How to Create Mailing List in cPanel

The mailing list allows us to send an email to a group of people at once while keeping individual email address private. This helps in case you want to send out a newsletter or an update email to all the members of a group without having to type an individual email address. This usually helps when you have a group of email addresses which keeps on changing. Using a mailing list ensures that you don’t miss out on people once they are added to the mailing list. Note that generally there is a restriction on how many emails can be sent per hour. So be aware of the settings of your hosting provider before deciding to use a mailing list.

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Steps to create a mailing list in cPanel.

Step 1: Login into cPanel of your website

How to Create Mailing List in cPanel

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Email” section

How to setup a mailing list in cPanel

Step 3: Click on “Mailing Lists” to reach the below screen.

How to Create Mailing List in cPanel

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Step 4: In this step you need to fill out following details about the mailing list

  1. Name of the mailing list in the “List Name” text box.
  2. Select the domain on which list should be created from the “Domain” dropdown.
  3. Enter a secure password in the “Password” text box. Note that strength of the password is shown below the strength label. Some domains have restrictions that password strength should be at least some minimum value. Also there is an option to use the “Password Generator” to randomly generate a secure password.
  4. Select the access type as either public or private. Public access means that anyone can subscribe himself to the list whereas in private access, the administrator approves/rejects the request for subscription.

Step 5: Finally click on “Add” button to create the mailing list. Once the mailing list if created, a message similar to the message “Created mailing list [email protected]. This list is public/private” is shown. It will allow anyone to subscribe and will be advertised.” Is shown to the user where [email protected] is the full name of the mailing list. Now whenever you send a mail to this email id, the mail will be directly sent to all the members of this mailing list.

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If you scroll down, you’ll see a list of current mailing lists under the section “Current Lists”.

To the right of each list, you’ll have below options to manage the mailing lists.

How to Create Mailing List in cPanel

Delete Mailing List: To delete a current mailing list, just click on the delete button. On click on delete button, you’ll be navigated to below confirmation screen.

How to Create Mailing List in cPanel

Click on “Delete Mailing List” button to confirm. When mailing list gets deleted successfully, you’ll see confirmation messages as below

How to Create Mailing List in cPanel

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Change Password: To change the password, click on the “Change Password” button. Once clicked, you will be navigated to below screen where you need to enter the new password and click on “Change Password” button. Again, you can generate a secure random password by clicking on the “Password Generator” button.

How to Create Mailing List in cPanel

Once password has been changed successfully, you’ll see the success message as below

How to Create Mailing List in cPanel

Delegate a mailing list: You can also delegate mailing list’s administrative rights to specified list members. These members will have access to approve the messages that need approval. You can use this feature when you want multiple people to be able to manage the list.

Caution: This feature should be used with care. It exposes a security risk since it grants virtual administration rights to the user for the list.

So now you understand how to create, manage or delete a mailing list. Go ahead to create a new mailing list and add all the people whom you need to send in the newsletter on that mailing list.



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