Advanced domain name search tools
Advanced domain name search tools

Picking up a Domain Name is one of the most important and difficult step for a website. If you have a right domain name you can get lots of visitors. In My previous article I described the Procedure to find a good domain name. The link is below if you somehow missed that

Strategy For Choosing an effective domain name

As I said in previous Topic ( Mentioned Above With Link) a domain name should be simple, easy to remember, short as possible and meaningful. Try to choose a domain which is related to your niche. Now it has become a challenge to find out a best domain name. So Today I come up with some Advance Tools and best domain name suggestion tools to find out the perfect domain name for your website.

Some Tools That will help you are mentioned below :

Keyword Analysis : Google Keyword tool is the only one and best tool to search for the keyword analysis. This tool is now merged into Google AdWords Tool. By using this tool you will be able to see the number of searched for a selected keyword per month. This tool will give you the overall picture of the size of a discoverable domains market.

Domain Name Generators : If you are unable to search the domain name you are looking for your website then you can use domain name suggestion tools which will help you to select the perfect domain name.These tools will automatically generate hundreds of suggestions for a particular keyword of phrase. The only thing you need to do is just enter the keyword related to your niche in the domain name suggestion tool and in few minutes you will see a list of domain names related to your keyword. Check out some of the following domain name suggestions tools that will surely help you to find a domain for your website.

  1. Domainsboot: One of the best domain name suggestion tools available online. This tool works on your mentioned keyword and will find the domains enriched with keywords.

  2. NameStation : This one is the another top most tool with so many features like you can pluralized the domain name and can translate the domain name. It also has the feature to pronounce the domain for you. These features will surely help you to find the creative domain names.

Advanced domain name search tools

There are many other domain name suggestion tools which are mentioned below :

You will definitely find your domain name using above tools but also keep in your mind to select a domain with TLDs such as .com. Don’t Use numbers,hyphens etc.

Domain & Website Auctions

Below mentioned is the list of websites who have auctions on domain names which are already registered. The domains may have a website linked with them. If you have a nice budget you can browse on these website to find a perfect domain name.

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