Making is website has become critical for kicking off modern marketing.building organization reputations and branding products. Even your social success is defined by setting up a site or a blog to reach you followers. Basically Website is a collection of files and data that is available for other peoples in all over the world. Servers where the website is hosted store the data and information that keeps running on your website. Maximum number of people use internet daily and is the medium of Social networking. In the recent survey blogging, Internet marketing and content management in getting popular.

There are two types of websites, you can either have a static website on which you can not make changes easily and the another one is Dynamic where you can make changes in just few clicks. For both the websites you need database which you can access time to time. So it is vitally important to store data on the server. So the hosting companies play an important role. They are the owner of the server space, you can hire them for a period of time to take care of your website.

There are different types of hosting services offer organized advantages for different sorts of sites and organizations, and picking up the best hosting services relies on upon your specific needs. Small websites can be hosted on the free servers as well but the large websites with databases can choose free hosting, dedicated hosting, Shared Hosting , VPS ( Virtual Provate server) ,dedicated servers, managed dedicated servers, Cloud hosting. In this article we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each of the types of  web hosting service.

Types of Web hosting

Understanding the benefits, costs, execution and types of sites that each hosting serves can help you to make better cost-esteem choices.


types of web hosting

1. Free Web hosting

This service is completely free but with some limitations. If you have private web pages then free hosting will work best for you. If you have a static website or you have a limited budget then choose this hosting because you will not be able to make changes. There are many free web hosting service providers for limited time only.

2. Shared Web Hosting Service

Shared hosting service offers dedicated server resources with various clients. There are some security risks in using this service.Less processing capacity and limited support. In this service you might not get the same flexibility and the features will be limited. But as compared to free hosting you will get better control over your website. Prices are affordable for small business needs.

3. VPS ( Virtual Private Server)

In VPS services you can maintain your server as well as easily access tour files. In this type of hosting the resources are divided from the virtual servers.

4. Dedicated server

As the name clears you will get your own server with dedicated resources and you will get full access to manage your server. You can make any kind of changes and will be able to install unlimited software or applications. In this type of server you have to take care of the security issues and you have to maintain the server timely. Choose this service if you have a lot of traffic or you want to install some custom software on your server.

5. Managed dedicated server

Managed Dedicated servers give security updates and continue working frameworks working at greatest proficiency. You get spam filtering, virus removal and scanning and some other different advantages that permit you to focus on your business. In the most simple way, Managed dedicated server gives you space as well as takes out the trash for you. Hosting providers can help you scale RAM, memory, storage and RAID configurations to meet your particular needs.

6. Cloud hosting services

Cloud hosting is a new and improved innovation that supercharges Virtual hosting by taking advanteage of different source to give capability, better execution and repetition. You can look over a few sorts of cloud hosting services for full or partial hosting services. It decreases expenses of purchasing equipment and paying IT staff and permits small organizations to share advanced IT assets. It allows organizations to stay aware of their client requirements without burning up all available resources.

7. Clustered hosting services

Clustered hosting offers excess servers to take over the control when one server goes disconnected from the net. This solution is very costly but it is the best decision for the websites who have lot of traffic targeting worldwide clients. You can use this for multiple websites as well and put one server under maintenance and move its heap to different servers. This is no doubt very costly service and you have to managing and monitor the whole infrastructure. This is an extremely strong solution.

Make sure you are working the the hosting service provider that can be adaptable and help you develop your business base on your necessities.

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