How to delete sdra64.exe virus file?

This sdra64.exe deletion is somewhat harder to expel than your typical virus removal. The record sdra64.exe is locked by the Winlogon process and hence you can not erase it by utilizing devices, for example, Hijackthis or Icesword.

To remove this infection, download the Process Explorer tool from Microsoft.

Process Explorer

Steps to Delete sdra64.exe

So, you have downloaded the tool, double-click on it to start the program.

  1. Press CTRL+F on your keyboard console to start searching for the file.
  2. Type sdra64.exe for sorting.
  3. Double click on the query items, it ought to be recorded as Winlogon and with some extra details of interest.
  4. On the toolbar select Handle then Close Handle.

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At that point, you would be able to erase the files. Follow the location listed in the registry.
Ordinarily, it will be C:\windows\system32.

  1. Erase the sdra64.exe file or rename it.
  2. While in the system32 folder erase the organizer folder called lowsec which contains the spyware information.
  3. Restart your PC then open Regedit by going to Start – > Then Run and type Regedit, then tap ok.
  4. The registry will look like the image below:

delete sdra64.exe

  1. Double tap on the Userinit section and delete everything after the comma.
  2. Go to Edit then click on refresh to confirm that the entry does not return.
  3. Turn off your computer restore option (under My Computer – > Then Properties) after that you can turn it on.

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Now Your system should be free from this sdra64.exe infection, regardless we strongly recommend to do a complete scan of your system to remove any extra documents that could possibly be remaining.

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