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Smartphones are not just used to call and convey messages from one person to another but are also much more than that. Although a lot of smartphones look somewhat similar but to make one look different from others, there needs to be wallpaper, and it only gets better when you find the wallpaper of your choice. We all want the best free HD wallpapers on our phone which fancy the look of the phone, and there are a ton of apps which provide the best quality of photos ranging from different genres. A wallpaper is an image you see whenever you enter the main screen of the phone.

There are a few phones which support multiple wallpaper images while some phones accept and support only one. Although there are preloaded wallpapers on some smartphones, they do not offer the best quality of wallpapers. So here I have come up with the top HD Wallpaper apps for your smartphones which give you a high end feel to phones.

  • Walli – HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Walli makes it to the top of the list when it comes to giving the best HD wallpapers for your phone. Walli consists of a particular community of artists from all around the world, and all have their unique touch to the image.

Walli - HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds app Free HD wallpapers

Walli then selects the best artists and provides you the wallpapers saving your time of scrolling through numerous images. Walli also rewards artists by sharing the earnings with them and helping them get recognized for their art.

Some of the cool features of Walli are:

The wallpapers are categorically arranged to enable you to find images quickly from Nature, Animals, Space, Quotes, etc., A different section for boys, girls & kids on various themes like vintage, car, funny, etc..

You also have an option to select the size of wallpaper before downloading it, and Walli will give you the image to fit in the resolution.

To download the app click here, Walli – HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds.

  • WallP-True 4K Wallpapers For Android And PC

WallP not only gives you HD wallpapers but also it takes a set ahead and provides the highest quality of photos with 4K resolution. With WallP you will get 4K wallpapers every day and make your smartphone look formidable every day.

WallP-True 4K Wallpapers For Android And PC WallP-True 4K Wallpapers For Android And PC app

You can save battery with WallP as it adjusts the wallpaper and the background to the size of the screen. This helps in saving some battery power. WallP is updated with the latest trends in the world and provides you the 4K and HD wallpapers right on time.

If you wish to download this app, click here, WallP-True 4K Wallpapers For Android And PC.

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  • Backdrops – Wallpapers

Third on my list is Backdrops, which is handcrafted and made by Backdrops themselves which are designed precisely for your devices. With backdrops, you can also create and share your collections of pictures and make sure that those images are of high quality to be approved by the community. Just like WallP, Backdrop also lets you choose wallpapers with regular updates allowing you to appreciate the art of new artists.

Backdrops - Wallpapers app Backdrops - Wallpapers

You will be left fascinated with the wide variety of wallpaper styles and patterns to choose from such as material, minimal, patterns, scenery and dark AMOLED friendly walls.

This HD wallpaper app allows having access to original collections by just unlocking the bonus collections. Also, you can Go Pro which unlocks extra features and enjoy the app completely ad-free. This pro pack comes along with the collection of exclusive backgrounds.

Click here to download Backdrops – Wallpapers.

  • ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers

This one is the most commonly used apps for downloading various media files like ringtones, wallpapers, notifications, and icons. ZEDGE is the go-to app for phone personalization with ample amount of free HD wallpapers to download.

ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers appZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers

Have a look at what it has to offer in the wallpaper section:

You can download various themes and wallpapers from some of the movies and major sporting events. For live wallpaper enthusiasts, it allows setting moving images as background or as lock screen.

The cropper tool helps you to personalize images or the live wallpaper for your home or lock screen. You can also save wallpapers on My Zedge to gain access from any of your devices and share it with your friends.

To download the app, click on this link ZEDGE.

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  • Wallify

At number 5 is Wallify which has an enormous collection of wallpapers with over thousands of eye-catching wallpapers all under one application. Wallify wallpapers support any device with screens 1080x1920px and 2160x3840px. Wallify lets you discover all the wallpapers and also have a check on the wallpapers which are trending and are downloaded most by users.

Wallify app Wallify

With Wallify, you can instantly save images by just clicking on the heart icon which is easily found in the favorite page. Wallify automatically optimizes the wallpaper size and fits in the screen of the device be it mobile or tablet.

If you wish to download this app, click here Wallify.

  • Wallcraft – Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Wallpapers from Wallcraft gives you the best 4K and not just HD but Ultra HD wallpapers. It has a collection of more than 80,000 wallpapers cataloged in various categories. Also has a Manual cutting that allows all the wallpapers to fit the resolution of the screen size of the smartphone.

Wallcraft - Wallpapers and Backgrounds Wallcraft - Wallpapers and Backgrounds app

Just like all other wallpaper apps, Wallcraft also keeps the collection of the ongoing trends in the world. The most happening places in the world, the sporting events taking place and the new movies and shows related HD wallpapers all under one app. This app is completely free and includes no in-app purchases, but still, you might find advertisements.

To download Wallpapers and Backgrounds from Wallpapers craft, click here.

  • Wonderwall

Another wallpaper app making to the list is Wonderwall developed by Ignace. Wonderwall is simple but boasts a variety of wallpapers. Wonderwall handpicks the best wallpapers that suit the background of your phone. Although Wonderwall comes for free but to enjoy in-app purchases, you need to pay some amount which are only for donation purposes.

Wonderwall Wonderwall app

Similar to all the apps Wonderwall also acknowledges the work of an artist who submits the work on Wonderwall. And if chosen by Wonderwall, your work will be featured and seen by all the users.

Click here to download Wonderwall.

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  • Tapet

Tapet automatically generates high-quality backgrounds and allowing the wallpapers to directly generate in the device rather than downloading from the internet. You can also set the app to automatically change the wallpaper on your phone as per your choice be it hourly or daily and most likely you will not have an encounter with the same wallpaper.

Tapet app Tapet

Tapet is exciting as you only have to choose the design and colors and then the app makes a wallpaper from your choices. Tapet comes with Muzei support, history of applied likes and more, making this different from the other wallpaper apps.

Click here to download the Tapet wallpaper app.

  • Kappboom – Cool Wallpapers & Background Wallpapers

Kappboom developed by Kappboom Inc. gives the best wallpapers with over 200,000 wallpapers right under one platform. The cool part about Kappboom is that it supports Android Wear where you can send wallpapers directly to the watch just by tapping on the watch icon in the fullscreen mode.

Kappboom - Cool Wallpapers & Background Wallpapers Kappboom - Cool Wallpapers & Background Wallpapers app

 All your favorite wallpapers are categorized into different categories like Anime, Cars, Games, and movies, etc. With Kappboom you can now search images by the color and Tags. And if you are satisfied with the quality of their HD wallpaper collections, you can also check out the Live wallpaper collections it has.

To download the app, click here.

  • Kika Wallpapers HD & Free 4K Background Keyboard

Kika supports HD wallpapers irrespective of the device you own be it either your smartphone or a tablet. Kika promises to upload 200+ new wallpapers every day each wallpaper being unique and leaving you to ask more.

Kika Wallpapers HD & Free 4K Background Keyboard Kika Wallpapers HD & Free 4K Background Keyboard

Kika allows customizing your phone in 3 different ways one for customization of the lock screen, second for customization of the home screen and the last one for customizing the emoji keyboard background.

From cars to love related wallpapers all the images you require are on one platform. Other than categories you can choose wallpapers from also the recently uploaded wallpapers, Popular and some of the local wallpapers.

To download Kika, click here.

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Make sure that you download all these apps and give them a chance before sticking to one particular app. An HD wallpaper can add a touch to your phone which portrays and declares your style. And if want more from these apps, you can also download the live wallpaper which eats some battery but are very interactive.

You can ask more from the apps as they come along with a search bar where you can type in the kind of wallpaper you need. For example, if you need for occasions like birthday, Valentine’s day or anniversary all you need to do is enter the keyword and wait for the images to load.

HD wallpapers have more to offer when compared to the normal low-quality wallpapers as they are quite low concerning giving the best experience to a smartphone user. Smartphone users will want more from apps like these as the possibilities for personalization are endless.


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