In this tutorial we are going to discuss what WordPress trackback is and how to get rid of it. But first of all, let’s try to understand what we mean by trackback in WordPress terminology. Trackback is kind of communication between different blogs on the web. It is a way for one blogger to comment on other blogger’s specific post. For example, Blogger A liked post of blogger B and thus decides to write a post on his blog about B’s post so that all viewers of blogger A are able to see it. Now A sends a trackback to B which B can show on his post as a comment. A trackback typically consist of a title, excerpt and link to the post.

wordpress trackback

The problem with trackbacks is that most of them are spam. It is the easiest way for the spammers to get a backlink from your website to their website. So getting rid of trackback is really a necessity. In this tutorial, we are discussing a problem where we have a huge number of trackback comments on our blog and we wish to get rid of them without having to manually click on the trash button against each of those trackback comments. We are going to solve this problem by using a simple SQL Query which will delete the trackback in bulk that too in a single shot.

Before we go on to execute our SQL Query, it is recommended to take a full backup of your WordPress database before proceeding with SQL Queries. This should be done so as to restore the database just in case you end up doing some irreversible damage to your database. To take a backup, there are a lot of readymade plugins available like WP-DB-Backup which you can use. Otherwise you can also manually take backup of your database using below standard steps

1: Login to phpmyadmin

2: Select the database and click on export

3: Select all the tables as we need to take a full backup of Database.

4: Select SQL as we want to export the database tables as .sql file

5: Click on “Save as File”

6: Click on “Go” button which will download a .sql file.

Now that you have backed up your database either using a plugin or manually, we can safely get rid of trackbacks.

So, to get rid of all trackbacks on your WordPress website, you just need to execute the below query

DELETE FROM `wp_comments` WHERE `comment_type`=”trackback”

The above SQL Query will check all the comments on your WordPress site and will delete all the comments which are actually trackbacks. This approach actually results in genuine trackbacks that you might wish to keep also getting deleted. The only solution to this drawback is to manually delete all the trackbacks. Manual deleting of trackbacks can be feasible only if trackback comments are few in number. But if there are like 200+ trackbacks comments that you need to get rid of, then the SQL Query is the best and only solution you have.

So in this tutorial, we discussed firstly what trackbacks are and how they are used by spammers to easily get a backlink to their website. Then we went on to discuss how to get rid of all the trackbacks using an SQL Query. As mentioned before, don’t forget to take a complete backup of your WordPress database before proceeding with executing any SQL query on your WordPress database.

I hope this tutorial will help you in deleting wordpress trackback. If you have any query, feel free to share with us using the comment section below. Keep supporting us by hitting like on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ fan page.


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