3D printing technology is the fascinating phenomena .it is taking over the world and becoming a significant part of all the major sectors including health care, manufacturing even fashion industry. So it is almost essential that you know everything you can about this technology to equip yourself so that you can become a part of this whole frenzy.

There are lots of factors that direct the process of 3D printing. These are some factors that actively affect the 3D printing.


Colors play an important role in our day to day lives. They affect our perception about the things; they affect how we feel about things. Therefore, choosing the perfect color is an essential concept to be taken into consideration. The outer appearance of any 3D printed object is defined by the colors that are used, they make them look attractive when different parts are assembled according to a color scheme. Many affordable 3d pen also provides this facility. You can choose what ever color you want down to the exact shade using various websites and books.You can also use different software based tools mix and match and play with the colors you intend to use.

You can also use tools to filing the colors into the model before actually applying them to the actual physical model.

3D Printing Technology


This is a major factor that determines the feasibility of any given model. It shows how would withstand the test of time if manufactured precisely. It comes into play majorly when someone intends to create moving part in a model for example when ball joints or hinges are created it is necessary that we enough space so that the tolerance of the device is not compromised


3D printing should always be done in such a way that you obtain the maximum size irrespective of whether it is the actual product or merely a model. Printing the 3D object in the maximum size is important mostly because it ensures that the final product is properly produced without any defects internally or externally.

If by any chance the model you are about to print out is much bigger than the capacity of your printer it is better if you break it down into sub parts and then subsequently assemble the parts.It might take you a while to finish, but you definitely would get a perfect outcome.


Another significant factor affecting the sustainability and feasibility of any given object or model is the over hang.Too much over hang is a major no and very undesirable in 3D printing as it may affect the object severely. The lesser the over hang the better because even though the model might turn out to be very straightforward and basic it will be very sustainable over a longer period of time. A self-supported overhang is something that you can print without the need for the support, but it should be done accordingly to prevent problems.



Bridging is very important for the internal support of any given model it provides a frame work which prevents the object from collapsing.The spacing within and in between the bridges ought to be done properly, special care should be taken so that the spacing is not more than required as excess spacing might cause pitfalls while printing.One effective way to curb this issue is to print the model in an upright position.


When printed out any new model might not have the ability to remain stable so, to ensure that it does not collapse it is very necessary that an inconspicuous yet effective support system is built in. It should be built in a way that they can be eventually removed.A proper support system is a perfect solution for the problem of bridging. 3D Printing with supports does not mean you will have to do it in a more detailed way. The material used for the support system can vary based on the material used in the filaments for creating the model.


The polygons are important as it keeps the design less complicated and efficient. It can be obtained by comparing and adjusting the low and high resolution of the 3D printer.In the industry models with low polygon models are preferred. The best about it is that it allows the designer to create objects that you can easily recognize and work with.

3d pen


As we all know the XYZ are the co-ordinate axes, they represent the 3D orientation of a given object. And so obviously this is also a significant parameter in fabricating any 3D model. As you work it with a CAD program, you will find it easier if you have the XYZ points.


The infill also has an important role in 3D printing and takes its place in 3D printing glossary. Although there is no need to keep the infill as hard and unbreakable as it is perceived, a simple honeycomb or diamond grid can be helpful to keep the object firm and steady.

This a brief account about everything you need to about 3D printing. Now since you have an idea about everything you have to take into consideration while 3D printing a model you can put them to use and create whatever you desire



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