How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Website?
How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Website?

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I am writing this article to share how much does it actually cost to set up a website. Because there are so many companies out there who are charging a huge amount just to host their website. Yesterday I came to know that a company in US is paying 400$ every year for shared hosting services. This is too expensive. I mean how can someone pay this much of amount without even thinking.

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Let’s Just come back to the our topic

If you guys are planing to start a website or a WordPress blog and you got a question in your mind that how much will it cost to host a website or your blog ? It’s an exceptionally crucial inquiry and its answer relies on upon various attributes that help you to pick the package you need and cost of your website.
Firstly you must be sure about your requirements and what you’re searching for. You need to ask these questions to yourself first, to make a right decision.

Q: What will be the location you like to host your site?
Q: Do you require free or paid web hosting services?
Q: Do you require managed or unmanaged hosting?
Q: Do you require Windows or Linux hosting?
Q: Will your site have just content or content and pictures or content, pictures and videos?
Q: How much visitors and guests would you say you are hoping in future?
Q: What sort of development tools do you have to script your site?
Q: Do your site needs any extraordinary version of the software?

A less expensive web host will give you lesser features while a costly host will give you more features with great uptime and client support. With regards to what amount does it cost to have a website, you should not forget the age-familiar adage that you get what you pay for.

Below are some factors that will decide How much does it cost to have a website?


1 Geographical location of Server

You should first choose a hosting server area for your website i.e. the country where you need to have your server. It is the fundamental factor which chooses the actual cost of your hosting space. The best areas for the server is USA, Russia, India and UK.
The hosting server costs low in USA and Russia as data transfer(bandwidth) capacity cost is low in these countries and the server costs high in UK and India as data transfer costs you high in these countries.
You can choose any of the location according to your requirements. According to me choose the location according to your target visitors this will help you in SEO as well as helps you to provide information to your audience easily.

Geographical location of Server



2. Operating System

Your selection of operating system you are looking for your website will also affect the cost of your hosting. It is possible that you need windows or Linux hosting environment. The difference between the two is the core operating system. Linux uses the type of kernel and it is open source on the other hand windows has the licensing fee. This is the reason that the windows hosting is costlier than Linux hosting. Another difference is Linux use cPanel while Windows utilizes Plesk control Panel. I recommend to have a Linux hosting instead of Windows as cPanel is faster the Plesk control Panel. In Linux you have the full access to your files and you can make any modifications you need.





3. Disk Space

The amount of storage space on your server is called Disk Space. If you have more space, you will have more the number of databases and files on your hosting disk space. Like we measure the space on our local hard drive in bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes or Terabytes, we measure the hosting disk space the same way. For instance, if a hard drive can have a limit of holding 200GB then you can store 200 gigabytes or 200000 megabytes of data.
Your website will have files like HP, HTML, javascript, videos, Images etc. It will also have email accounts, access logs and installed programs or software or scripts. The space totally depends upon the files and content of your site. There are many options available by web hosting companies. You can choose shared hosting servers or you can also select virtual private server(VPS) or Dedicated server according to you requirement. So companies also offer unlimited space and unlimited data transfer. But in my opinion there is nothing in the world which is Unlimited. All the resources are limited. So don’t go for unlimited hosting. Simply I can say you can’t assemble unlimited semiconductor with unlimited CPU and RAM.
Space will differ as according to your requirements. Let’s just take an example : If you have a small size business then your website has HTML file and are utilizing around 40-50KB and you have hundreds of pages then the total size of pages will turn out 4-5 MB. only. Now add image files of 15kb each and we have 20 files then the total space will be 3.0MB. New Let’s add some CSS files of around 10 MB. We have evaluated complete 15 MB site space. Mostly hosting packages starts from 100 MB.

Disk Space

4. Data transfer capacity ( Bandwidth)

It is actually a date transfer rate. It is essentially measured as the amount of information exchange between your site and server. It is measured in MB or GB every month. Higher the amount of the data transfer capacity you have, higher the traffic your site can deal with. This information exchange is really called Bandwidth.

If you have more advanced or media rich website then you need more bandwidth and disk space. On the other hand you can choose VPS or Dedicated server too. The month to month costs for a site may vary based on the services you are using. Normally the shared hosting packages starts from, just $3 and goes up to $30 every month.

If you are managing an e-commerce website and you are expecting more visitors than you must choose higher plans. The expected cost may vary from $330 to $9,000 every year.



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