Best Computer speakers are very useful if you love streaming movies, games and blasting music. For this, it’s not necessary to purchase expensive speakers. Even under $100, you can buy good quality speakers for your system. Set your budget and be sticking to it while choosing the best set of speakers under $100. You just need to narrow down your priorities for the type of speakers, this will help a lot in purchasing it as per your requirements, and are the best budget desktop speakers.

Things to consider before selecting the speakers:

Before taking a decision, you must consider the following points, in order to but the tip quality best computer speakers under 100:

  • Decide, how much powerful speakers you want for your system. This would depend upon your requirement. This means, if you need new speakers to complete the gaming requirements, then you would need high powered speakers as compared to speakers just for music.
  • Which type of speakers you want, wireless or wired one? With a cord, wired speakers will connect to the computer. You can prefer these if you want improved sound for gaming & music and within your budgets too. On the other hand, wireless speakers can be easily connected to smartphones, computer, tablet, etc. by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Wired systems are not extremely expensive in the range. You can even find exquisite quality wired speakers under $50. Well, this is not a bad deal. Even if you want wireless speakers, then you can take that also under your budget of $100. Sometimes, the wired & wireless speakers both are configured with the same specs but ranged differently.
  • It’s important to know about total wattage as well. For rich and louder sound, you would need higher wattage speakers.
  • The style holds own importance. If you are going to use for less time, then, the outlook may not be a big issue. However, if you are going to use it for maximum hours a day, then its looks will matter more.
  • Be conscious, before selecting a right one. This is because, your budget is $100 and want best PC speakers under 100, so it’s necessary to know about quality and performance before purchasing a right set of speakers.

Do you want audiophile computer speakers? Here are some the best computer speakers under 100:

Edifier Exclaim e10

Without taking much space, this speaker system is exhaustively good in quality. It provides you rich sound, and give you the feeling of a concert hall in your home. It ranges around $98 and utterly affordable as per your budget. In the upper portion of each speaker, you will find two 1.5 inch tweeters. For proper and balanced sound, in the bottom part, you will get 3-inch woofers as well. It got good reviews and maximum rating on online shopping websites, like, Amazon. Its outer design, audio & sound quality, everything is perfect. For quick access, you can find power and volume buttons on the side. You would require a 3.5mm auxiliary cord to connect these to your computer.

best budget desktop speakers

Mackie CR3

Are you looking for the speakers with good connectivity? Then, pay your attention to Mackie CR3. This set of speakers is all that you desire. RCA, TRS on the back, headphone ports on the front and much more brilliant features of Mackie, will grab your entire attention. You can get these speakers for just $80 from the market. The Wirecutter has considered these as the top PC speakers of all the times, by getting impressed from its control, input and output features, rich audio sound and the overall performance. If you admire load sound, then these have been made entirely for you, complemented with 50W power, 3-inch woofer and amazingly delivers incredible sound.


best budget desktop speakers


Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP

What do you need for better sound for your computer system? A stylish pair of speakers with enhanced quality, right? Then resort to a Cyber Acoustics range of speakers. These not only give you an experience of fantastic sound but also are astounding in looks. Its aluminum finished pedestals, and modern design will provide a gorgeous look to your computer system. It has got thousands of reviews on Amazon, and all are entirely positive. It has handy desktop control pod. This pod controls the volume, bass, and power efficiency. It has been configured with an auxiliary port and a headphone. In the market, it has been ranged at just $40. This complete three-piece set has a 30W wood cabinet subwoofer with powerful sound and two satellites. 

best PC speakers under 100

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Amazon Basics

These are not for the music fanatics, instead of only those who want incredibly inexpensive speakers in their system. AmazonBasics have been ranged at just $14. But don’t think that these will be of less quality. Yes, its price is too low, but there is no compromise on quality. These are great in sound. These are USB powered speakers having 3W power in totality, proper volume control and a standby switch. Just get these cheaply priced speakers. You need not worry about its quality, as it got numerous reviews on Amazon as well for its excellent quality and exceptional sound.


best PC speakers under 100


Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II   

Blow the doors off with Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II. Two-way creative speakers are available to complete your desire for the best speaker set, with crisp audio sound. Bass, volume, treble control all have been placed on the front side of the right speaker. These are available at $90. As per the reviews by CNET, these T20 speakers got great admirations. These do complete justice to the digital music collection. This set of speakers looks great, and along with its looks, these are famous for the pleasing sound that it provides. You will never get disappointed with these speakers, as these are highly versatile and gives you, a complete satisfaction with its sophisticated sound for any music genre or gaming, etc.


best computer speakers under 100


Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1

With exhaustive sound clarity, the excellent channel system 2.1 of Genius provides you an elegant music experience. Its beautiful features will make you amazed and include, a reasonably compact subwoofer having a 5.25-inch bass driver, 38W power, and in each satellite speaker, it has two 3 inch drivers. It has been priced at $55 in the market. Surprised with low cost? Yes, at such a reasonable cost, you will get an elegant set of speakers which can unfurl the pleasant sound in each corner of the home. These got all the positive reviews on online shopping sites. Although, the satellite speakers distort the sound when one resort to excessive high volumes, however, these will not disappoint you in any case. Genius speakers provide clear sound at any node.


best computer speakers under 100

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GOgroove BassPULSE

GOgroove is famous for rich, thick and warm bass tones. Don’t think that, these thin satellite speakers will not serve the purpose. Instead, these will give you better results than you expected. It’s mid-range tones, and high-end tones will just amaze you. Its looks will also impress you. You can get this exquisite sound quality without crossing the boundary of your budget. Their price in the market is around $50. If you are looking for futuristic and cool looking, sleek designed speakers, then these are the best. Its design will surely steal your heart. You can get these in three different color ranges, red, blue or green. In short, this will best suit to your pocket as well as your system.


best computer speakers under 100


Bose Companion 2 Series III

Bose has an excellent prevalence for the quality in the market. This will provide you top quality and astonishing looked speakers at your disposal. For gaming purposes or any other audio purpose, these speakers are famous for its pleasant sound and good quality. These have been ranged at $99 in the market. Although, it’s price is high, yet it gets overshadowed in front of the exquisite features that it is providing. Still,  it’s under $100, and within your budget, you can get impressive sound. These give a perfect mixture of high and midrange ends, along with powerful bass. These speakers have also gained many reviews for its outstanding quality and exceptional output.


best desktop speakers under 100


Logitech Speaker System Z313

Logitech speaker system provides two satellite speakers with 25W power and a powerful subwoofer. It has been priced at $31. This speaker system is enough to fill your room with pleasing sound. These are the best if you are looking to give bassy setup to your system at such cheap rates of just $31. It’s controlled pod, perfectly controls the headphones and volumes. You can go ahead with this option if you want to give a bit of style to your system with low range.


best desktop speakers under 100


You don’t require to wash up your wallet by devastating your money by purchasing an expensive set of speakers. If you know your requirements and have a predetermined budget, then it would become easy for you to buy a perfect set. These speakers as mentioned earlier are the best desktop speakers under 100.


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