Summer unlocks several outdoor adventures and socializing opportunities for many. In spite of their strong wish to enjoy and go for outings, the busy mundane directs them to offices. The warmer weather becomes another obstacle and doesn’t let them put their full energy in their work.  

In these circumstances, all your efforts to boost your employees seem as spinning own wheels. So, to beat summers’ ill-effects and hike up the productivity, here I am sharing some useful tips. Just implement it and fight summer productivity slump in a better way:

Optimal Temperature

The first tip is, keep the temperature cool and don’t let heat wither the productivity level. It’s not the time to scrimp on account of air conditioning. But yes, level up the temperature as too cold can hike up the sick leave session. Set the optimum temperature for the best outcomes.

Make Work Personal

It’s time to wipe out the monotonous working environment. Allot them projects that they are passionate about and believe me, when they will get work of their interest, then their self-motivation to complete the targets will bestow wondrous outcomes.

Give a Break

Giving Fridays off or arranging picnics are quite significant for employees. Long working hours make their performance low, so, give weekends off and let them start their work in a fresh mood again.

Reward Top Performers

This is the time when bonuses will play as boosters. Reward the top performers, give them incentives and beat the summer seduce.

Embrace Daydreaming 

Gazing at nature, looking continually outside the window can miraculously bring creativity. So, embrace their daydreaming and let them go more innovative by observing things.

Prefer Teamwork

Collaborations can lead to more desired outcomes. They feel motivated and work dedicatedly for the whole team and even complete their target before deadlines. Teamwork assuredly boosts employees’ performance and hike up the overall outcomes of your firm.

Prioritize Output

Instead of tight work deadlines, give priority to results. Tight work hours may take up the quality along with dedication towards work. So, give them some flexibility. Yes, don’t be lenient but give them some flexible hours to utilize their knack.

Go Strategically

Strategies are very important. When employees are on a vacation, work on making plans to channelize their energy in the desired manner. Now strategies and your more energized employees are ready to give their best.

Overcome the productivity slump of summers by executing these bits of advice for increased overall efficiency.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike online project management tools

8 Tips to Fight the Summer Productivity Slump - by Wrike project management tools


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