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I have created this pages only to share cPanel Tutorials. Because When I started using cPanel based hosting I did not event know how to create folders or even how to upload files. So I started reading online cPanel Tutorials from different websites. Now I have crafted all the Important cPanel tutorials on my website so that you guys can have all the information related to cPanel. This Guide will help you to understand each and everything about cPanel. This guide is especially for beginners or newbies.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is basically a Linux based hosting control panel. It provides us a graphical user based interface and has lots of features which help you to manage the hosting of your website. cPanel is developed by a private company, cPanel Inc. This was released for the first time in March 21,1996 and is written in Perl. this can only be installed on Linux based servers and supports CentOS, RHEL and CloudLinux operating the software.

Most of the Linux hosting servers use cPanel to manage and host websites. Even big companies like Godaddy, Hostgator provides cPanel hosting.

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Advantages of cPanel:

  1. Easy to manage and host a website.
  2. A built-in file manager helps you to manage your files and folders without even using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  3. It is integrated with webmail software, which helps its users to access email and start sending and receiving email using an online webmail client.
  4. Creating and Restoring Backups in cPanel is very easy. Just need to follow few steps.
  5. It also integrated with phpMyAdmin which helps you to manage your database easily.
  6. It is multilingual.
  7. It is fully responsive and can be used even on mobile devices or on small screens.

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cpanel tutorials

Disadvantages of cPanel:

  1. This is only for small or medium websites, I do not recommend this for large websites.
  2. It’s a commercial software so you need to pay to get this.

cPanel Tutorial:

I hope these cPanel Tutorials will help you in using cPanel software. If in case I have missed any topic please let me know using the comment section below and also share this in your social circle.