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Techzib is a platform where you find answers for everything related to tech. We provide in-depth guides and reviews, ranging from mobile/web applications to gadgets. Started this blog in January 2016, Anoop and Nikhil together own and maintain TechZib. 

From what started as a small team, Techzib now includes professionals that collectively produce articles with well-researched information and necessary instructions. 

Our library of tech-related content is dedicated to sharing valuable pieces of information to an audience that is both new and seasoned to the world of technology. With the advent of technology, it is necessary to learn more about it now than ever before. So we explain the current developments and trends that will help in understanding this industry.

To all tech geeks, Techzib brings editorial resources and veteran voices to help you better understand every facet of technology. 

We initiate a conversation that engages, entertains and challenges the people living in this complex digital world. Also, our content is crisp and understandable, helping a curious non-expert to get a dose of the technological world. 

With tech experts spread all around the world, we are interested in working with people that burgeon our visitor’s mind with vast technical content. In a short time, we’ve also collaborated with some of the high-level enterprises to keep the readers updated about the latest technology trends.

With a team that is delved into technology, they continually perform in-depth research and share their expertise with readers from all corners. As a site dedicated to tech, our writers look forward to sharing quality information via creative images, videos, podcasts and more. 

We are very active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Our website is visited by high-quality readers who actively follow us on social media platforms.

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Mission TechZib

We are on a mission to offer readers with innovative and high-quality stuff in the technology field through which they can gain some information. 

Anoop Jalota, Editor-in-Chief

Back in January 2016, AJ was the one who pitched this idea of starting a blog. Apart from his writing skills, clients reach out to him for web designing and development. In 2008, he launched his web designing company and another dream venture called the Anujal Infotech in 2012. AJ, along with Nikhil, started this blog to share their knowledge with others.

Anoop is a very innovative and hardworking, who loves to learn new things on the internet and share his rich experience, tricks, and topics with others through this blog. Along with blogging, AJ loves to watch movies in his free time.

You can connect with Anoop on Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn or via Email.

Nikhil Jain, Deputy Editor

As a deputy editor and qualified tech geek, Nikhil seems to be throwing hands at every state-of-the-art technology all at once. With thoughtful analysis and comprehensive knowledge, Nikhil informs readers through stories and insights. As a digital nomad, he loves covering tech expos and shows. 

Nikhil JainNikhil is always keen on bringing home the coolest new tech available in the market. To put it simply, he will explain to you how a gadget works and tell you to buy it or not. Based in New Delhi, he is responsible for sharing thought-provoking commentary on cutting-edge tech gears that’ll leave you asking for more.