While Naughty Dog’s head, Neil Druckmann, has repeatedly assured fans that the Uncharted 5 release date is even further from being a distant possibility, it now appears to be otherwise. We already know that Druckmann had said that the series had little chances of going forward, at least under Naughty Dog’s banner. But the new DLC is hint enough that there is ample material in the Uncharted universe to be explored.



What are the chances?

This brings us to the question: when can we expect Uncharted 5 to surface? And can we hope for it to come out at all? Indeed, it looks like there is a chance that we may get yet another entry in the famed franchise. While it is true that Druckmann had repeatedly said that chances might be bleak of getting an Uncharted 5 Release Date, he did not deny the possibilities entirely. To note what he had said, the Founder and CEO stated that the studio was too small to focus on more than one IP at a time, and that the developers’ hands were already full because of The Lost Legacy and The Last of Us Part 2.

He did say that he would not mind collaborating with another studio if anyone decided to take over, as long as the intention was to make another solid new game in the Uncharted series. So does that mean we may not get a Naughty Dog developed Uncharted 5? It does not seem to be so.

Uncharted 5 Could Definitely Happen

In a recent interview, The Lost Legacy writer Shaun Escayg said that while developing The Lost Legacy, they came to realize just how much potential the world of the series still had, even though Nathan Drake’s storyline had come to a firm conclusion with Uncharted 4. He even confirmed that although the standalone DLC had ultimately chosen to tell Chloe and Nadine’s story, the studio had considered exploring other characters like Sully and Cutter. But it goes to show that it was possible to get new Uncharted games with a focus on the other characters.

This brings us to consider the Uncharted 5 release date seriously. Although Escayg also has not confirmed anything, he did say that he hesitated to look at The Lost Legacy as the final chapter for the entire series, as there were so many potentially explorable story lines. So coming to when we can hope to see a new game in the franchise, it is clear that the developers will remain busy with the already announced sequel to The Last of Us from 2013 for a while. After that, we wonder if Druckmann and his team would want to focus on a brand new IP or to explore an already profitable franchise like Uncharted. After all, they are aware of the kind of demands that fans have shown for Uncharted 5.

Wrap Up

To tell the truth, the Uncharted 5 game is very much a possibility. But it will be a while before we can get our hands on it. At the moment, we are keen on hearing more information regarding their upcoming horror survival title.


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