[ Latest Versions ] Download Odin 3.09, Odin 3.10.6 and Odin 3.10.7

Are you looking to download Odin 3.10 on your Samsung mobile phone? If yes, then you have come to the right place where we will tell you completely about this flashing tool. Let’s first talk about this tool in detail first.

What is Odin Tool?

Odin is a brilliant tool that is capable to flash a custom ROM on Samsung mobile phones along with rooting them. In addition to that, this software has been used by the company for development purposes. However, it gets leaked due to the unknown sources and become accessible to the public. That’s not all, the Odin 3.10.7 can also be utilized for the unbricking purposes in Android devices. There are a plethora of benefits offered by this excellent software that is explained below:

download Odin 3.10

Flashing root packages- The custom root packages can be flashed using this wonderful tool. It includes packages, such as CF-Root for rooting the phone.

    • Flashing Stock Firmware– The majority of people mightn’t be aware of this advantage of the Odin tool for the Samsung devices, but it can easily flash its official stock firmware.
    • Flashing Recovery File– If you have a rooted phone and look to install Custom Recovery, including CWM or TWRP, then the Odin latest version can turn out to be very helpful for you as it can flash all the premier custom recovery.
    • Flashing Custom Firmware– You can successfully install the custom firmware if you have a rooted Samsung mobile phone.
    • Flashing Kernels– If you have Odin flashable custom kernel file that is compatible with your device, then you can flash the custom kernels.

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How to use the Odin tool on your mobile phone?

There is no doubt that Odin is a pretty powerful tool that allows you to flash system files without any need to use the recovery feature. However, it is pretty important that you should be aware of the technique to use this wonderful software on your mobile phone.
Now, we will tell you about how to use the Odin tool explained below:

  • Buying Odin tool

First of all, you need to buy the Odin Android by visiting the Google store. After downloading this app, you need to install it on your mobile phone securely.

  • Getting the Required Files

You should check out a useful kernel for your mobile phone on the internet. Make sure that it is in the .tar format as it is the easiest method for doing that in the Odin 3.10.7.

android kernel odin pass

  • Launching Mobile Odin

After completing the first two steps, you need to open the app by tapping on its icon. There will be a superuser notification show up on the screen where you need to tap on the Grant option.

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  • Flashing a Kernel

There are two different methods for performing this task. The first one is for a .tar file and other for a flashable zip file.

For .tar file– In order to flash .tar file, you need to open the file and check out this file on your device. Choose Ok option followed by the Flash Firmware. Then reboot the mobile.

For Zip file– Choose the OTA/Update Zip option in Mobile and then select Flash Firmware. After that, you have to wait for the device recovery for installing the Kernel. After that, choose the reboot option.

  • Checking installed kernel

Once the device gets rebooted, you should check the settings and then about phone followed by Kernel version. After installation, you will start to see the Kernel name. You will start to see the increased performance on your phone.

How to use the Odin tool on the Windows?

The Odin 3.11 tool isn’t only available on the mobile phones, but also available on the Windows or even Mac. However, there are certain requirements about which you should be aware of. The major things you need for installing this tool on your system are USB data cable & Windows PC.
Now, check out the steps involved in installing this tool on the computer mentioned below:

1. Step One- Finding Odin Firmware Files

The actual firmware is very difficult to be found in the online world. If you have an older device, then it is ideal to search the corresponding XDA forum. The majority of individuals post stock & beta firmware in many forums. The desired firmware can be downloaded from the Samsung Firmware Science site if you have a Samsung flagship.

2. Step Two- Extracting the Firmware Files

First of all, you have to right-click on the Odin firmware Zip file and then select the “Extract all”. There will be five MD5 files in the extracted archive. Please note down the location of these files because you have to choose them later.

Download odin

3. Step Three- Installing the accurate drivers

There is a need to install the right kind of drivers as per the interface of the Samsung phone. Their official site includes all the information about the drivers that you need to install Odin latest version on PC. After installing the drivers, you need to install the setup on the computer and then rebooting it for ensuring that it has been implemented correctly. Never skip this step because it can result in some operating issues later.

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4. Step Four- Installing Odin on your PC

As we have mentioned above, this tool can only work with the Windows and that’s why it is important to keep your computer handy. Now, download the Odin latest version and then extract that file. There will be an EXE file in that Zip file using which you can launch the Odin.

5. Set your mobile in the download mode & make a connection with a PC

In order to set up your mobile in the download mode, you have switched off phone followed by tapping Power+ Home+ Volume Down. There is a chance that you may have an older version that uses a different type of combination.

Odin download mode

You have to make a search on Google for finding the right combination as per your device. After entering the downloaded mode, you should connect your phone to the PC with the help of USB data cable.

6. Flashing the firmware files

Now go back to the Odin 3.10.7 app and tap on BL option. Select the file whose name begins with BL in the firmware folder. Once that completed, you have to tap on the AP option and then select the AP file. After that, follow the same process for the CP file.

Now tap on the CSC button and select the Home _CSC file in the folder. All these four files should be loaded and you can check that by checking the marks that show next to every button. After that, tap on the start option that is located at the bottom of the application.

how to use ODIN

The complete process to install Odin 3.10 might take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. So, it is important that you stay patient during the entire process. Once the reboot completed, you will start to run the desired firmware on your computer.

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We strongly believe that you must have got the required information about the Odin tool. If you face any kind of issues while downloading the Odin latest version, then you must write in the comment section. We will reply to that as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can ROM be flashed with the help of Odin tool?
    Yes, there is a feature for flash stocking the ROM easily in the Odin. The only thing that you have to do is downloading the Stock Firmware and then choose it in the application. You should ensure that your device is connected so that you don’t face any difficulty.
  • Is Odin helpful in recovering the bricked devices?
    The main motive behind developing this app was to unbrick the Samsung devices. So yes, you are allowed to recover your bricked mobile using this software.
  • Can Samsung Device root through Odin?
    It is one of the most exciting features that are available in Odin 3.10 and all other latest versions. This software allows you to root the mobile by choosing the Root Package on the Odin app.



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