How to Avoid Fake Google Reviews

In the present situation, the formula of spam detection is entirely changed. Google expects the number of reviews that are showing on some local Google+ pages. Google warns the business that fake reviews can instantly be brought down from the top because he recognizes real and fake google reviews.

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If a company is trying to promote his business with fake reviews, then the Google warns the SEO and the business professionals to avoid this action otherwise their search results will be taken down in the real time. If the company accepts the paper comment cards, it might be an attractive move to collect them and manually post them on your Google+ pages. But Google mentioned this in his tutorials for SEO that “We are only asking that all the reviews should come from the customer directly (first-hand experience) and one cannot post the reviews on behalf of anyone.” Google also mentioned that one could post the review of the business from the system or Computer in the business premises.

Avoid Fake Google Reviews

Stop Posting Google Fake Reviews

If you are running a company or business and using or buying Google fake reviews service, then you should stop this right now. Because you don’t know, Google also warned that one cannot go so far as he can offer a gift to discounts to his clients for dropping positive reviews. On the related note, he also mentioned you could send reminder mail to customers and encourage then to post positive reviews in their free time.

Many SEO management companies can organize the position and then manually post the fake reviews. However, Google determines Spam in front of net clients. This is not the right technique to deal with SEO strategies. Mostly people face issues with the reviews. Most of the time customer buys a product online. If he likes the product, he shares his reviews with others. Most of the companies buy fake news on google places, and it is happening in almost every industry.

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This is the way to know about the product through Google. These reviews are the backbone of any business. Reviews can Build or destroy a business. Every Online business needs Reviews, Ratings, feedbacks that are more relevant, reliable and trustworthy. To urge this every website needs to maintain a good relationship with his customers.

How Fake Reviews Companies work?

These companies contact small business owners and tell them that if they will have positive Google reviews, their ranking will automatically move up in the places and will get more customers, and sometimes they say that they will remove their bad reviews which will help them in getting more customers.

It is true that you will notice better ranking in Google places with more positive reviews. But Reviews are only a part of Google Places algorithm which determines your rank according to the keywords.

Everyone knows that if the ranking is high then the traffic will automatically come to you and you will have more sales. These companies pitch you in the same way. But let me clear you one thing that these are the black hat techniques and can only work for some time. These practices can lead your business to get panelized by Google or even worst, or you can even get a call from FTC. If Google catches you, then nothing will work for you and your business will be out of the Google without warning.

If you are getting the help of a fake Google reviews company, then you should stop this immediately.

How to find Fake Google reviews?

It is not hard to find Fake Google reviews. Just enter the relevant industry keyword in the Google and check for the business with more Google Reviews and Ratings between 4 to 5.

Fake reviews on google

Now read out all the reviews. Now click on the profile link of the reviewer. If you notice the same pattern of positive reviews which does not look healthy to you. Now scroll down and check all the reviews and you will see the reviews are coming from fake profiles on the same local business.  Also, check every review you will notice that on each review makes mention “4 out of 4 people found this helpful”…..

Google hate cheaters. If you can find this easily, then I am sure Google already have noticed and in the process of taking action against the business. Google can push back the listening or even can remove the business entirely.

Why we always find the best information on Google?

Google takes care of his reputation very well like we all take care of ours. Google cannot risk his reputation by allowing false information or mislead its users. So Google is taking hard actions to avoid this issue.

How to get real google reviews?

real google reviews

ou can ask your customer to drop a positive review on Google places, and this is a part of the promotion, and there is nothing wrong in this. If you are good in delivering the service of doing a good job and you will always find satisfied customers who are saying nice things about you and they will definitely drop a good review for you. If you are emailing your client and asking them to review your service, don’t just share your Google Places page share your other review services profiles where your business is listed because Google tracks everything. Doing this will give the user a choice, and this will not affect your business at all.

If you are using Fake Google reviews, then your business will face difficulties in future, so I suggest you not to buy Fake Google review Services.

How to Report fake Google reviews?

To report the fake reviews on Google, the only option is to flag the review as inappropriate. Google will check the review, and if in case the review violates any of their policies, they will take immediate action on that. Steps To flag a review for removal

  1. Go to Google Maps.
  2. Find the business using the business name or address.
  3. Select your business listing from the search results.
  4. Scroll down to the review summary from the panel on the left.
  5. Under the Average rating section, click the number of reviews.average rating section
  6. Go to the review you want to flag and click on the flag icon.Report fake google reviews
  7. Complete the form and Click on Submit.

This is the only way to remove fake Google review. You can also fix a review that is flagged by someone else by following this method:

If in case your review is deleted or flagged you need to edit your review according to the Google review policies. You need to remove your contact number or the URL from the review and your review will automatically republish.

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