List of the 9 best iOS apps

Of course, Apple Store has millions of applications in several categories. However, finding the best iOS apps is always a tedious process for a beginner as well as a professional. The popping up of new applications now and then, makes it always difficult to choose the right one according to the requirement. A better way to find out is by using them, which results in time waste, as you will be going around through the application and then uninstalling it if you do not find it satisfactory. To avoid all such hurdles, we have come up with this post, which helps you choose the best iOS applications.

1. Untappd

The free application is helpful for beer lovers. It is a mobile social network keeping track of every brew that you drank. With the help of the application, it is even possible for you to read them virtually and even say “Cheers!” to someone who is online. You can even earn badges based upon your check-ins and upload photos. You can also find nearby bars and share it with your drinking friends.

best iOS apps

2. Dark Sky

The paid application will provide you information about the weather forecast. The application has high chances of predictability according to the location and gives you near accurate results about predicting the weather. It is not just about your city, but also provides information related to the others. The intuitive appearance makes it easy for you to browse through the application and bring out information to the last minute.

best iOS apps

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3. Spotify

Nothing beats music! Spotify provides you the opportunity to listen to all your favorite music on the go. When you opt for the premium version, you can choose to listen on demand. It even has a radio option that will allow you to tune into different playlists such as new releases, weekly discover, and others. The premium account gives you the capability to sync music to your phone and listen off-line whenever possible. Make sure you download the songs over Wi-Fi so that you can enjoy the songs during your trip.

best iOS apps

4. Evernote

Evernote is a virtual notebook giving you the opportunity to write down everything that comes into your mind. With the application available in hand, you can make notes, save images, download articles from the web, upload pages, and track tasks. It can even handle audio files. The best highlight of all is that you can search for the content quickly.

best iOS app


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5. Garageband

If you are a music lover or wish to create music, Garageband is the right application. The leading digital audio workstation has everything that a professional requires. Therefore, as a beginner, you will have the opportunity to browse through the options, learn the features provided by it, and create tunes that you always wanted to. You can even share the created songs through Facebook, Soundcloud, and other platforms. Make sure that you spread your music using the leading application and create fame. Also, Now the geeks have cracked a way to get Garageband for PC, so enjoy!

best iOS apps

6. Instapaper or Pocket

Reading using the Internet is always an overwhelming experience due to the availability of social networks, messenger services, personal assistants, and email services. With the help of Instapaper and Pocket, it is possible for you to attain discipline in the information that you receive. Pocket, on the other hand, is the best multimedia that you will have while Instapaper battles for providing the best reading experience irrespective of the situation.

best iOS apps


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7. Sky Guide

Although it is a paid application, it will provide you an understanding of our place in the universe. The indispensable application provides you an insight into the location of stars and constellations in the form of AR interface. All you ought to do is point your phone in any direction in the sky, and the display will provide the name of the stars and the planets. You can also try out the free version that has limited abilities.

best iOS apps

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is a free application for all ages of the people. They can keep up with their friends, family members, and colleagues in a unique way. Rather than individuals using the application as a messenger, many organizations and publishing groups have also established themselves on the messenger, making it easier for them to reach out to their audiences.

best iOS apps


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9. Waze

Waze is an excellent application for iOS. If you love long trips and are planning one, download the application today as it helps you in understanding about the on road conditions. With the support of the application, it is possible for you to know the speed of other drivers and directions. It even redirects you through heavy traffic and allows you to find the shortest distance to the destination. Apart from tracking the traffic alone, it will also guide you and alert you related to construction, red light cameras, and accidents. It even provides information about the availability of police on the road that you are traveling.

best iOS app

I hope you found some you have been missing out, Check them out and Let us know which one you love or if we missed any! Happy Apple’ing.



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