Android Data Recovery Software

There is an incredible number of reasons why you may lose your information. You may unintentionally press the erase key, or a virus may eradicate all your basic documents. Nowadays people are using smartphones, and thus they store any files including documents and photos on their handheld devices.

However, no one is likely to make regular backups of important or even top-important files. Don’t you make any copies? And now you’ve lost your files on your Android smartphone? Just don’t panic. We’ve some good news for you. You can recover all deleted files from your Android with particular Android recovery software.

Here you can find some free Android data recovery software. As a rule, the following apps are easy to use. There is no need of having a technical background to recover deleted files.

Best Free Android Photo and File Recovery Software for Personal and Professional Use

Disk Drill

Android Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill is a free tool for Android data recovery. Disk Drill is an easy to use application developed to recover all your lost files in seconds.

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With Disk Drill, you can restore all your lost data from Android even if it’s corrupted or accidentally deleted. The application can recover lost files without recovery partitions as well. Disk Drill is loaded with two powerful features. Deep Scan can follow each piece and bit of lost or erased documents. And Quick Scan can find lost documents in a few seconds.

Disk Drill comes along Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery to prevent any data loss during the recovery mode. You can recover deleted files on your Android device with Disk Drill for free. The app offers free recovery of up to 500MB.

Piriform Recuva

Android Data Recovery Software

Recuva is a recovery tool by Piriform. Recuva can be used as an Android picture recovery too as well. Like Disk Drill, Recuva can recover files from corrupted drives.

Regardless of what has caused data loss, be it a software or hardware error, a virus, or a system failure, Recuva can bring all your lost files back.

Firstly, Recuva will scan your Android to find out all deleted and lost files. And then the app will initiate the recovery. As a rule, it takes a couple of minutes to get your files back with Recuva.

IObit Undelete

IObit is one more free photo recovery software for Android. The application is your choice if your photos or other files haven’t been damaged. In case IObit cannot restore the files you’ve lost, you can use Disk Drill to bring back your information.

The application can recover an extensive variety of file formats including music, pictures, documents, videos, and other. IObit Undelete begins with checking to show the records that can be brought back and those documents that cannot be.


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