How to Create Domain Alias in cPanel

In this tutorial we are going to understand how to setup domain alias in cPanel. Establishing a domain alias is one of the way to use web storage space for a domain. Before getting into nitty-gritties of the setup, first of all let’s understand what the different ways of consuming of web storage are.

So there are primarily 4 ways of using the web storage.

  1. Main Account: This is the standard way of using the web storage space wherein you buy a domain and space for that domain. Then you have a one on one correspondence between domain and storage space.
  2. Parked Domain (Alias): These domains are actually just alias of another domain. For example I have a domain I want another domain to have the same content as In such a case, we create a system alias so even though user enters a different URL, he gets the same content.
  3. Add-on Domain: In the case, we have two different domains which use the same web storage space. It is different from parked domain because in this case both domains use separate folders in storage unlike parked domains which use same folders in same storage space.
  4. Subdomain: Subdomains can be part of main domain or be entirely different website stored at different folder in web storage. The primary difference is in the way URL is constructed. For example, our domain is, then subdomain is something like 

Now that we are clear on different types of domains, let’s dig deeper into parked domains. So cPanel uses the terms “parked domains” and “domain aliases” interchangeably. Now before you attempt to create a system alias, you should make sure that you register your domain name with a valid registrar and it is pointing to your web hosting account’s nameservers.

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Once that is done, you are all set to create a system alias by following the below steps.

Steps to Create Domain Alias in cPanel

Step 1: Login to your web hosting account

Step 2: Click on web hosting and navigate to cPanel by clicking on “Manage Web Hosting” button.

set up Domain Alias in cPanel

Step 3: Scroll down to Domain section and click on “Aliases” link which will redirect you to the Aliases screen.

How to set up Domain Alias in cPanel

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Step 4: Enter the domain you want to use and click on “Add Domain” button. Also don’t forget to ensure that DNS settings of domain alias is same as your primary domain to ensure proper working of the redirection.

Domain Alias in cPanel

 Step 5 (Optional): Further, if you do not want to point your domain to primary domain name’s document root (‘’public_html), you can click on the “Manage Redirection” button to add an alias redirection. This button will open up a screen as shown below.

Domain Alias in cPanel

Now, in the text box below the alias name, enter the link to which you want to redirect the domain alias and click on save button.

However, once you have set the alias redirection and wish to disable it, you can do so by clicking on the “Disable Redirection” button.
Furthermore, In case you need to remove a domain alias, you can do that from the previous screen itself by clicking on the “Remove” button as shown in the screenshot below.

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Domain Alias in cPanel

However, we would recommend that you take a full account backup before deleting the alias so as to avoid any irreversible blunders.
So in this tutorial, we discussed different types of using the web storage. We also discussed how to setup a domain alias in cPanel including Adding a domain alias, adding an alias redirection and removing a domain alias.

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