want your blog to be compact and pleasant appearance. You can easily modify it as per your interest and can change its font, size and all by connecting to social media networks as well.


In this theme, You have around many outstanding options where you can add your interest and customise according to your taste only. Without any unnecessary gaps, here you will get a perfect look of your blog.  You can add URLs to your social profiles, like, Linkedin, Twitter and much more.


This theme gives a customized option for every feature which is shown on the screen like icons, images, links, descriptions, colors, size, shapes, fonts and lots more. It is a strong single column theme with a large header image and a fixed sidebar. To share your informative and important information, first, you can use its amazing feature of a Sticky post. It does contain some more awesome features like Keyboard navigation, fully responsive + retina ready, advanced photo option, social media links, group blogs, Disqus comments and give you right to post all types of content; it is displayed it beautifully on your blog.


It is an apt solution to shine your creativity via blogs. Its elegant design, fantastic fonts, and best layout options will amaze you for sure. It is mobile friendly. It also has the option of classic single column layout and even two, three grid lines. This theme is suitable for all types of bloggers like Artist, Photographer, Writers, and designers to design magnificent blogs.


Candice Tumblr Theme is a single column theme and gives wings to creative minds as it supports both visual and text posts. It also provides an option for customizing color, font without any coding. It is connected to 17 social networks. You can even try different header logo, text and various layout options from the theme.

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It is simply built for photography; it’s like a sketchbook. You can use it with any of the browsers. Like others, it also has the multiple customizing options including image placement, color, spacing and much more. The lookbook has an optimal viewing which gives even responsive during adjusting display resolution, panning and resizing. It also provides the option of enabling caption, so you can hide your post’s caption by turning off the option. You can also display your copyright notice or modify it.


It is designed for your text, music, and photos. It gives a distraction-free environment to the creative mind with Typekit support and the option of customizing font, color and header image. The layout looks beautiful on iPhone, iPad, and Android. The Observer Tumblr theme also has the Disqus comments and Google Analytics support.

Paper Stack

Paper Stacks Tumblr Theme

Here, you have an option to show your idea by touch. In both portrait and landscape mode, you can display your inspiration. It has paper stacks, so can enjoy the set of photos by swiping it aside. You can even select maximum five posts to view it on the top carousel. Paper stack has the option of background photo upload, layout, present fonts and two colors.

Catching Elephant

It fully supports the tags, notes, pages, Disqus comments, custom navigation links, submissions, original size images, all types of post and so on. This theme work in the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You can upload the photo of the portrait in the maximum size of 128px. And in entertainment point of view, it supports many social media networks too.


This awesome theme is free to use and download. Its perfect layout will help a ton to attract maximum visitors. One more exciting feature will amaze you that it creates your persona which makes it easy for visitors to know more about you.

Issue Tumblr theme

Along with offering lots of exquisite features like grid layout, fixed sidebar, and responsive design and much more, issue theme is entirely customisable, and you can set your theme as per your taste and interest. Its mobile friendly and users love to use it because of its customized layout feature.


This decent theme is all that you desire to give a perfect look at your blogging profile on Tumblr. Its various features like four slide-out links, fully compatible with noPo 2.0, auto columns, infinite scroll and much more will amaze you for sure.


With numerous features and options, Spire has become one of the favorite themes. Its specialty is, whatever your blog niche is, it will suit it for sure. Its layout is modern, straight up, robust and clean. You can easily customise the fonts, images, background, and color of Spire theme.

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This theme is perfect for the photographers, writers, and travelers. It has been specially designed by keeping social media optimization on priority. You can set a peculiar header with an exquisite color show or with an image. Even its fonts can also be customized and can easily add networks of social media. You can with any hassle, link social networks as it fully supports pages and all.

Pin Meter

Get the style of Pinterest by adopting Pin Meter theme. You can showcase your logo, describe your blog, title and connect to social media account as well.

Hakuna Matata

In whatever niche, you are going to publish your post; this theme will automatically support you. You can integrate your Twitter account with it easily. It is entirely responsive to your requirements. Now you can change the size of browser too by adopting this theme. Its mobile friendly too, so you can use it on your mobile phone as well.


vienna tumblr theme

This is very simple and elegant theme. This theme can be customized according to interest, and it suits to each type of post as well. It is compatible with all the browsers also. You can integrate social media links with it. Color customization is also available here, where you can change hovers, post details, links, text, background as per your interest, etc.


This cool theme is that what you were looking from a long time. In the manner you desire to watch your blogging site, you can set accordingly on Glump, without any hassle. The procedure for completing anything here is so simple and great that you will surely love this theme after using. Where to add images and where to add wording, it’s all up to you.


This striking theme will take your entire attention. This versatile theme makes your focal point the center of attraction for visitors, whether it’s your engaging content or any other particular thing. It’s very convenient to add filters here and you can directly raise traffic upon your website by customising it according to your choice.

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This simple theme has numerous options to provide a professional look to your site. On post border, post background, slider link text, post text, etc. you can choose your colors. You can do customization of the font as well. Moreover, there is an option to link your social media profiles with it directly.


The theme, Melek, fully supports your content, whatever content you want to publish, it simply assists it on the website. It will directly integrate your social networks, and you will be able to share your posts easily with your accounts. Here, for the blog, you can set up a new property in Google Analytics & this Property ID can be pasted into theme options.


By keeping minimalism in mind, this fabulous theme has been coded and designed. Minimalistic by meaning, the Austere theme has been featured with many great features, like, small sidebar, minimal design, two columns, etc. This theme is straightforward and attractive.

austere tumblr theme



This simple theme has encapsulated numerous features to amaze you utterly. You can choose a big header image of your own with an overlay of optional colors, along with it, other features include, sidebar option at left & right, Google fonts, Disqus integration, Google Analytics integration, responsive layout and much more. You can go ahead with this theme for your blogging page on Tumblr.


This theme has the layout of masonry. Without pagination, as and when you scroll, it automatically loads the posts. You can choose the color of your choice for background, text, etc. This is extremely simple to operate and give a perfect look to your blog.


This theme has been specially designed for storytellers and photographers. You will get here a lot of turnkey features like Disqus comments, customisable & fantastic design and support of Google Analytics. This is entirely optimised and mobile responsive theme, customized logo, color, font and all. You can integrate all your social media accounts. It’s great to go!


Grid-based theme with numerous customization options. It houses three different navigation layouts and also gives you the option to open permalink pages on the homepage. The theme includes retina support for the logo with high resolution, Google analytics support, multi-lingual support and free updates to make your blog perfect for you.


Grid-based versatile and clean theme, perfect for photography blogs and inspiration magazines. The theme can be customized in significant depth at the function level. Smooth scrolling and fluid layout give it a nice look. It allows one-click straightforward sharing on social media so that you can easily engage with your audience.

Other mood

free tumblr themes

The theme is as its name. It is built with the innovative concept of sharing your current mode and mental state with your audience. The way you want to reflect your mood, you can easily customize your theme. Other attractive features include responsive design and infinite scrolling.


Gorgeous design detail and powerful slide bar along with customizable colors, images, and headers give it a fantastic look. You can add any layout you want, widgets for social media sharing and drop down menus according to the requirements. It also gives you a choice to add your recent tweets, photographs, etc.

Grid Meter

Best theme for bloggers who want their blogs with the futuristic feel. You can add titles, social media icons, logo according to your needs. It also gives you the option of customizing fonts according to the posts.

Light Meter

As the name implies, it is a pure white Tumblr theme available in grid style. It’s perfect suits to photobloggers. This theme ensures you to keep in top Google ranking. It’s highly versatile as it supports all kinds of posts and pages.


Superb minimal Tumblr theme, best for e-commerce websites. It is also useful for those blogs, where you want to showcase your stuff in a captivating manner. Its highly responsive out of box feature makes sure that you can fire up your website in the quickest possible way.


Want to be a blogger or photographer, start with the most uncomplicated theme- Noir. It gives you the customization option for some columns and appearance. It is equipped with a technology that quickly loads the images as compared to its competitors.


It is a versatile and responsive lovely grid-based theme containing impressive features such as infinite scrolling and parallax effect. The theme is well suited for inspirational blogs. You can easily customize the color scheme and can address your audience efficiently.


fable tumblr theme

Fable theme comes with stunning features and beautiful appearance. The grid-based versatile theme perfectly works for fashion, inspirational and design blogs. To engage with your audience, Disqus comment tab is available along with Google analytics and social sharing options. It supports various post customization options.


creator free tumblr themes

The beautiful grid-based theme, specially designed by keeping in the notice the needs of writers, photographers, and designers. It is suitable for almost all blogging genres. According to its name, it contains many creative powers that give you extensive options at hand.

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Please feel free to share your opinion about the free Tumblr themes mentioned above. And if you feel there are better Tumblr themes apart from these do share with us we will happy to add those in our list.



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