Best Android Game Hack: GameGuardian

Your life is your sole responsibility. All decisions you take is and should be your own decision. So why not in your games as well? Ever been stuck on a particularly hard level?Tired of grinding for that ingame currency? Well, not anymore. With Game Guardian, you decide how you play your games. Tweak ingame resources such as money, HP (Health Points), SP (Spirit Points), MP (Mana Points), or WP (Willpower Points). Most games these days have integrated grinding into the game mechanism to have you play their game for a longer time.

Sure, this maybe part of the game designer’s attempt at balancing the game out or a ploy to have you fork out money. But, why should you grind? Use Game Guardian and enjoy the game without having to suffer through the money sinking ploys by the game designers.


Game Guardian is a game hack developed by a team of developers. @Aqua is the retired creator, @d2dyno is the current owner and the lead designer. @Enyby is the lead coder and @Trasd is the technical consultant. The app is available only for Android users and lets you modify contents in your video games. You will need to have your device rooted as the Game Guardian app needs special permission for the hack to work.

If you do not know how to root your Android device, we have an article on how to root your android phone. Click here to check it out. After installing the Game Guardian app, you will find the Game Guardian logo on the screen. No matter what game you have installed, a semi-transparent Game Guardian icon will be typically be located at the top right corner of your screen.

Clicking on the semi-transparent Game Guardian icon allows you to access the Game Guardian in-game menu from where you can change different values that will affect your in-game stats.

gameguardian gameguardian apk

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  • Change all values

With Game Guardian, you can change all values that are in your android game. Whether you are playing RPG (Role Playing Games) and it is your experience bar, your Health Points, your Special Points, your Mana Points or your Willpower Points. In other types of games such as RTS (Real Time Strategy games), you will be able to manipulate and change values such as a number of resources that you have, your lumber resource, your food resource, your stone resource, your metal resource and even your in-game currency. To know how to change values in your game, continue reading to find out how.

  • Encrypted values

While changing values in your android games is an easy hack. Most games will not simply keep the values as it is. Most game developers will encrypt their values and parameters such that you will not be able to easily find the value parameter for your desired information. Most game developers will use methods such as multiplying the number with a fixed number. Well, these game developers are wasting their time. With Game Guardian, the app can easily find encrypted values and enable you to easily hack and change these values.

  • Freeze values

Everyone knows that the resources in your android games are finite. If you use your resources to upgrade your castle, the same amount will be deducted from your storage. Similarly, in other games, if you use a spell or take damage from an enemy, you will lose an equivalent amount of HP or SP. With Game Guardian Freeze value feature, you can freeze these values such that even if you use your resources, take damage, or use spell, the associated parameter will not decrease.

  • SpeedHack

There are many games that require precise timing and reaction speeds. Take games such as Mario, Sonic Hedgehog or others, these games are great fun until you reach a level that you cannot beat. With Game Guardian, you can hack your android game and manipulate time. For games that require you to have the faster reaction, you can easily slow down the game. For games that require you to wait for a specified time, you can easily speed up the game. So, no more impossible game levels. Easily clear hard levels with Game Guardian Speed hack.

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  • Runs on all Android Devices

Whether you are using an Android device or an android emulator, Game Guardian works on all. The game hack app works on the ARM, x64, x86 devices as well as emulators such as BlueStacks, Droid4X, Memu and all others.

Game Guardian works with Android version over 2.3.3 as well as Android 5+ Lollipop, 6+ Marshmallow, 7+ Nougat and 8+ Oreo. Furthermore, it also works with other emulators such as PPSSPP (Play Station Portable),  Game Boy Advance emulators and more.

  • Stealth game hacking

Hacking a game is always frowned upon by game developers and there are various safety checks and security checks that are routinely done to make sure that there is no cheating involved in their game. This is where Game Guardian Stealth game hacking comes in. To prevent the detection of hacking in Android games, the stealth feature is automatically added when you install Game Guardian and this limits the possibility of getting caught cheating.

  • Advanced functions

There is a variety of different advanced features that we will not be covering in this video. If you are not familiar with various coding and developers terms, you will not be able to understand the advanced functions. You can do explicit and fuzzy numeric searches, text (string, Hex, AoB) searches, Time jump, dump and copy memory, customizable UI and so much more.

To learn in detail the advanced functions that you can access with Game Guardian, check out Game Guardian official website.

Game Guardian

Downloading & Installation

Game Guardian is an android game hacking app. So if I told you that you can download the app via the official Google Play Store, you will not believe me. Well, you are right to not believe me, you cannot find the Game Guardian app on the Google Play Store. You will need to download the official Game Guardian apk. You can easily google Game Guardian and find the apk download link on their official website. Do not fall for scams that want you to download malwares.

You can click here to download the Game Guardian apk.

To install Game Guardian, you will need to enable third-party installations on your Android device settings. You can find it by going to your settings → apps → and check third-party installations. After this step, you will be able to directly open the downloaded Game Guardian apk file and install Game Guardian on your android device.

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How to use

After installing the Game Guardian app, you will need to enable Game Guardian to draw over other apps, and more. Basically, you need to grand Game Guardian Super User access. Without this access, you will not be able to hack android games. After installing the Game Guardian app, you will find a watermark Game Guardian icon on the top right side of your Android device.

So, now that you have the Game Guardian app installed, open the game that you wish to hack. Remember, it is recommended that you start with a single player offline game. After opening the game, you will still find the watermark Game Guardian icon on the top right part of your android device screen. Click the icon and the Game Guardian menu will pop out. You will get to choose the process that you wish to hack with Game Guardian app. Tap the single player game that you wish to hack and you will reach a complicated looking screen. Do not panic. Just click the search icon and enter the value of the attribute that you wish to hack.

So if you wish to change the amount of in-game currency that you have, you will need to insert the value of the attribute. Let’s assume that the in-game currency is called gems and you had 100 gems. You will need to search the number 100. You will definitely find many attributes that have the 100 in them. You will need to reduce the number of results to less than 10. So go back in the game and use some gems. So If I used 5 gems, I have 95 gems left.

Now, go back to Game Guardian and you need to refine your search to 95. Repeat this process until you end up with less than 10 results. Now, select any of these results and change it to your desired number. Go back in the game and you will find that your gems have increased to your desired number. See that’s all.

Game Guardian apk


Remember that, Game Guardian is a Hack. Hacking using Game Guardian violates the TOS (Terms of Service) and the EULA (End User License Agreement) that you are required to accept and agree to after all android game installations. Now, there are a number of limitations when you are using Game Guardian. There are a couple of games that cannot be hacked using Game Guardian. Mostly offline single player games can be hacked with no issues with Game Guardian. While hacking with Game Guardian on cloud-based server games have conflicting issues with your local and cloud data. This can cause errors in games or in worst case scenario, you can get banned for messing with the game.

However, this is only in the case of multiplayer clouds based games such as Clash of Clans and etc. You can use the Game Guardian app to freely hack all offline single player games with no problem. There might be some individual who would vehemently oppose any apps that mention the word ‘hack’, but do not hate on Game Guardian. The app developers themselves clearly state that all offline single player games can be hacked using Game Guardian, however, they strongly advise against hacking multiplayer online game as the conflict with server-based data and your local data leads to issues.

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Gaming is made easy and fun with Game Guardian. Some might say that hacking a game makes the game unfun. What is the point of an easy game? Grinding and struggling to succeed in a game is the ultimate joy in playing a game but as I mentioned before, every individual should have the choice to play their game however they want. If you do not want to grind to get enough gold to buy that special item, or level up till you have enough HP and MP to beat the last boss, download and install Game Guardian. Change the variables in your game to get unlimited resources, stats and more.

Have you tried using Game Guardian? How was the experience? Let us know in the comments section below.


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