How to access cPanel WHM Control Panel

cPanel is one of the most well-known Web hosting control panels which is based on Linux. The main advantage of this software is that it is robust in nature. It allows you to manage the activities of your account.

WHM stands for Web Host Manager which allows the access of the administrator in the management of the account. WHM is not accessible to the reseller users contains a small set of features which is limited by the administrator of the server.

The main difference between the WHM and cPanel is that WHM is considered to be the complement of cPanel. cPanel is user end program and WHM is the controller of all the activities of the admin. Under, WHM you are able to watch all the cPanel.

How to access cPanel

You have to choose the best domain name in which you can work efficiently. There are many options available for the domain name at which you can easily login to cPanel. You have to select the one which is suitable for your system.

cpanel login

Some of the hostname or domain name available for the cPanel login is:



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You can choose any one of the domain names for your system in order to successfully login to cPanel.

  • Enter the username for cPanel. Username which you have entered at the time of creating a cPanel account will be valid.
  • Enter the password for the account.
  • Click login.

cpanel login-screen

How to access WHM

Choose the WHM URL which is compatible with your system and you can easily login to the WHM account. These are some URL which we are providing you so that you can select the best one for your system.



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  • Enter the username for your WHM account.
  • Enter the password for your WHM account.
  • Click Login.

whm Login

These are the ways through which you can easily access to cPanel and WHM. Please share your comments using the comments section below.



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