Aptoide: A Most useful alternate of Google play store

Looking for an alternative of PlayStore? Aptoide is what you should check out. Leave that annoying processing of PlayStore let Aptoide surprise you with, its ease and convenience to use. which. Here, You will get a vast library which has all types of apps you want and that too, free from virus.

Any paid app can be downloaded for free from Aptoide. You get the freedom to choose any app even those apps which are not available on the Google Play Store. Along with this, you get the freedom to create and manage your store yourself, which makes it a unique platform.

Aptoide app download

The APT packaging manager holds a special role in the conceptualization of Aptoide. The developers can easily find the place where the app has been installed by using client search. To communicate between servers and customers, an open protocol is being used which is based on XML. You will find numerous versions you of Aptoide:

  • For Tablets and Mobiles
  • Developed for kids: Aptoide VR & Aptoide kids
  • Edition for STB and Smart TV

Let’s check out some history and go through the features and other aspects of Aptoide.

How it came into existence?

The Aptoide app store was started from a proposal of Paulo Trezentos. The offer of the app was accepted at 2009 Caixa Magica summer camp. The first development stage was then developed in  SAPO Summer bits with a scope. Ideas from different sources worked for the development of this application. After such amazing conceptualization, this unique app is in our hands today.

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Features of Aptoide

As a new customer, you may be desperate to know about its features. Whether to believe on this app or not, you can decide based on the features. Here are some:


Being made in JAVA and provide the bytecode version, it ensures the complete safety of the device. You can safely resort to this app, as there is no chance of insecurity in this.

Save Money

Yes, this is a genuine tension. Before spending money on any app, one always thinks about its accuracy, credibility, etc. to make you free from this worry, Aptoide provides a chance to experiment. On that basis, you can choose your decision.

aptoide download

Frequent Updations

This app makes itself updated always. From Aptoide, any app that you will download will get regular updations, and you will be able to enjoy all the latest features from that.

Option of Menu

In Aptoide, you will get an option of the menu. Menu further have numerous two options, like,

  • My Account
  • Spot & Share

My account will direct you to your timeline. Here you can see the activities of your followers. In spot and share option, you will get the right to share the apps directly to another person, just like Shareit. But unlike shares, you can share to multiple persons at one time. Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, the app is so fast than other regular apps, that you will surely recommend to others after using it for once.

These features will surely help in sorting out your queries regarding Aptoide.

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Aptoide App Download Steps

In this era of Apps, more than 50% people are using Android phones. Usually, you use various free and paid apps with the help of Google play store. But what if you get a platform where every app is available free of cost and where also you have the opportunity to post your own apps for free? It sounds surprising, but surely there exist, such platform called the Aptoid App store. This third party app store is available for android device. A Billion people are using this treasure of free apps.

Let’s discuss the step by step process of downloading and installing Aptoide app store:

There are two ways to download-

  1. Download Aptoide Store from web browser
  • Aptoide Store is not available in Google play store. So, to install Aptoide Store, allow installation from Unknown sources in device settings.
  • Now click on the download button
  • Click on install for installation process
  • Aptoide Store is now available on your device to avail thousands of free apps.
  1. Install Aptoide Store through USB or SD card

The second way to download Aptoide store is SD card or USB. The steps are:

  • Download Aptoide Store
  • An APK file will get the download completed, save it to a USB or an SD card.
  • Connect USB or insert SD card into android device
  • Now browse APK file and install it
  • You have done with the installation process

After the installation process, register an account on this app and avail all benefits.

How to use Aptoide?

aptoide ios

After downloading and installing on your device, you are all ready to use it. Before getting it started, you have to sign up an account, or you can choose to login directly from the Google or Facebook account. After login, you will be directed to the home page of this platform. You will see here lots of apps.

This is just like social media apps, that means, you will see a Timeline, from where you can easily see the apps being shared by the one who follows you on Aptoide. For the apps, there is a Store; you can easily get apps from it. However, you have other options too. You can get from the person, whom you have followed or even you can have your own store of apps.

Making an account on Aptoide is just an option. You can do so for security purposes, just as a backup. For example, if your phone gets formatted or any other extreme circumstance, you will always have a backup of your apps if you have an account on it.

How to start a group on Aptoide?

Firstly, allow the permissions that app demands you after the installation. You have downloaded the app and started using it. Now, install this on another device and open. Open it on both the devices. Now, enter menu button and click on spot & share option here. Start the same process here as you have done on your device of searching apps. A Radar will show, and you will find here written ‘One.’ Just tap that, and this means you have successfully joined a group on Aptoide. In the group, apps will be shown, and from here directly these can be installed.

If you want to send apps to another person, then select that one or multiple apps and click on the Send Apps option. In this easy way, a group can be started, and you can easily share the apps without facing any trouble.

Why should you adopt Aptoide?

Yes, this question is obvious. Because you have become habitual of using Play Store, then why should you shift to Aptoide? Well, when you come to know the benefits, you will surely change your decision to use only Play Store to download the apps. Here are some reasons, which will change your prospect:

  • Amazing latest features
  • Quick Response
  • Latest updates
  • Exquisite capacity to solve any problem of the user
  • Better & Quick feedback

These are just a short list of benefits. One benefit that you will like for sure is the response or feedback. For example: while using Play Store, you may find an error or problem. When you send its intimation further, then it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for resolving the issue. But if you are using Aptoide and a hurdle you face, then you will get a quick response, and within some hours, you will get its measure.

So, you may have got a perfect answer to your question of why to use Aptoide instead of any other alternative.

Google Play Store v/s Aptoide App

Although Google PlayStore is the best, yet why one should prefer Aptoide is a big question. Well! There are numerous reasons which favour Aptoide instead of Play Store. Here are these:


Wider scope

The range or you can say in Aptoide you will find every app you want. You can find it and use it after installation. But Google Play Store covers limited apps like, you will never locate the app ‘Lucky Patcher’ because it is not available there. In Aptoide you can easily get it.

Versions of app

In Aptoide, you will have a reach to all the versions of a particular app, which you can’t find in Play Store. These versions are helpful at the time when the updations don’t work properly, and you need the old version of the same app. At that point, you can get the old version very easily there.

App Store

Unlike, Play Store, in Aptoide you can create your own app store from where you will be able to transfer the apps to others very quickly.

Spot and Share

Through this option, one can share, not only one but the multiple apps to other persons. This fantastic feature has the functionality of the ShareIT app. It also makes it entirely different from Play Store.


If you are using a Google Play Store, then you will never get your apps automatically updated, but Aptoide provides you with an auto update of all apps.

Users at mass level

Aptoide can be used anywhere in the whole world. But Play Store has the restrictions to utilize in some countries like China.

Premium apps for free

In Aptoide, the scope of apps is so broad that even the apps that require premium before installation, can be downloaded for free, without paying even a single penny. But in Play Store, these apps are not available to download.

Use this app on your Android device and experience the best features. Download it and share any number of apps with your friends and get more functionality than Google Play Store. Give a try and & go for this app now.

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Aptoide For iOS

As you already know, Aptoide is the best alternative to play store with which countless apps are just a click away now. It enables you to download any app very conveniently on the iOS device you are using. On your iOS device, you will get paid apps for free. In the massive library of apps, you can get updated and latest apps anytime. You don’t require waiting for long hours, as Aptoide can download an app on your iOS device so that it never give any chance of frustration to the user. Just like the working on Android, Aptoide for iOS is equally flexible and accurate.

Aptoide iOS features:

    • In the least possible time, one can search and install the favorite app from the various categories available on Aptoide.
    • Registration in Aptoide is not compulsory. You can directly search, download and use the app, without any registration.
    • From its collections, you always get updated apps.
    • By just typing in the search box of Aptoide, you can get reach to your favorite app easily and quickly.
    • On Aptoide, you will get the exact and accurate reviews for every app. In the rated format, the best description you will get.
    • You can download any version of your requirement, i.e., even the old version can be downloaded on an iOS device from Aptoide.
    • Even without going through the process of downloading, you can directly install the apps.
    • You can make your friends aware regarding the app you have installed. You can directly share the app and your experience of it, on social networking sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • While browsing, it’s possible to open various tabs at one time, which makes it easy and exciting to use the app, which saves the time as well.

All these amazing features can be enjoyed on the iOS device. Without investing much effort, you can conveniently install any app on iOS.

Steps to download Aptoide for iOS

Without any doubt, Aptoide is the best app and useful alternative to Google Play Store. So, let’s find the way to download this best app on your iOS device. If we talk about the official ways, then downloading of Aptoide officially is not possible on the iOS device. So, some different approach has to look upon.

Here are the steps:

  • Firstly, Jailbreak the iOS device.
  • Now, download Cydia on the device.
  • After downloading Cydia, you can download the Aptoide easily.

Jailbreak can damage your device or create some problems, so you have to use some cautions while downloading it.

You can get apps in different categories such as news, photo editor, GPS router, grammar, video calling, games, social sites, entertainment and so on. For all the sorts of a guide that you require in routine life, like, for travel purposes or business purposes. You just need a WiFi connection or mobile data, and every app that you want will efficiently work on the iOS device.

FAQs of Aptoide App

Q: Should I pay for the app, I am going to install from Aptoide?

A: No. All the apps are free of cost. You don’t even have to pay for the premium apps.

Q: Is this app secure to use?

A: Yes, you are completely safe while using this app. There is no worry of any misuse of information.

Q: Even if I am fully satisfied with Google Play Store, then why should I use it?

A: You can’t get your queries resolved from Google Play Store quickly. But in Aptoide, you will get a quick solution. Moreover, it’s more reliable and has advanced features, which Play Store can’t provide you.

Q: What can I do after installing Aptoide?

A: You can do some things after installing it, these are:

  • Download the app of your choice, without even doing sign up to it.
  • Quickly find any app, which you can’t find in any other marketplace of Android.
  • Promptly resort to an old version of apps if facing any problem in updated one.
  • You have the freedom to create a store of your own and can freely decide its color combinations, theme, logo, name, etc.
  • Check the most recommended apps any time here and store it with yourself as well.
  • Follow other stores as well and can know the person who is following you on Aptoide.
  • Keep anything private if you don’t want to show your apps publicly.
  • Whenever you like or dislike an app, then you can give your ratings, write reviews and even provide replies to the comments of others.
  • The most amazing feature is, you can easily share any of your apps to your friends, without also having an internet connection. That means the sharing of apps can be done offline too on Aptoide.

These are some of the interesting options you can go for after installing it. You can easily download this app. If you still facing any issue in downloading this app, Do let us know using the comment section below. Our Team will surely revert you.


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