How To Create a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk ?

Assume you have lost your Windows 7 password and you are looking for something to sort this mess out through the internet. After reading this article you will be able to recover the password using windows 7 password reset USB disk, which is most specified by many people. I will demonstrate to you the exact ways to make a Windows 7 password reset disk.

Theoretically, we can make a password reset disk using USB drive or DVD/CD. As USB is more safer to protect and is more convenient, so I recommend to make a Windows 7 reset password with USB flash drive to prevent your PC from being locked. The following are guides on the most proficient method to create a Windows 7 password recovery.


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Condition 1

If you haven’t loose your Windows 7 password yet.

At this condition, you can make Password reset USB disk for free to prevent your PC from being locked. This whole process is very easy.

Simply follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Plug-in the USB Drive into your system
  2. Enter “reset” in the Windows search panel and select “Create a password reset disk”.
  3. When the “Overlooked Password Wizard” shows up, Click “Next”.
  4. Select your USB drive and click “Next”.
  5. Once the wizard wraps up creating the reset disk, click “Next” then “Finish”.

That’s it. Work Done!

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Condition 2

If you have already loose your Windows 7 password.

Many of the users don’t take care of these issues unless or until they find they’ve lost or forgotten the password. So if you do not have the windows7 password reset disk you have to look for different ways to make one and then use that to reset your password.

Below are the ways to make a windows7 password reset USB disk:
1. Download the PC Login Now iso record and install it.
2. Make a CD of this file.
3. Insert the disk in the drive and reset your system.
4. Change the boot settings to boot from CD.
5. The software will run automatically.
6. Use PCLoginNow to complete the Work.

Important Note:

Download-file is an ISO file named “PCLoginNow_Free.ISO” which need to be burned to a CD before using it.

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