Adguard Premium v2.10.150

Adguard Premium gives you a reliable and manageable protection that loads the web pages quickly and without your cooperation. Adguard eliminates all the irritating advertisements, blocking of unsafe websites and protect your activities on the internet.

A local VPN technology is being used by the Adguard to filter the traffic without the ROOT access. This implies VPS server is embedded in your mobile phone or the device you are using so there is no need in extra remote connections. When you start the application, it begins to filter all your internet bandwidth (transfer speed) quickly and silently.

Adguard Premium

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How to Install Adguard Premium

  1. You just need to download the apk file.
  2. Install and that’s it.

Done & Enjoy

Adguard does the below-mentioned things at once :

  1. Check the apps downloaded from untrusted websites or sources.
  2. Check the web page in the database of malicious and phishing websites.
  3. Remove Ads.
  4. Remove the tracking codes from the pages directly.



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