Choosing an effective domain name
Choosing an effective domain name

In today’s article we will discuss about the effective strategies of choosing an effective domain name. When I was about to start my website then I had to search a lot for a unique domain name and after 4 days I selected the name “Anujal”. The idea behind this name is I took first 3 characters of my First Name and same from my Last Name as My Full Name is Anup Jalota.

Choosing a domain name is very hard task and it is very important step in starting a new website. A name is very important when people search you over the internet, Navigate your website. This name actually the overall branding of your website. While it is not specifically attached to your website, there is a link visitors make between your site and your domain name. I will try to explain what goes into an incredible domain name.

Obviously a good domain name requires the mixture of imagination, strategy and a good design. Basically there are two fundamental strategies with it comes to picking up a domain name. We will talk about those below. There are some different concerns that ought to be mentioned as general principles:

Utilize a .COM!: Majority of people always look for .com domains instead id .net or some other TLDs. But these days it is really hard to find a .com TLD. Let’s take an example : if an individual see a result of a website in search engines, an inherent trust will be given to a .com. When you will see a result in the search engine with two different TLDs one is and another one is, Which would you click on first?

Keep away from trademarks: Don’t even think to add someone’s trademark or even being close can be a risky domain on the Web. In the event that you are making an Apple survey site, it may tempt to utilize something like, yet you will discover if your site gets lots of hits or become popular, you will be confronting legal charges. It’s better avoid this all together.

Avoid Numbers and Dashes: I know some of the time it appears to be impossible to find the .com domain name you truly need, yet don’t lose hope and don’t settle. Domain names with numbers or dashes are frowned upon by users as well as by the search engines. People find it difficult to spell the domain name.

While Choosing an effective domain name keep the following points in your mind

  • Short and simple
  • Catchy and easy to remember
  • Easy to pronounce and spell
  • Should not be similar to competing domain names
  • Should not be a violation of someone else’s trademark.
Choosing an effective domain name
Choosing an effective domain name

Before selecting a domain name you should know what kind of Domain is best for you or your business. Before asking this question you need to ask two other questions to yourself.
First one is: Do you have a lot of money to spend on the domain name? If not then you might get a .com TLD domain because most of the .com in single word like,, are already registered. Some single word .com are registered by domain speculators companies so they will charge a big amount if you want to buy the domain from them. So try to find a different name. Real words in .com TLDs are really hard to find.
Second one is: What is you plan or strategy to get traffic on your website.The will sort out many confusions. Some answers of this question contradict with each other. Like the Rob Monster, CEO of Monster Venture Partners, thinks that and are lousy ones and on the and are the best ones. Seth Godin “Marketing King” is in the favour of different domain names like

The type of name that Rob Monster is talking about is a “Discoverable” domain name and Seth Godin is interested in what we might call a “Brandable” domain name. So Let’s just discuss about the both.

Discoverable Domains Names
A “discoverable” domain name refers to one that is rich in keywords. If we are looking for laptop repair, the best discoverable domain would be These domain names are obviously very easy to remember as well as they rank extremely good in the search results. Discoverable domains gives you an idea of the website and its content. The drawback is discoverable domain names are very costly to buy. Some of the times these domains feel very common and it can make them intense to showcase. In any case, this is not generally the situation.

Brandable Domain Names
A “Brandable” area name is interesting or unique word. There name sometimes stuck in someone’s head or they are very different names that make a big impression on the visitors. For example you are making a website of toilet papers and let’s assume that the domain is not yet registered. Now the name may be This has the benefit of being short, it “feels” delicate and significantly is probably available for registration. Well you only need to keep your domain simple and short as much as possible and sensibly like a word.


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