Create a Blog Page in WordPress

Having a WordPress website has its advantage. Guess what? You can blog too in addition to the static web pages. Yes, in addition to the static pages of Home, Contact Us, Gallery or whatever you have assigned, you can Create Blog Page in WordPress Website and add posts dynamically. This blog page can be accessed from your web page’s dashboard keeping it separate from the actual web page. This can be done by following few simple steps listed below.

Create Blog Page in WordPress

For starters, you have to create two blank pages first,

STEP ONE- Set Your Home Page

This page is your website landing page, that is what people are gonna see when they visit your site. If you already have one up and running skip to Step two. If you haven’t, read on.

Got to your WordPress dashboard, scroll down to see the Pages menu and select the Add New option. The Add New Page screen where you can publish posts to your WordPress blog opens up.

At the top of the page, type whatever name you want to keep for the home page. This page is different from the Blog page as it will be assigned as the static page.


STEP TWO- Set Your Blog Page

Follow the forespoken steps to create a similar new page but here you just name the page and leave the content blank.

At the top of the page, type whatever name you want to keep for the blogging page. This name will appear in the page slug (/ blog) of your domain.

STEP TWO – Publish Blank

Yes, you read it right. The content box should be left blank because you don’t have to worry about posting any page content, the WordPress itself will post content for you in this page after you have assigned it as a blog post. So, with the text area empty, select the Publish button and now this blank blog page is published in your WordPress site and is saved in your database.

set blog page in wordpress

STEP THREE – Assign your Pages

You have to assign the two pages you just created as your static page and post page. For this go to the setting in WordPress dashboard and select Reading option in the menu.

There will be a static page option, select the dropdown and select your ‘Home’ page and on the post page option assign ‘Blog’ page.

In the next line, you can specify the number of posts you want your blog page to show. The last updated posts will show up according to the number selected.


STEP FOUR – Save changes and start blogging

After you save the changes, the blog you just created is located at http:// thedomainname . com /blogpage. But now to add the blog page to your navigation bar, you have to follow one more step. Copy the above mentioned link and add it in your custom menu as another navigation option.

Thus in four steps you have started running a blog at your WordPress site. I hope this article helps you to Create Blog Page in WordPress Website. Don’t forget to show you love by hitting a like button on our social media circle and also share with your friends.


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