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When managing a business, it’s important to try and capture as much of the market share as feasibly possible. An emerging trend for businesses looking to capture a wider share of the online market is the introduction of a mobile app.

With mobile devices becoming the new digital benchmark and trendsetter, businesses would do well to incorporate a mobile app into their digital business strategy. Every business has unique facets that mobile apps can cater too. The ability of mobile apps to be adaptable to business demands makes it a critical tool for any digital strategy.

But, not all mobile apps are made equal. Before diving headfirst into the mobile app market, businesses should heed these five tips to create a successful mobile app strategy.

Market Research

Before sourcing developers for an app development project, businesses must conduct thorough market research.

Research before app engagement serves four purposes:

  • Examine competitive apps
  • Find design inspiration
  • Understand necessary technical requirements
  • App monetization

With so many apps already saturating the marketplace, it’s unlikely that a business will stumble upon a revolutionary idea not yet implemented. Rather, market research should serve to validate the demand for an app. Competitors playing in the same arena should not discourage businesses from developing and building a better figurative mousetrap.

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Market research incentivizes businesses to create a strategy that solves problems in new ways. Learning from key features and mistakes implemented by competitors will drive a more successful and engaging app.


The primary hindrance for most businesses, particularly small businesses is an app’s cost price. On average, making an app will cost, at the very minimum, $10,000 (USD). This budget carries heavy limitations. An app built within that budget will be very stripped down. The more features and functionality your app requires, the higher its budget must be.

In fact, any app worth its weight in user acquisition, will at the very minimum cost nearly $20,000. And unless your business employs individuals with knowledge and expertise in app building, your business will need to enlist the help of a programmer and designer.

Though with many various options available today, from local freelancers to boutique agencies, there are several cost-effective solutions.

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A mobile app’s cost also covers monetization of the app. How much your business should charge for its app will be determined by the primary business model. If your app features in-app purchases or ad revenue streams, then considering offering it to the marketplace for free.


Much like the app’s cost price, its design framework will be determined by its primary business usage. What is the mobile app’s role in the company’s overall business strategy? Answering this question will determine the layout, framework, and features offered within the app.

Mobile App Designs

One of the biggest causes of app failure is its functionality and ease of use. Apps that are built and designed without doing thorough research on audience app usage are guaranteed to fail. Not understanding the requirements of the target audience limits barriers to entry into the app’s utilization.

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Designing an app requires understanding the user and discerning various use patterns. Meeting these user needs during the app design phase will require employing the right people, such as a UX designer and development team.

Hire a developer

Building an app requires a lot of technical ability and expertise. App coding is a complex and detailed process. So unless individuals in your company are very tech-savvy, you may be required to outsource the work to a development agency.

But an app is more than just its framework and coding. Employ an app development agency that employs individuals with highly creative skill sets such as graphic designers and UX designers. These members of the team will ensure that your app’s design functionality creates user engagement and drives user acquisition.

Beta Testing

The success of your app is dependent on its design and functionality. Therefore, it’s important to get feedback. One of the best methods of testing your prototype is by employing those around you, such as your family, friends, and colleagues, as beta testers.

Granting them access to your prototype will enable your app to create a test run. Their honest feedback will be valuable in determining the app’s limitations and flaws. This feedback will give your business insight into how your app will need to be enhanced and improved before it goes live in the marketplace.

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There are numerous benefits to having a mobile app as part of your business strategy. Each business will derive success and benefits following their individual requirements. If investing in a mobile app is key to delivering success to your brand’s digital strategy, as well as drive higher acquisition, then these five tips will ensure you get onto the path of success.


Ayham Gorani

Director, Alpha-Apps FZ LLC

Fueled by the firm belief that the Arab World has excellent potential and great content, Ayham founded AlphaApps in 2011 in Abu Dhabi. His goal is to bring the Arabic apps industry and content forward to an international and competitive level. He is also a start-up mentor, helping entrepreneurs launch successful app projects and investing in app companies in the region.


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