How to backup MySQL database in phpMyAdmin

SQL stands for standard query language which is usually used to communicate with the database. SQL database is generally used for the relational database management system i.e. RDBMS. It is dynamically scalable and supports existing SQL libraries, tools and API’s.

SQL database is used by any big organizations like IBM and Microsoft. SQL database is comparatively high in speed as compared to another database. There is no need to know coding for using SQL database because you can implement the queries in simple English language. Well defined standards of SQL database are present and you can retrieve a lot of records from the database.

If you wish to backup you’re my SQL database, then you can follow mentioned steps in order to restore your My SQL data in future.

Login to PHP My Admin on your server

Select your database from the left side window.

At the right side of the window, you can view all the tables of your database.  Click on the Export from the set of the tabs at the top of the window.


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Be sure that you must have selected the quick option and click the Go option and the prompted file should be saved on your computer which you have downloaded.


If you want to change the default behavior, then you must select the Custom option.

Under step 4, you must select the custom option after which the detail options will be displayed.


Select the zipped option from the from the compression box in order to compress the data and get the output.


Be sure that you have selected the option of SQL.

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Leave the options as it is they are so that you can create the data.


Look at the bottom of the window and select the Go option. You must be prompted for the file to be downloaded. Then, save the file on your computer system.

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