How to control Email Spam in cPanel

Everyone has to deal with spam each day. Spam is also quite dangerous because it might have links to malicious websites and may contain attachments with viruses. Although modern email clients like Gmail does make the fight against spam a lot easier, same is not the case in cPanel. So today we are going to talk about how to control Email Spam in cPanel.

In cPanel, the best way to control Email Spam in cPanel is SpamAssassin. It is an anti-spam tool for your cPanel email which filters out spam messages to a great extent. It makes sure that such spam messages do not make their way into your inbox by blocking them. So let’s look at how to control Email Spam in cPanel using SpamAssassin in cPanel.

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Steps to Control Email Spam in cPanel

Step 1: Login into cPanel of your website.

Step 2: Under the section “Email”, click on the “Apache SpamAssassin” as shown in the screenshot below.

control email spam in cpanel

Step 3: Check if “Apache SpamAssassin” is currently enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, enable it.

Step 4: Now we need to set the filters. In the below screenshot you see 2 buttons i.e. “Auto Delete Spam” and “Disable Auto-Delete Spam”. As evident from the name, you can enable auto delete of spam by clicking on the former button and disable it by clicking on the later button. Also, you have an option to select a score when enabling the auto delete of spam. To have a more conservative setting, you can increase the score number from the drop-down.

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control email spam in cpanel 1

Step 5: You also have an option to setup Spam Box. When you enable a spam box, cPanel create a separate Spam folder which will contain all the spam mails. You can regularly check if any email went in that folder which is not spam. In this way, you’ll not miss any important mail just because “Apache SpamAssassin” thinks it is spam. Click on “Enable Spam Box” or “Disable Spam Box” button to enable/disable spam box. Also you can clear the spam box in a single click by clicking on the “Clear Spam Box” button.

You are done. By the above discussed five simple steps, you can prevent yourself from email spam in cPanel. It’s easy, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for, go ahead and save yourself from spam.

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