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Love playing billiards? If yes, then we have mentioned all the important info about this interesting game. This is undoubtedly a very popular game on the field and now this online format is loved equally due to the convenience it offers. This game has been developed by Miniclip. Till now, it has been downloaded by millions of users on their laptops and mobile devices. Let’s get into the details of this exciting game.

What is the overall idea behind this game?

8 ball Pool Mod APK is played by having one cue ball and fifteen object balls. The balls are numbered from one to fifteen. Out of these 15, seven balls are solid, and seven are stripped, and the remaining black ball is numbered as 8. One player pockets the solid balls numbered from 1 to 7 and the other player hold striped balls numbered from 9 to 15. The player who legally pockets the eight ball successfully becomes the winner.

8 ball pool apk

Features of 8 Ball pool Mod APK

With incredible graphics and realistic experience, 8-Ball pool provides you with best billiard experience, and you can be the best billiard player playing it online too.  Here are its unique features:

  • No Ads- The feature that will have you loving this game.more, is, while playing this game, you will not get frustrated with the ads.
  • Supports all the devices- Yes, you can enjoy this game for Android device, iOS, MAC etc. It is compatible with each device.
  • No limit of coins- Yes, you can earn unlimited coins by playing this game and winning it. Isn’t it amazing feature?
  • Cash Unlimited- Another great and attractive feature.

Countless users love to play this game, because of these incredible features and giving positive reviews for this. It is amazing to know that it supports all android devices and have real experience. Try it and thank us later!

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Rules for 8 Ball Pool MOD APK players

You can win this fascinating game only if you know about its rules. In this game, there are one cue ball and 15 objected balls. One is the home team, and another is an opponent team. The home team breaks firstly always, and the opposing team does it. By tossing a coin, the home team or opponent team can be chosen. Here are the rules:

    • All the balls are properly racked on the table before the shot. On the table, balls are placed in the shape of a triangle and 8-ball is placed in the center. The solid ball and striped ball are placed on opposite corners.
    • In the very beginning of the game, the breaker hits all the racked balls with the help of a cue ball.
    • To decide a break, a coin is flipped, and the winning player has the choice to break. During the game, each time, alternatively the players will do the breaking.
    • No jump shots are allowed at all.
    • If a player wants to make a legal break, then he/she has to either bring to the rail, 4 numbered ball or have to pocket a ball. If he fails to do so, then this doesn’t mean to be a foul, rather other player gets a chance to break again or play from that point or call another player to re-break.8 ball pool hack
    • If the object ball gets jumped off by the player, then it would be considered as a foul. After that, the next player will have the option of either to accept the same position at the table or can take cue ball and make a shot.
    • If on the break, the breaker pockets the 8 ball, then he may re-rack it on the table & further continue the shot.
    • The opponent can ask anytime to the player that which of the pocket and the ball he is targeting. But there is no requirement to tell about banks, cushions, caroms and all.
    • When the choice of groups has not been made, then the table is completely open to playing. It means the player may hit either solid or striped ball in the first shot. But the player must be cautioned while playing because the 8 ball must not get hit first, as it will be considered as a foul. In that case, the player will lose and the next player will come to take his turn. A cue ball is given to this player. All the balls already pocketed will remain at the same position.
    • Even on the break, the choice of group is not fixed and balls pocketed from either or both of the groups, doesn’t make any impact on the game. The groups are considered only after doing a break shot when he/she pockets the object ball legally.

  • To make a legal shot, the player must hit the ball of the group that he has chosen (either solid or striped ball group) & pocket it or can contact a numbered ball to the rail. But if the table is open then the player can hit any ball, because the groups are not being considered at that time.
  • A safety shot is a legal one, where the player has the player to discontinue his shot by pocketing the object ball and by doing so, the player declares safety. If the player doesn’t claim safety & the object ball gets pocketed, then he/she have to do one more shot.
  • The player can make as many scores as he wants by pocketing the balls of his group. After pocketing all, the player shoots 8-ball to pocket it as well.
  • If the player commits a foul, then the cue ball will be handover to the opponent, who can place that ball anywhere on the table to make a shot. If still, the shot is not legal then that would also be considered as a foul.
  • If the player pockets the object ball on the same shot, then that would be a foul.
  • While playing with the 8-ball, the player should play with due diligence as if that ball jumps off or get pocketed then that would be considered as a foul.

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When the player loses the game?

By committing any of the following mistakes, the player loses the game, these are:

  • If he/she pockets the 8-ball.
  • 8-ball gets jumped off the table.
  • Get the 8-ball pocketed, when the other ball is supposed to be pocketed.
  • When the 8-ball is not the legal object ball, then he/she pockets it.

How to use spin in 8 Ball Pool Game

It’s a master art to set spin on the cue ball. You can set spin by using arrow keys and also by clicking on the corner and drag the dot into positions where you want to set or where the cue ball will strike the ball. There is another option, if you want to set backspin, then move the dot on the cue ball bottom. It will give two results which depend on the force you used to hit. With high force, the ball will come back, after hitting the target ball. If you want to set topspin, then move the dot to the upper part of a cue ball.

8 Ball Pool Hack No Survey

This makes the player acquainted with the entire game. It doesn’t require any verification as a human being. It is available on all the platforms, including Android, iOS, and for PC. This is extremely helpful for the beginners, who don’t have full knowledge of the game and want to learn its rules. Here are its features:

  • The first requirement is to verify your email id. After the Captcha verification process gets completed, you can use an unlimited number of coins.
  • To get unlimited coins & cash, you don’t need to break the jail.
  • To run the game properly, click on “online hack/ Access online generator.” Enter the username and then click the “cash-coins” to generate coins and check it after that.
  • This is a good option to carry on if you have just started playing this game and don’t possess excellent skills to beat the opponent.
  • It carries on the game by keeping your identity anonymous, for safe playing.

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How to download 8 Ball Pool MOD APK? 

  • First uninstall the older version from your device.
  • Download directly from internet and transfer on the mobile phone.
  • To install it, click on .APK file
  • After finishing the installation process, you can easily enjoy the game.

8 ball pool apk mod 

Download 8 Ball Pool MOD APK hacks

Unlimited cash for Android

  • Download the 8 Ball Pool MOD APK Hack unlimited cash for Android 2017.
  • Then transfer MOD APK Hack to your memory card by using USB.
  • Do the required settings.
  • In settings, enable the installation from unknown sources.
  • Enable or navigate to APK report using record manager.
  • Then just click on MOD APK record to start the setup and wait for its completion.
  • After downloading, open and enjoy the game.

Noteworthy Point: Just uninstall the earlier version of APK, if you already have on your device. Only after that, you can install the new one.

8 Ball Pool Game Latest Update 2017

The latest updates introduced in 2017 for 8-ball pool game are amazing and have made the game more enjoyable.

8 ball pool mod apk

  • New tournaments – Now you can enjoy new tournaments in 8 ball pool mod APK. 9 ball match has been introduced in the game for the first time, to make it more fascinating.
  • No Guideline rules – Yes, you will get amazed after knowing that there will not be any guidelines or rules. It is available in 9 ball mode also.
  • Free Chatting – you can now chat with your Facebook friends in the game, which is completely free.

It has become a very popular game and captivating the interest of game lovers. In this, with competitions, unlimited coins can be earned. The concept and graphics of the game are all that a player dreams in a perfect game. You just need to try it once if you haven’t. And, if you are already playing this game, then don’t forget to try the latest version with new updates which are really amazing.

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FAQ’s of 8 Ball Pool

Q: Is this game compatible with all gadgets and operating systems?

A: Yes, this game is completely compatible.

Q: Is it necessary to download the app?

A: No, it doesn’t require you to download the app compulsorily. You can play it online as well.

Q: What are the common fouls?

A: These are some common fouls:

  • If you have taken more than the stipulated time to take a shot, then it’s a foul.
  • If the cue ball doesn’t hit your ball before hitting the opponent’s, then it’s a foul.
  • If the cue and object ball, both don’t hit the rail, then it is considered as a foul.



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