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Listening music is the favourite time pass of millions. Well, people love to hear music, to remove their tension and relax their minds from routine hectic life. But this thing becomes a big trouble when to listen to the favourite song; you have to pay some amount to that site. At this moment, frustration rises as compared to relaxation. This is because, for averaged salaried people, it becomes difficult to even think about paying for listening songs.

But you don’t have to worry now. You have faced a lot of hassles in listening to your favourite songs but leave all that trouble now. No need to expend a single penny for it. You will be utterly amazed to know that you can listen to favourite music for absolutely free on the web. Even without downloading, there are numerous options to complete your passion for hearing the music.

For your ease, we are bringing here the best sites that will provide you with an excellent way to enjoy online streaming, listen to free music without even downloading. Here is the list:


In the world of free music online without download, Spotify is on the top. Whenever and wherever you required, it is ready to entertain you for free. For as many times you desire to listen, you can listen here for free. It acts just like your radio, where you can enjoy your favourite one to lift up your mood. To enjoy music, you can use any source, either mobile, PC desktop or web browser. It’s straightforward to search your favourite song or album & even the artist. Make the perfect playlist of the songs you admire the most and listen anytime you want to hear. To unfurl the magic to your friends, it gives you an astounding feature to share any song with them.

Spotify Music Premium


The place where you could get music from your favourite artists can only be Pandora. It is number one online music platform which will erase all your troubles of finding your favourite songs. It creates an online ratio, which is entirely based on your liking. You can listen to your favourite genre, composer or artist. Here you can find new music as well. Here, the thing you will like the most is, you don’t require to stick only to one radio station. Instead, you can choose any channel that you like the most. In short, it’s all in your hands, get the best music of your choice anytime here. Even you can create the music stations up to 100 you love the most. You can also download its app on your mobile device or can hear it in the browser too. In its desktop version, you can use Pandora One, which ad-free, but the condition is, you have to pay for it monthly to get extreme quality music. For free streaming, you can prefer its app or browser.

listen to free music online without downloading

Download Pandora App

TuneIn Radio

Just by browsing different genres like, news, sports, talk, music or whatever you like, you can get here for free. Live radio stations you can get here and quickly you can find local channels as well. Whatever you like to relax your mind, like, religious music, rock or ambient and along with it, you can even enjoy travel radio, tennis stations, business news and much more. You can enjoy your most preferred music on the browser or can also install its app. For quicker access to your favourite station, you can store it in your account, so that, you don’t require to do surfing again and again.

free music online without download

Download Tunein


As the name suggests, iHeartRadio is the best place to hear all that what your heart desires to hear. On this astounding platform, by selecting your favourite genre and your city, you can choose the station you want. According to your searching pattern, it will display you the stations that will match to your demands. In this way, it’s effortless to get here your favourite soul-soothing music. Even if you are not interested in listening to all the radio stations, then you have an option to create your station where you can listen to your most admired artists and songs anytime, without wasting time on different stations. The speciality of this is that without downloading you can enjoy the music of your choice and that too, anytime. Anytime here means, even after falling asleep, it assists the sleep timer. It says, when you wake up on blowing off the alarm, your favourite songs will automatically start playing and make your morning blissful.

listen to free music

Download iHeart Radio

Here you can search your favourite music, by entering the name of artists, whose songs you want to listen. will search out all the stations, where you can get the songs of your favourite artist. From this platform, it’s very easy to listen to the songs. Anyhow, if you are facing any hurdle in getting your favourite songs, then you can download Scrobbler. It will automatically track the music that you usually listen and send it to the In this way, it becomes extremely easy to obtain the best songs you required the most. You can even download its app on your mobile device or tablet. You can enjoy with Spotify as well.

listen to free music online without downloading



This is the completely unique platform, where you will get music of your choice, being uploaded by various artists & users. Even you can find homemade audios here. Audios in different genres are available on SoundCloud, such as electronic, ambient, disco, country. You can get new updates on what’s trending. From search bar, you can search out your favourite tracks, podcasts, bands, and artists too. You can make your collection of music, wherein you can store any audio you like the most. In this way, you can create an impressive album all of your choices.

listen to free music

Download Soundcloud

Dash Radio

With dozens of stations, Dash Radio is all here to entertain you with numerous genres. Without downloading, it’s very easy to relax mind by listening to the music of your choice. You can select the station that you liked the most. It has the option to unfurl your happiness too. You can spread it to your friend circle also, on different social media platforms. You can use Dash Radio on the browser or can download its app too, which is available for iOS and Android, both the platforms.

free music online without download

Download Dashradio


As the name suggests, here you will get an esteemed list of your favourite eight songs in a cluster. If you want song cluster created by another, you can even get 8Tracks of another person here and listen to it. How exciting would it be, if you become your DJ and play all that your ears get the most pleasure? This is what, you can do on 8Tracks. Become a DJ of your terms and get all that your mood wants. You can download its app on any platform, either Android or iOS. It can also be enjoyed directly on the web browser.

listen to free music online without downloading

Incus Tunes

Get an instant access to many free music tones that are available all at your disposal on Incus Tunes. You just need to open an account which is free to create. In the top songs, you will get your favourite songs freely. Anyhow, if you are not able to find in top songs, then you can get even by simply browsing by artist, playlist or any genre you like. You are free to create your playlist. In this, you will be able to listen to it privately or even can share it to your social account.

free music online without download

Slacker Radio

Create your radio station of the genre, artists, and songs that you recommend the most, only on Slacker Radio. Once you have showcased your choice to Slacker, it will further advise you numerous similar options that will match your preference. In recommended and featured section of Slacker, you can get songs of your choice quickly. Here you can discover easily that you want to listen, as well as the latest one. You can download the app for its smooth running. Enjoy your favourite music without downloading it on your device.

listen to free music

Download Slacker Radio


Now, it is going to be extremely easy for you to listen to your favourite genre online without downloading, via Jango. This is one more outstanding platform where you can get radio station offering free streaming music without troubling you at all. Create your customized station and add all that songs and artists that you love the most. It’s very easy to hear your favourite songs and the list of others too.

listen to free music online without downloading

Download Jango

AOL Radio

If you want to enjoy trouble free music anytime, then AOL Radio is the best platform. Well, here you will not get a perfect layout, but you will not face any hassle for sure. You can get a lot of radio stations all at one platform and choose the best one you like the most. Any music that you like can get here for free without getting trouble of downloading and all.

listen to free music


Music Hub

We are quite sure that you will become addicted to this site after getting its pleasing experience. MusixHub has all that you desire. Unlimited music you can hear for absolutely free. You will get the list of songs in the right corner and choose your favourite from it easily. Finding album of own choice is also very easy to it. There is no requirement to create an account. From Facebook account as well, you can open and save your albums in the library section. You can easily find here the songs on YouTube that you like the most. You can listen by just browsing and without opening an account.

free music online without download

Download Music Hub


This is another site where you can get the music of your choice for free. You will get your most admired songs for sure. Not only this, anyhow if, you are not sure for the songs you desire currently, then it would smartly help you out by showing it’s random results quickly that matches to your choice of songs. You can browse here for free anytime and for any number of times. Just sign up, which is free to create an account and you will get all the rights to listen to your favourite genre or songs. You can even create your channel where there is full freedom to add songs of your choice only. As per your taste, just add the songs and enjoy to the fullest. If you are not comfortable for browsing, then you can download it’s app also and entertain you anywhere without any issues.

free music online without download

Download AccuRadio


Listening to demand songs are somewhat difficult for many users on various sites. But on Deezer, it’s extremely easy to do this impossible thing, possible. It provides a well-established platform where one can make his evening exceptional by listening to the songs of his type only. On its exhaustive library, you can get more than 40 Million songs. It’s very easy to find the song of your type and choice. You can use it on any platform, viz., Android, Desktop or iOS. By resorting to Deezer, you can enjoy anywhere and make your time valuable.

listen to free music

Download Deezer

These are some sites, which are specialized in providing free music and songs of one’s choice and that too in absolutely free and without giving trouble of downloading. One can make his/her time the most special, by going through these websites and listening to their favourite songs.


Q: Are these sites safe for browsing?
A: Yes. These sites are entirely safe to browse and listen to music.

Q: With what connection, can I listen to music on any of these sites?
A: You can use any connection. There is no restriction at all. You can use the cable modem, broadband, ADSL, etc. Keep one thing in mind; the connection should be faster for smooth browsing.

Q: What if, it’s creating problems in browsing?
A: In that case, you can resort to apps. Almost every one of the sites as mentioned above has its app to operate, which makes it easier to go ahead with your passion for listening music.



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