How to Change Primary language in cPanel

Today in this tutorial,we are going to discuss the steps by which you can easily the change primary language in cPanel.

cPanel is the most widely used web hosting control panel that provides a great user interface to simplify the web hosting process. If you have ever dealt with web hosting, you would have seen cPanel screen. There are a lot of options to customize the various aspect of your website. But what about customizing cPanel itself? Well, cPanel can also be customized. For example, we can change primary language (Default Language), its theme can also be changed and so on.

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Simple steps to change primary language in cPanel.

Step 1: Log onto cPanel

Step 2: Scroll down to Preferences header containing “Change Language” option.

Change Primary language in cPanel

Step 3: Click on Change Language Option

Change Primary language in cPanel

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Step 4: Suppose you want to change language to French. Select French from the drop down and then click on “Change” button. Once language is changed, page will reload in the language selected by you, French in this case.

Change Primary language in cPanel

So with the help of this tutorial you learnt how to change the default language of your cPanel. If you are new to cPanel don’t forget to read other tutorials on cPanel. Some useful tutorials are :

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