10 Most Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Optimizing the website and blog plays a vital role in any content marketing strategy. SEO is a powerful way to bring visitors to a website and promote the business. However, the top most challenge faced in SEO is the ongoing lack recognition played with it in getting traffic to a website.

There are several different types of SEO mistakes made by the people. In this blog, I will outline the most common ones out of these mistakes. I will review the top ten common SEO mistakes that the people should avoid if they are looking to have excellent results from their business website.

  1. Publish duplicate content

Having duplicate content is the most common types of SEO mistakes faced by the websites. It often results from failing to configure website’s CMS to sloppy coding.

If nearly same content appears on two different URLs, it is defined as the duplicate content. This type of issue can cause lower rankings in the search engine optimization, that will result in less traffic. There may be a need of technical resource help, which will help the users to deal with this problem.

  1. Using crawler unfriendly development ways

There may be a chance when a senior marketing manager insists on the use of Flash for the full website. A great job is performed by the search engine optimizations in understanding the content within Flash files, but they can’t deal with it as well as the plain HTML text. The search engine spiders can be completely blocked by many different ways, such as the implementation of links in JavaScript, which can’t be parsed by the crawler.

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  1. Broken Links

A broken link can be defined as a hyperlink which doesn’t point to its intended destinations. In short, we can say that they are the ones that bring the visitors to a page saying “404 error”. The major causes of broken links are moving a web page without changing its internal links, linking to a third party page without knowing when they will move the page and linking to content that has been deleted or moved.

Broken links can prove to be a major nuisance to the website’s visitors and it reduces the website’s rankings. The Google doesn’t want to send its web searchers to low quality websites. In order to do so, the users should perform some regular housekeeping on their website.

  1. Spam Comments

There will be a negative impact on the Search Engine Rankings of a website or blog if the owner approves the spam comments on it. Now, the question arises that how the users can check that a content is spammy or not? In that case, I recommend them to use an anti-spam Plugin that is designed to detect the spam comments.

One of the best anti-spams Plug-ins is Akismet that can be installed easily and comes with the tutorial. This mistake needed to be avoided by the bloggers and website owners to promote their business in a better way.

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  1. Skipping Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

The process of optimizing content doesn’t end once the users have included a target keyword in their articles. The meta descriptions and title tags are the important elements of the SEO that should not be forgotten. If someone skips them, it means that there is a huge potential missed for their content. This type of optimizing factors is considered by the search engines when the users crawl their website. If the users do it properly, then it will result in the improvement of their content.

Another major SEO mistake that the content marketers make is forgetting to include the image tags. These tags are the sign of how the website’s owners are targeting articles.

  1. Not adapting the changes in search engines

Nowadays, the search engines continuously modify their algorithms for improvement in the quality of searches and to prevent the manipulation of the system by the cheaters. Over the period of last five years, there have been three main changes to the Google algorithms.

Apart from that, a multitude of smaller updates that changed the way to rank the websites in Google search engine. It is important to keep on the top of the latest updates to achieve good search engine rankings. The website owners should contact an SEO expert if they have the bandwidth that keeps them up with the latest SEO trends.

  1. Publishing low-grade content

The main mission of the search engines is to assist the people to find the relevant and quality information fast. Apart from that, the search engines have become more effective at filtering the low-quality content from their search results.

The most common mistake make by the people is purchasing low- quality content just for the sake of having content. It won’t assist them to improve the search rankings, especially if the content of the competitors is superior. There is a need to invest time and money for making the quality content. It will help the people to find the website easily.

  1. No investment in website promotion

There are lots of organizations who think that the process is over after the launch of the website. They don’t realize that there is a need of proper promotion for a website just like any other product. The inbound links are the main voting mechanism used by the search engines to inform them which are essential sites related to a particular search query.

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  1. Stuffing the website’s keywords

The biggest myth of the SEO is that stuffing the website with the keywords will result in improving its position in search engines. Nowadays, stuffing the website with keywords is considered a black hat technique. It is ineffective as well as hurt the website’s rankings and may result in a ban. The search engines have become strong in identifying the overuse of the keywords. Instead of overusing the keywords, the users need to invest in a good content with an emphasis on a particular topic.

  1. Lack of catchy headings

It will be very different for the bloggers to drive the desired traffic to their blog if they are not writing catchy headings. They should create their headings themselves. They should write posts for their visitors and traffic instead of writing for the search engines.

The ideal way to prevent you from the SEO mistakes is education. A better understanding of SEO is about in a way that is useful to them. Choose to hire a senior SEO professional if you are looking to enjoy the benefits to the fullest.



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