Motorcycle Vlogging

Are you an adventure junkie? Do you love action sports and Motovlogging? Then probably you are looking for high quality & a perfect action camera. But getting and most importantly recognizing the best one is somewhat challenging. This is because, in the market, there are numerous options available and rather than spending excessive money on any camera, it’s important to know genuinely about its quality, waterproofing, and other features. You should analyze the characteristics of all, before purchasing one. The best action camera encapsulates all the brilliant features & keep the quality high always. For your ease, we have brought a list of best cameras for motorcycle vlogging. By analyzing its feature, you will be more clear for your choice.

Here is the list:

GoPro CHDHX-601-RW Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera (Black 12 MP)

This camera is all that you were looking for a long time. Wherever you want to shoot, either high above the ground or under the beneath of the ocean, it will never betray you. It has brilliant image sensors with 1/2:3-inch size and its type are CMOS. It has an ISO rating of 6400.

GoPro CHDHX-601-RW Hero 6

Shape/ Size/ Weight/ Design

Its display size is 2 inches with 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution. It weighs around 117g and 62 mm, 44.5 mm, 32 mm, like width, height & depth respectively. You will get touch display here. It has been complemented with time-lapse & burst modes. It has USB C and Micro HDMI connectivity points.


It is waterproof. Nothing will happen to this camera up to 33ft in the water body.

Battery life & battery backup

It has one battery and of Lithium-ion type.

Audio quality

With fantastic sound quality, it has the features of voice commands as well, which provides you a unique experience. It also gives you the most exciting feature of voice filters to reduce unnecessary noise and gives you the experience of better sound.

Video & Picture quality

It has an astounding resolution of 3840 × 2160 Pixels. It provides you an ultra HD quality of 4K. You can make the frame of 240FPS at 1080p & 60FPS at 4k per second. The format of its videos is NTSC, PAL. Its effective pixels are 12 MP.

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YI4k sports and action video camera (Night Black)

The professional quality for motorcycle vlogging can be found in Y1 4K sports and action video Camera. To shoot the 4K at 30fps, this night black is the best one. You can capture ultra detailed pictures 4K at 30fps and smooth at 1080p at 120fps. A low resolution (848*480 Pixels) of the video is also available, which is the best for downloading and for easy sharing.

YI4k sports and action video camera

The fixed lens of the camera offers to capture the wide area. The auto setting feature of the camera works very well. Loop recording and time-lapse recording are amazing options for it. With the time lapse recording, you can make slow-motion movies. The characteristics of the camera are given below:

Shape/ Size/ Weight/ Design

Dimensions of the Camera are Its width 2.6 inches and height 1.7 inches. The average weight of the camera is 3.4 OZ. The design of the camera is authentic. It is available in matte black, white and rose gold. The camera is sleek and of matchbox size. Lens distortion correction is also available.


It doesn’t hold any waterproofing feature.

Battery Life & Battery backup

One accessing the battery compartment is present underside the lid. The battery belongs to the lithium-ion technology, and the specific details of the battery are 1 Li-ion rechargeable battery and 1430 mAh. The battery is rechargeable one, and its cooling system doesn’t let it overheat.

Audio Quality

The audio signal format of the camera is AAC.

Video And Picture Quality

Widescreen video can be captured. Maximum video resolution of the camera is 3840*2160, and the digital video format is H.264

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AKASO EK700BL WiFi ultra HD waterproof sports Action CAMERA

AKASO EK700 BL WiFi captures awesome moments with high distinction. It contains ultra HD 4K video recording with this Sharper, and ever lifelike videos can be captured. It includes fascinating features, i.e., remote control with 2.4G wireless remote with this feature you can shoot with your activities such as cycling, gliding, etc., for this firstly you have to mount your camera with your accessories. With built-in wifi features, you can share and edit your content at any time.

AKASO EK700BL WiFi ultra HD

The specific features of the camera are given below;

Shape/ Size/ Weight/ Design

The dimensions of the camera are recorded as 2.3 x 5.1 x 3.8 cm. The weight of the camera is recorded as 635g.


The camera is completely waterproof.

Battery Life & Battery backup

2*1050 mAH rechargeable batteries. With the camera, one charger and two batteries are being provided, and each battery can work for 1.5 hrs. The material of the batteries is lithium polymer.

Audio Quality

It has been complemented with astonishing sound quality.

Video And Picture Quality

With this camera sharper and stunning videos can be captured 4K 25fps/2.7K 30fps/1080P 60fps. From these  4k 25fps high frame videos can be captured, and with 2.7k 30fps smooth videos can record.

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Drift Innovation HDGhost S WiFi Waterproofing  digital Video Action Camera Camcorder

This action camera will give you an excellent experience to shoot anything you love. It is excessively easy to use and amazingly effective too. With WiFi support, it very conveniently do photo and video editing.

Drift Innovation HDGhost S

Let’s know deeply about it, by going through its features:

Shape/ Size/ Weight/ Design

It has a better design among all the cameras. It can easily resist dirt and rain and water up to 9 feet. Integrated with 2 inch LCD which helps us to preview our desired shot with an extremely durable Gorilla glass. Its size generally varies 2.3×4.4×0.7″. Its weight is approx. 4.8 (136g). It is considered as a best Motorcycle Vlogging camera. No doubt it is bit costly, but holds interesting features.

Battery life and battery backup

In this camera, we don’t have to be worried about camera dying, as it can record up to 3.5 hours which is quite satisfying.

Audio quality

Although it has an inbuilt microphone, however, it’s not as much good because the wind sound also gets recorded while recording the video. It is recommended to use external mics which can easily solve this trouble.

Video and picture quality

With extreme picture quality, it gives the freedom too, to do settings according to own desire. So, you can set frame rate, Field of view, etc. Its resolution is excellent and has 10X digital Zoom amazing feature. It is best if you are Vlogging in the night because it has a Sony CMOS  sensor, seven elements spherical lens.

GoPro Hero Session Action Camera  is a perfect choice for MotoVlogging

It is available in Various versions & all have unique features. People want to have the latest version of it just because it gives us more improved features.

GoPro Hero Session Action Camera

Some features of this camera have been enlisted below:

Shape/ Size/ Weight/ Design

It is simple and easy to use with an amazing ultra-portable size.It looks somewhat like a cube. Its size is 44.5 mm to 33 mm. Different versions of this camera have different weights, but generally, it lies between 117g  to 74 g. The design of this camera is unique in its way, and it’s quite attractive. It seems to have a rugged design. It also has a  durable and waterproof structure. Another fantastic feature of this camera is, you will not require a separate housing for it, which is a quite reliable feature it holds.


It comes with a waterproof housing that’s rated down to 131 depth.

Battery life and battery backup

One of the exciting things is that it only uses power when it’s in recording mode. Moreover, you can record videos up to 2 hours. The battery can be charged by USB cable or by a wall charger.

Audio Quality

As it does not support an external microphone, so you need a different mic with its storage, and you have to do Post production synchronization also.

Video and picture quality

You can operate the camera by just a single button, which is extremely easy to access it. We can easily record up to 1080p, full HD at 69 fps. It can capture photos at 8 megapixels. Fps  Can also be adjusted with the help of GoPro App.


Q: Do the action cameras for vlogging carry guarantee of water spilling?
A: Yes. Almost every vlogging action camera carries this guarantee, and one can take it in water too, without any worry.

Q: Do these carry any warranty?
A: Normally, these sorts of cameras carry the warranty of one year or more.

Q: Do these cameras have battery backup features?
A: Usually, the action cameras carry battery backup feature, which makes it easy to shoot in extreme cases too.



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