Why you should be using App Cloner Full Version

For all of you with multiple Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram accounts, How do you access them all? Do you have to log out and log in using different credentials every time you wish to change your profile?

Well, there is an easier solution to this. Clone your apps using App Cloner and have multiple instances of apps with different profile running at the same time.

What is App Cloner?

Cloning an app is the process of making a copy of an app. These Cloned apps run in parallel to the original app with no interference between the two. They also work independently to their parent app.

App Cloner is an application created by applistoWith App Cloner, you can create a clone of most apps and run them in parallel with the original app. To clone your apps, there are a ton of options available on the market such as parallel space, 2Face and etc. However, I will recommend App Cloner for all your app cloning needs.

App ClonerApp cloner app

Why you should install App Cloner

Most application cloning apps on the Google Play Store can get the basic job done. However, App Cloner boasts a multitude of options and customizations that you will be hard-pressed to find in other app cloning apps you can find. With App Cloner, your cloned apps are barred from automatic updates. This ensures that the cloned apps are stable and run alongside the original parent app.

With App Cloner, you have access to various tweaks and mods for the cloned app. You can edit the name of the app as well as the icon of the app. You can remove or allow permissions for cloned apps to be installed on an external SD-card. Options such as auto-start, auto app backup or intrusive app defaults can be done away with, all according to your preferences. You can also force the app to consume data over Wifi only. There is also an option to convert your cloned app into a floating window app.

What about security for cloned apps? With App Cloner, you can add various functionalities to your cloned app. Cloned apps boast the option for Password Protection, Incognito mode as well hiding Android ID/Spoofing locations. The developer is constantly updating the app and various features are added with every update. Full Version – worth it? The Free Version of App Cloner works as a basic app cloning application. With the option to go Premium with a fee of INR 250, App Cloner Full Version users avail extra functions such as:

  • Clone WhatsApp, Messenger & Gmail
  • Create multiple app clones and Use batch cloning
  • Save/Share Cloned apps
  • Replace Launcher Icons
  • Clone smartwatch faces/apps

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You will have access to different display options such as Floating apps and Free-form Windows. This means that on your mobile device, you can have more than one app open/displayed at the same time. You can also change everything about the display of your cloned apps. The status, navigation and toolbar colors for the cloned apps can be changed.

You can also change app default display size, language, font and font size. App Cloner’s latest update added the function to force rotational lock for cloned apps. With the immersive mode turned on, you can keep your screen on as well as enable multi-window support. For Privacy options; you can remove app permissions, exclude cloned apps from the recent app bar, as well as change Android ID and hide IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC. You can also prevent cloned apps from appearing in screenshots and have an incognito mode for the cloned apps. You can add the password for these clones and add spoof locations.

App cloner privacy option

For Launch options; you can remove widgets, launcher icons and disable auto-start and app default options. For Network options: you can disable mobile data usage for the cloned apps as well as background networking. You can enable SOCKS proxy which serves as a proxy server between you and the app servers. For Notifications and Automation options; you can set notification filters, silence notification and change notification color for your cloned apps. You can also set default brightness for your cloned apps and also mute them on start. There is also an option to set the cloned apps to ‘Do Not Disturb’, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth controls, and Tasker Integration.

For Storage options; you have the option to install the cloned apps on an external SD-card, and Sandbox external storage. You can allow and prevent cloned app backup and set up these such that it automatically clears cache on exit.

app clone storage option

The premium version of App Cloner supports 20 clones. You can donate to the App Cloner developer and unlock up to 1000 clones. Downloading/Installing App Cloner App Cloner is available on the Google Play Store.

You can also download the App Cloner apk from the internet. However, you will need to enable third-party installation if you want to manually download the App Cloner apk and install it.

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Operating App Cloner

To clone app using App Cloner:

  • Open the App Cloner app
  • From the list of apps available, select the app that you wish to clone. For the sake of an example, we are going to choose ‘Skype’

    You will see various Display options available:

    • Name: You can set a new name for your cloned app
    • Change Icon Color: Here you can edit the icon of your clone app
    • Flip Icon: You can flip the icon for your cloned app
    • Rotate Icon: You can rotate the icon for your cloned app
    • Add Badge: You can add a badge for your cloned app
  • You can also tweak the storage options:

    • Install to SD card: enable this option to install to your external SD card
    • Allow Backup: Here you can allow/block backup options for your cloned app.
    • Bundle Files and Directories: This enables the creation of file directories within the apk. This increases the size of the apk.
    • Bundle expansion files: This enables OBB expansion files to be integrated into the apk itself. This also increases the size of the apk.
    • Sandbox external storage: enable this option to allow the creation of an isolated sub-directory to separate chat history or Media files.
    • Clear Cache on exit: Enabling this option clears caches of the cloned app on exit.
  • To edit privacy options:

    • You can password-protect your cloned app
    • Have it excluded from the recent dock
    • Enable Incognito mode
    • Change the Android ID such that the cloned app does not recognize your Android device.
    • You can hide IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC address and create a new spoof location.
    • You can add or remove permissions for a plethora of options shown below.
  • After selecting your preferred choices for your app clone, you can click the ‘tick’ and your app should start cloning.
  • Now that you have finished cloning your app; you will see the new cloned app with your customized icons and settings.
  • With the cloned app you can have two instances of the app ‘Skype in this case’ open at the same time.

App cloner full versionApp Cloner

Common Errors / Issues

One of the issues with App Cloner is the fact that it doesn’t support all apps. Most Google apps (Due to Google Play Services), snapchat, BBM, Evernote, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Trello, WeChat, and Youtube are some of the unsupported apps from App Cloner.

However, the app developer is constantly updating. Previously, Viber couldn’t be cloned using App Cloner, but with the latest update, Viber can now be cloned. There are also reports of cloned apps not working properly, crashing and showing errors. When you clone an app, you are technically changing its certificate. This means that for apps that validate their certificate or uses advanced copy-protection; the cloned app will not work properly.

There is also an issue of Anti-virus apps showing the cloned app as a virus/trojan. These warnings can be ignored as they are false alarms. This is caused because the cloned apps use unofficial certificates. If you encounter any issues, you can explain in the comments sections or directly contact the app developer [email protected]There is also a huge Google Plus Group for App Cloner.  You can join the G+ community and pose your queries there.

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From the numerous app cloning applications that are available on the market right now; I personally feel that App Cloner Full Version is one of the best options available. With support for most of the apps available; App Cloner provides extra functionalities that you cannot find in other cloning apps. You can tweak your cloned apps such that it doesn’t auto start, only uses Wi-Fi and is installed in an external SD.

Or have your cloned app always opened in incognito mode and have its cookies deleted upon the closure of the cloned app. Or what about a cloned facebook app that is password protected, allows backups with a pink notification color. All you need is App Cloner Full version; so download App Cloner and clone away my friends.



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