WordPress is one of the most user friendly blogging sites which help a blogger to use them with ease. Now when you are making a change in the URL address of your blog/site you have to change WordPress Permalink of the blog to enable visitors to find out the new blog address. Now when you are changing the URL it will indicate to the users visiting the old page to visit the new page.


301 Redirect is one of the ways of redirection to indicate that the page has been moved permanently to a new location.

It can be further classified based on the SEO optimization techniques into the following:

  • 301, moved permanently.
  • 302, moved permanently.
  • Meta Refresh.

Moreover 301 redirects ensure that more than 90% of the search engine traffic is directed to the new URL.

The reasons for redirection are many including SEO optimization. One doesn’t want the viewer to be met with a 404 error in their screens. It gives a bad image about the blog/site. In WordPress adding 301 redirection is very easy and can be done with ease. We can change the perma links for a few specific pages or for the whole domain. We can set the  permalink structure in WordPress from the Settings > Permalinks menu on the dashboard. By default it is set to use the database ID number of each post as the permalink. Frankly this is quite an ugly structure of telling you anything about the content. There are several choices to choose from, but the most common choices are post name or simply the post name on its own.

Why You should change WordPress Permalink Structure?

There are so many reasons of changing the structure, especially if you selected the default structure. If you are using default structure then you should change it now as this is useless for SEO and choose a structure that will help your website to rank better. There are other reasons too and all of them are specific according to your requirements.

change wordpress permalink

Change WordPress Permalink Structure using Plugins

And this can be done with the use of plugins which are available in the WordPress directory. As discussed in the previous article plugins are easy to install and use. Here is the list of the plugins which can be used for 301 redirection.

Redirection WordPress Plugin:

This is one f the popular redirection plugins in the WordPress directory. It can be found on the website and downloaded and installed. Now after installing it, activate it under tools-redirection. On the given boxes click the old and new URL and click on redirect. A default 301 redirection page is created. It is available in 25 different languages and has additional features like 404 errors monitoring etc.
Download Redirect WordPress Plugin

Simple 301 Redirects Plugin:

This is another redirection plugin and also the most used one at that. Download and install the plugin under the tools and enter the necessary details of source URL and destination URL in the boxes and click on redirect. One another additional feature is that Wildcards can be used with this plugin. Check the small box under the search box if you want to use the Wildcards option.
Download Simple Redirects Plugin

Quick Page/ Post Redirect Plugin:

This plugin allows you to add and redirect different type of redirects such as 301, 302, 307 and Meta to our WordPress pages and posts. Download and install it from the depository and you will be presented with two options. Quick redirects can be done by entering the source and destination URLs and a default 301 redirection will be created. Individual redirects can be sued when one wants to redirect a specific page or a post in the existing page to the new URL.
Download Quick Page/ Post Redirect Plugin

Thus the above plugins have been proved to be more useful than the others to redirect in WordPress. Hope this article was useful. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get Latest updates on WordPress.


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