Asus Vivobook E203MA Review

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Finding a laptop that fits all your requirements is hard these days. While you are on the quest of searching for the best, you might come across a handful of devices. To ease your search process, we’ll be reviewing a series of budget-friendly laptops that can come in handy to you.

In this article, we bring you another budget-friendly and compelling laptop from Asus. The Asus VivoBook E203MA is an affordable entry-level model that gives flagship devices a run for their money.

Asus Vivobook E203MA

Asus is a leading laptop manufacturer that has for over a decade amassed a loyal fan-base. All of this, mainly because of the amazing features provided by the brand at highly affordable rates.

The Asus VivoBook E203MA comes with an integrated Intel Dual-Core Celeron N5000 processor that clocks a base speed of 1.1GHz. Featuring an 11.6-inch screen in size, it displays bright and sharp images and videos. Moreover, with a great battery life of 10 hours, that is quite sufficient for the users.

Let us delve into its features more deeply, helping you decide whether this is the machine you ever wanted or not.

· Design

The Asus Vivobook E203MA is built of plastic, making it ultra-light so you can carry around easily. The body of the laptop does not consist of any sharp edges or gaps on the outside, which makes it safe to keep around kids.

Asus Vivobook E203MA

The lid of the laptop has a fingerprint magnet that is commonly found in cheap-end models. It has an 11.6-inch screen that has a thick bezel set on plastic surrounding it. It has excellent connectivity for an 11-inch laptop.

The VivoBook E203MA comes with three USB ports and one HDMI port. It boasts of a micro SD reader, headphone and microphone jack, Bluetooth 4.1, and Wi-Fi card. It is only 0.7 inches thick and weighs only 2.2 pounds.

· Performance

The Asus VivoBook E203MA is one of the highly-ranked essential laptops that are best targeted for basic home tasks or college purposes. It is powered by a dual-core Intel Celeron N4000 processor that hits a base speed of 1.1GHz, while it can also run 2.3GHz on both cores.

Asus Vivobook E203MA

The other features of the laptop include 32GB eMMC flash memory, 2GB RAM, and Intel HD 500 Graphics, all of which are quite sufficient to run web applications like mail, simple MS office, and music streaming. Also, you can always use an external hard drive if you want more space.

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· Reliability

The unit is extremely trendy and sturdy that will stand out in the crowd. The E203MA is stocked with brilliant speakers, stable performance, and ultra-portable design; these are the few strengths behind the popularity of this model.

It has all kinds of features that office goers, business owners or students might be looking for. It is preferably the best option to travel along with. As a leading computer manufacturer, Asus makes life easier by providing you with all that you are looking for.

Asus Vivobook E203MA

· Battery life

Though the manufacturer tends to ensure that the battery life of 10 hours powers the Vivobook E203MA, our panel didn’t feel the same about this. The E203MA might have been designed for everyday hustlers, but it can only work for around seven hours on a single charge.

With heavy usage and increased activity, the performance hours of the battery deteriorates with time. We recommend you carrying a charger along whenever you plan to take this laptop for use.

· Input

The Asus VivoBook E203MA sports an 11.6-inch screen that has a resolution of 1366 x 768, which does not provide vivid images. This laptop boasts of a 45% sRGB color gamut that is lower than other models like Lenovo 120S and HP Stream.

Asus Vivobook E203MA

Although the laptop features a comfy keyboard with 1.7mm key travel, there isn’t much effort to use it. The shortcoming of the laptop are the keys that are made of cheap plastic and also the small body of the unit does not leave enough room to rest hands.

This model by Asus encompasses the Windows 10 S that comes preinstalled with the system. The touchpad of the VivoBook E203MA measures 4.1-by-2.4 inches, which is somewhat decent.

· Energy consumption

The power consumption of the VivoBook E203MA is at least 1.9 watts that can carry a maximum load of 19 watts, making it an energy-saving device. Also, the 34-watt power supply is designed to supply the unit with a sufficient amount of energy.

Asus Vivobook E203MA

· Graphics card

Asus Vivobook E230MA comes with Intel’s UHD Graphics 605. The GPU of the unit is only applicable to apps that don’t demand high graphics performance. The basic image is only possible, not sophisticated graphics or 3D graphics.

· Speakers

The speakers here offer decent volume that delivers a sound spectrum that is known to lie in upper mids. The small speakers are apt for occasional playback of media, but their sound is not the best in a noisy environment though you can connect external microphones or speakers through a 3.5mm jack.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and can be easily carried around
  • Value for money laptop
  • The storage capacity is quite sufficient
  • The USB ports are a dud
  • Battery life is average.

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Few Alternatives to the Asus Vivobook E203MA

· Lenovo Chromebook C330

Lenovo Chromebook C330 is an excellent alternative to Asus vivobook E203MA. It boasts of an 11-inch screen with an ability of lasting 10 hours on a single charge. With 32GB of internal storage, you can always use an additional hard drive for extra storage.

Lenovo Chromebook C330

The Chromebook C330 has a display of 1366 x 768 pixels and 4GB RAM. It weighs only 2.8 pounds, which makes it travel-friendly. It consists of a USB Type-C port, USB 3.0, SD memory storage and HDMI port, which are rare to find in laptops at this price.

It sports a 0.9-megapixel webcam with a smooth touchpad and a decent keyboard that allows you to type quickly. The sound quality is good, but the bass is not strong enough and tends to pinch sometimes.

Overall it’s an excellent alternative to the Asus VivoBook E320MA. In case you are looking for the best alternative to this model, then this one is a perfect fit as it tends to have similar features at a lesser range which makes it a good buy.

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· Asus L402WA-EH21

Another entrant from Asus is the L402WA-EH2. It features a 14-inch laptop and comes at a very budget-friendly price and houses multiple ports and a comfortable keyboard for your convenience. The laptop is a good buy for an enterprise as well, though it is highly regarded as a student device.

It comes with a quad-core processor, 32 GB flash storage, HDMI port, USB 3.1 Type-C, AMD Radeon R2 graphics processor, and 4GB RAM.

Asus L402WA-EH21

It weighs only 3.6 pounds and is 0.9 inches thick. The laptop features microphone/headphone jack, microSD card reader, Ethernet port, and also a wifi chip that supports fast 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1 protocol.

It provides a resolution of 1366 x 768, which is a bit dim and dull. The display covers a 45% sRGB color gamut that is quite good compared to the price of the laptop. It offers excellent performance that is powered by a smooth touchpad and decent keyboard.

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The above figures state that the Asus Vivobook E203MA is a good buy and you can opt for it if you are looking for a decent one for both office and personal use. This laptop is home to all the features that you are expecting at this rate and not only this; it comes from a trusted brand.

So now that you know all that is required to get your Asus Vivobook E203MA and tell us all about it!

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