Best Clash Royale Decks – From Arena 6 to 11 Arena

Since its launch, the Clash Royals have become a new favorite for the gamers all over the world. The most amazing thing about this game is its Clash Royale deck who fights with the enemies and allow you to win the game. In our previous post, we tell you about the best Clash Royale Decks in the arenas 1 to 5. We receive lots of requests from our readers about the decks for the further arenas. Keeping those requests in our mind, our team has created this post where you will learn about the best Clash Royale Decks for Arena 6 to Arena 11. Without further discussion, we will start telling you about those decks.

  • Arena 6

In this arena, you should think about the super combination of balloon & giant. You can add a great range of troops that include Barbarians, Musketeer, Giant, Zap, Minion, Fire Spirit, & Arrows.

There is no need for any type of practice in this arena. All you need to do is deploying Giant & balloon afterward. It is extremely tough to fight with them as the towers don’t have much ability in the lower arenas. That’s why it is not much difficult to win the battle by beating them quickly.

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However, there is a weakness in this combo, i.e. inferno tower but there is a zap card for dealing with it. Additionally, the mini can distract the tower & destroy it easily. In order to deal with the minion horde, there are arrows who can eliminate it. If you want something interesting for this best Clash Royale Deck, then here are two more decks that you can choose.

  1. High & low types of decks: Minion Horde, PEKKA, Goblins, Freeze Spell, Hog Rider, & Spear Goblins
  2. Strong Golem Deck: Spear Goblins, Minion Horde, Fireball, Elixir Collector, Archers & Wizards.

Best Clash Royale Decks

  • Arena 7

If you want to win in this deck, then you should think about adding elixir collector. Some of the most incredible troops in this arena are Zap, Lightning Spell, Baby Dragon, Golem, Skeleton, Minion, & Mini PEKKA.

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Having Golem beat down the battle will turn about to be the most deadly deck when there are a couple of Elixir collectors. You will lead to victory with this deadly combination. There are many different methods for stopping the inferno power & make your game easily with baby dragon & golem when joined with the Mini PEKKA. You can also choose to distract this tower with the skeleton.

If you don’t like this combination, then check out the below-mentioned best Clash Royale Decks:

  1. Superior Princess Deck: Dark Prince, Princess, Elixir Collector, Hog Rider, Spear Goblins, PEKKA, & Zap.
  2. Royal Giant Deck: Baby Dragon, Bomb Tower, Dark Prince, Barbarians, Archers, Royal Giant, & Fireball.

Best Clash Royale Decks- Arena 7

  • Arena 8

For this arena, we have selected some of the best deck that is Spashyard. You should include a great collection of troops in this deck, such as Bowler, Baby Dragon, Tornado Spell, Poison, Grave Yard, Knight, Electric Wizard, Bowler, & Bats.

Grave Yard is one of those cards that is never considered much stronger nor much weaker. On the other hand, the Splashyard is known as one of the major deck for winning. It works in a completely different manner as compared to the others. Firstly, it defends & then slows down the troop’s push & destroy all the things with the Grave Yard in the last. A pretty amazing push is formed by these slow troops & then targeting the towers of enemies with Tornado, poison, & Grave Yard.

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Best Clash Royale Decks-arena 8

This deadly combination has the ability to beat the troops of the enemy and make sure you win. This Clash Royale game will become pretty for you with this combination. If you don’t like this combination, then we have another two decks for you that are mentioned below:

  1. The Blackest Day Deck: Poison Spell, Prince, Barbarians, Spear Goblins, Elixir Collector, Dark Prince, & Zap.
  2. Ultra P4 Deck: Ice Wizard, Prince, Arrows, Freeze, Elixir Collector, Dark Prince, & PEKKA.
  • Arena 9

In arena 9, the best deck that you can use is the Log Bait Rocket Cycle. You should include the troops, such as Princess, Inferno Tower, Ice Spirit, Knight, Rocket, Spear Goblins, & The Log.

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It is one of the best Clash Royale decks that you can find for now. Along with being insane, they are powerful too. All you need to do is baiting out the spells of the enemies with the help of combination made by princess & goblin followed by using the Goblin Barrel for more damage. Start the process slowly by setting the Princess behind the tower & then checking what the enemy has in its wardrobe. You should deploy your troops as per that. You should continue using princesses & barrels as per that. It will help you in maintaining the pressure on the opponent & allow you destroy all the towers so that you can win the battle easily.

If you don’t like this combination, then we have two more decks that are mentioned below:

  1. Rocket Cycle: Mini PEKKA, Rocket, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, Bats, Hog Rider & The Log
  2. Valkyrie Deck: Electric Wizard, Valkyrie, Skeleton Army, The Log, Bats, Fireball, Tornado, & Wizard

Best Clash Royale Decks-arena 8

  • Arena 10

You should go for the Mortar Cycle Deck that is the perfect deck for this arena. The troops to include in Arena 10 are Knight, Goblins, Arrows, Mortar, Ice Spirit, Goblins, Rocket, & Archers.

If you have proper skills, then it is best Clash Royale deck for winning the trophy. This deck includes 1 level, 6 commons, & 1 rare level independently legendary. So, it is best to upgrade the complete level of the deck that isn’t much difficult and can be performed very fast. The main strategy to win here is by recycling your mortar & securing it. There is a need for some practice in this arena, especially while dealing with the tanks. We can guarantee that you will become very stronger once you become a pro. Rocket can be used as the major weapon here as the Mortar isn’t a great player to use for damage dealing.

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If you don’t like the above-mentioned deck, then you should two more decks explained below:

  1. Blackest Day Deck: Spear Goblins, Elixir Collector, PEKKA, Dark Prince, Prince, Poison Spell, Zap, & Barbarians.
  2. Royal Giant Deck: Rage, Baby Dragon, Bomb Tower, Fireball, Barbarians, Archers, Bomb Tower, & Royal Giant

Best Clash Royale Decks-arena 10

  • Arena 11

The best thing to use in this arena is the Miner RAM 3M deck that has the extreme ability. Some of the best troops to include here are Zap, Three Musketeers, Minion Horde, Battle Ram, Ice Golem, Elixir Collector, & Miner.

After lightning nerve, 3M has a great capability that has gained lots of popularity. You can think about making a combination of old Miner RAM 3M deck & Fireball baits. Overall, this is a perfect option for winning this arena.

If you don’t like this deck, then think about adding below-mentioned decks:

  1. Larry Valkyrie Deck: Skeleton Army, Electric Wizard, Bats, the Log, Tornado, Valkyrie, Wizard, & Fireball.
  2. PEKKA & Rider Last Minute Beat Down: Mini PEKKA, Minion Horde, Arrows, Barbarians, Musketeer, Hog Rider, & Prince


All these best Clash Royale decks are our favorite & used by professional players all over the world. You can use them quite easily as they have great power & ability. Don’t forget to share about your experience in the comment box.


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