Fingerprint Applock

With the increase in the need for digital security, the popularity of Applocks has been on the rise for several years now.

Applocks create a second layer of protection on your mobile device. You can ‘lock’ certain files and apps such that others are unable to open these ‘locked’ apps and files.

Generally, applock features different mechanism you can lock your phone with.

When applocks were first featured; the default lock methods were via pattern, password or a pin code.

With built-in fingerprint sensors on new mobile phones becoming a requisite trend; there has been a plethora of apps (AppLocks) that utilize your mobile phone’s fingerprint sensors to lock your files and apps.

However, older model of mobile devices are restricted to only having pattern/pin/password lock available. The only way to have fingerprint applock is by buying a phone that has a fingerprint sensor installed.

Or is it?


The world’s first applock that uses your phone’s rear camera to scan your fingerprints. Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need to fork out a couple of hundred dollars to purchase a new mobile device that has a fingerprint sensor.


Now there is no need to hesitate when your friend asks to borrow your phone; No need for worry when your colleagues pick up your phone and open it; No hassle when your kids play games on your phone; No concern about your child messing up your phone settings.

Lock your apps using Fingerprint Applock and rest easy.

Fingerprint Applock uses your mobile phone’s rear camera to record your fingerprint and then use it as the key to unlocking your apps.

fingerprint applock fingerprint applock app

Fingerprint Applock also supports Pattern and password PIN lock. You can edit the display picture, i.e. background image for Pattern and PIN lock screen.

This app also features customisations such as lock preferences for each app. This means that you can set certain apps to have fingerprint locks, and others to have pattern lock or PIN lock.

The app is easy on the eyes with no clashing or bright colors. Simple, Intuitive and only 14 MB in size. nFingerprint Applock comes in a small size but packs a big punch

The choice is up to you.

Downloading Fingerprint Applock 

This Fingerprint Applock real version is no longer available on the Google Play store.

All similar apps with either similar name or similar versions found on the Google Play store are not the real app.

Currently, the only way to download Fingerprint Applock Real is by downloading its apk online.

You can use the following url to download the Fingerprint Applock Real apk.

Installation of Fingerprint Applock 

To install Fingerprint Applock, you need to open the downloaded apk file on your mobile device.

If you are prompted to enable third party installations; follow these steps.

  • Go to your phone ‘Settings’
  • Open ‘Security’
  • Tick the checkbox ‘Unknown Applications’
  • Confirm the warning prompt by clicking ‘OK’

Now that you have enabled third party installations on your mobile device; you can open the Fingerprint Applock apk file.

Follow the instruction on your screen and you will be able to install Fingerprint Applock on your mobile device.

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Setting up of Fingerprint Applock

After installing Fingerprint Applock on your mobile device and opening the app; you will see a variety of options available.

The options that are listed are: ‘Finger enroll’, ‘Pattern enroll’, ‘PIN lock enroll’, ‘Lock apps’, ‘More settings’, ‘Turn lock on/off’ and ‘Share this’.

  • Setting up Fingerprint lock

→ When you open the app; click on finger enroll.

→ You will then be asked to ‘Select a finger’; the finger you select will be used as your key.

→ After choosing your finger, the screen will be divided into two sections: the upper part uses your mobile device rear camera with an outline of a finger and the bottom part shows the finger you have selected.

→ Position your finger such that it coincides exactly with the outline of the finger and the outline turns green

→ Hold the position for a few seconds and Fingerprint Applock will remember your fingerprint.

→ Repeat this process 7 times

→ You will then be shown your verifications page; this includes the enrollment fingerprint image and your Verifications fingerprint image with verification score.

→ Click ‘Use this fingerprint’ on the bottom right and your Fingerprint lock using the device rear camera has been set up.

how to use Finger print lock app

  • Setting up Pattern lock

→ Open the app and clock on Pattern enroll.

→ You will be directed to a standard screen with the standard Pattern lock dots.

→ Draw the pattern you want to set as the pattern lock in one fluid motion.

→ Lift your fingers when you have done drawing the pattern.

→ Click ‘Continue’ on the bottom right.

→ Redraw the pattern you drew and your Pattern Lock has been set up.

how to lock in finger print lock app

  • Setting up PIN code lock

→ Open the app and click on the PIN lock enroll.

→ You will see the standard PIN code keypad.

→ Select the PIN code you wish to set up and press ‘Continue’

→ Redraw the PIN code you have chosen and your PIN Lock has been set up.

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  • Locking your app

→ Open the app and select ‘Lock Apps’ located in the center of your screen.

→ This will load up all available Apps on your phone.

→ You will then be prompted to ‘Turn on Accessibility Services’ for the app to work.

→ Click the ‘OK’ button and you will be redirected to your settings.

→ Search for ‘Fingerprint Applock’ and enable it.

→ Go back to the app and click on ‘Lock Apps’ again.

→ From the list of all the apps you have, click on the app you want to lock.

→ You will be given the choice to lock your selected app via Fingerprint Lock, Pattern Lock or Number Lock.

→ Select your choice and click ‘Lock’ on the bottom right of the prompt.

→ And there you have it, you have successfully locked an app.

  • More Settings, Lock on/off

→ If you click Settings, you will be directed to the list of setting changes that are available.

→ You can ‘Clear Fingerprint’, ‘Clear Pattern lock’ and ‘Clear Number lock’.

→ You can also set custom images as the background for the Pattern Lock screen and Number Lock screen.

→ There is also the option to remove the images you have set as the background for the Pattern Lock screen and Number Lock screen.

→ With the Lock on/off option, you can turn on/off the Lock on your apps.

finger print lock app screenshots


We have reached an age where our digital security is as important as our normal everyday security.

With the ongoing trend to universalize all our every digital signal into a single device, we are more vulnerable than ever. Whether it be our personal information, private photos/videos to our banking details; every information is encoded into our mobile device.

If we were to lose our mobile device and have no precautions installed; we can very well lose our digital identity.

This has led to an increase in the need for digital security as well as apps that feature unique method of identifying the user. One such feature is to use the fingerprint sensor in newer devices to act as the key for a second layer protection for certain apps.

However, these functions are not available for older generation mobile device user.

Well, not anymore.

Using Fingerprint Applock, you can use your rear camera to record your fingerprint and have it act as the key to unlock your apps.

So what if I don’t have the latest smartphone, I can still use my fingerprint to lock/unlock my apps using Fingerprint Applock.

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Fingerprint Applock FAQ’s

  • Can I lock any app using Fingerprint Applock?

Yes, You can lock any and all apps installed on your mobile device using Fingerprint Applock. You also have the option to lock Important Apps such as Google Play Store and Settings. You can also lock system apps such as Phone (Incoming and Outgoing Calls) and the System UI.

  • How do I lock apps using Fingerprint Applock?

To lock apps using Fingerprint Applock, click ‘Lock Apps’ from the app start screen. This will load up all lockable apps available on your mobile device.

You can select the App you want to lock and you will encounter a choice prompt. Select your choice of lock, i.e. Fingerprint/Pattern/Number(PIN) lock and click ‘Lock’ on the bottom right of the prompt.

  • Can I setup multiple Fingerprints as keys for the Fingerprint Applock?

No, as of the current version, only one fingerprint can be setup as the key. To set up another finger, you will need to first clear your fingerprint from the settings.

The best way to utilize the Fingerprint App lock is to set up fingerprint lock for very important apps such as your Gmail, Paytm and etc and set up different lock (Pattern/PIN) for other apps that are less important. This ensures that only you can access these private and confidential apps, while less important apps can be opened by your near ones.


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